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One of our parents made two videos celebrating our history making XC team! 

Regular Season:

Road to State:


Official Practice Starts on AUG 25th.

We will meet at 5:00 at the Green Lake Track.   Practice will meet at the High School at 3:00  once school starts.

Cross Country is a NO CUT sport.  Everyone who shows up and signs up is guaranteed a spot on the team and can compete in all races!

Sports Paperwork can be picked up at the office or downloaded HERE.  Cross Country release form  HERE
All Sports packets need to be turned into the office Until Sept 6

Missed the date, you can still turn in your packets, the office is open Mon thru Friday 7:30-2:30

Athletic Paperwork:

Download the following:
      * Athletic Registraion & Physical Forms
      * Additional Ballard Athletic paper work  PDF Word
      * Additional Athletic information
 (just FYI) No paperwork included in this link.
You should have 8 pages in all. On the first page of the "Additional Ballard Athletic paperwork" packet is a checklist to make sure you have everything.

For more information on the 2014 cross country season, please contact   (boys and girls).
You may also contact Coach Mirenzi at 206.755.1806.
Email Bonnie Fromm at   if you would like to receive weekly information and reminder emails.

Click here for a link to our  Cross Country Photo Albums



Parents Meeting-Mandatory  Sept 3rd  XC at 7:00 PM  in the school commons
2:30pm – Main Gym/Fields
Direct Appeal Letters and Envelopes
Due by SEPT 21
Bellarmine Invite
SEPT 13th Bellarmine High School


Lower Woodland
Contact Bob or Bonnie Fromm

Starts at 4:00


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2014 Cross Country Calendar


Date Meet Name Location Time Depart Return
9/13/2014 16th Bellarmine Invitational Bellarmine Prep Tacoma, WA 10:00 AM 7:00 AM 2:00 PM
9/19/2014 Lakeside/Blanchet/Ballard/Garfield/RB Lower Woodland Seattle, WA 3:40 PM 2:30 PM 6:30 PM
9/25/2014 Garf,HNA,O'Dea,Ing,Bainbridge,Ball,CS,RB Lincoln Park Seattle, WA 3:40 PM 2:30 PM 6:30 AM
9/27/2014 Bellevue Invite Lake Sammamish State Park Issaquah, WA 10:00 AM 7:00 AM 2:30 PM
10/4/2014 Curtis Invite     Chambers Creek Properties Central Meadow University Place, WA 9:15 AM 7:00 AM 2:30 PM
10/8/2014 Blanchet/Ballard/ING/WS/RB Lincoln Park Seattle, WA 3:40 PM 2:30 PM 6:30 PM
10/11/2014 HOLE IN THE WALL XC INVITATIONAL  TBD    Tentative Lakewood HS Lakewood, WA 9:00 AM 7:00 AM 2:30 PM
10/15/2014 HALE/ING/BAL/FRA/GAR/ROOS/WS/CS/CLEV/RB Lower Woodland Seattle, WA 3:00 PM 2:00 PM 6:30 PM
10/23/2014 Metro League 3A Championships Lower Woodland Seattle, WA 1:00 PM 12:00 6:30 PM
10/30/2014 Sea-King District 3A Championship Meet Lower Woodland Seattle, WA

2:00 PM

1:00 PM 6:30 PM
11/8/2014 3A WIAA State Championships Sun Willows Golf Course Pasco, WA 12:30 PM 11/7 11/8
Visit for meet results.

Visit for meet results.


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TBD... is our Home Meet.  This year we will host it at Lower Woodland. 
The Meet is scheduled to start at 4:00
We need parents to help. 
Course monitors,Timers,Chute helpers.
We need about 20 parents.  

Please contact Coach Mirenzi if you can help.

or Call 206 755-1806

Directions to meet

South end of Greenlake across from the Tennis Courts and Soccer Fields.

Driving directions to Woodland Park
1. Head east on NW 65th St toward 14th Ave NW
1.4 mi
2. Slight left onto N 63rd St
0.1 mi
3. Turn right onto West Green Lake Way N
0.5 mi
4. Turn Left into Tennis COurt Parking Lot 0.2mi
5. Find Us, South of the track


by Robert Mirenzi posted 07/01/2012
Top 10 List since 2000
  BOYS       GIRLS  
1.James Konugres 16:02 2013   1. Jamie Smith 19:47 2012
2. Zach Gussin 16:34 2002   2. Natalie Bruecher 20:16 2013
3.  Alex Bowns 16:41 2008   3. Veronica Redpath 20:16 2014
4. Luke McClure 17:02 2005   4. Rachel Livengood 21:37 2009
5. Ryan Kelly 17:18 2009   5. Alyson Fromm 21:46 2008
6. Michael Vitz-Wong 17:38 2010   6. Julia Boone 21:47 2009
7. Max O'Neal 17:39 2009   7. Rena Evans 21:47 2008
8. Adam Evans 17:42 2011   8. Marissa Roe 21:51 2010
9. Jason Mills 17:48 2008   9. Erin Philbeck 21:51 2006
10. Garret Wirta 17:50 2008   10. Alexa Stephan-Templeton 21:58 2011
1. Zach Gussin 16:00 2003   1. Jamie Smith 19:01 2013
2. James Konugres 16:09 2014   2. Alyssa Erickson-Wayman 19:26 2003
3. Alex Bowns 16:20 2009   3. Lauren Kangas 19:44 2012
4. Alex Barkley 16:30 2005   4. Natalie White 20:09 2008
5. Mason Watt 16:54 2003   5. Taylor Safford 20:21 2012
6. Blair Scott 16:55 2008   6. Natalie Bruecher 20:23 2014
7. Hanson Lee 16:58 2012   7. Mary Moriarty 20:29 2002
8. Ryan Kelly 16:59 2010   8. Anna Mirenzi 20:40 2010
9. Andrew Hamilton 16:59 2005   9. Rachel Livengood 20:47 2010
10. Aaron Hamilton 17:00 2007   10. Miran McCash 20:47 2004
1. Zach Gussin 15:39 2004   1. Jamie Smith 19:07 2014
2. Alex Bowns 15:46 2010   2. Bridget Berg 19:13 2006
3. Owen Buck 16:03 2014   3. Alyssa Erickson-Wayman 19:18 2004
4. Aaron Hamilton 16:24 2008   4. Erin Philbeck 19:34 2008
5. Alex Barkley 16:26 2006   5. Mary Moriarty 19:44 2003
6. Matt Rusk! 16:32 2011   6. Anna Mirenzi 19:52 2011
7. Ryan Seago 16:35 2002   7. Taylor Safford 19:53 2013
8. Michael Vitz-Wong 16:36 2012   8. Lauren Kangas 19:55 2013
9. Luke McClure 16:36 2007   9. Lauren Hammerle 20:03 2007
10. Andrew Hamilton 16:39 2006   10. Natalie White 20:09 2009
1. Zach Gussin 15:18 2005   1. Bridget Berg 18:23 2007
2. Alex Bowns 15:34 2011   2. Giulia Park 19:09 2014
3. Alex Barkely 16:11 2007   3. Sayaka Yoshinaga 19:13 2001
4. Aaron Hamilton 16:17 2009   4. Lauren Hammerle 19:15 2008
5. James Thompson 16:21 2001   5. Mia Wrey 19:16 2012
6. Andrew Hamitlon 16:25 2007   6. Erin Philbeck 19:18 2009
7. Matt Gerner 16:26 2002   7. Alyssa Erickson-Wayman 19:30 2005
8. Kramer Fry 16:31 2008   8. Talyor Safford 19:30 2014
9. Jesse Bengsson 16:35 2009   9. Mary Moriarty 19:41 2004
10. Brad Carr 16:36 2005   10. Anna Mirenzi 19:50 2012

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2014 Ballard X-Country
Bob Mirenzi Head coach 206 755-1806  
Patty Hammerle                                                                                                                                                        
John Burbank                                                                                                                                                         
Nicholas Gallagher
5:00-7:00 From Aug 25th till school starts, at Green Lake track
3:00-5:00 after school, daily.
Saturday 8:00-10:00 at Carkeek Park , Green Lake or School
Drinking, smoking and drug use is forbidden.  If I made aware of, or catch any individual drinking, smoking or using illegal substances, they will be suspended from competing for 20% of the season for the first incident and for the entire season for a repeat incident.
Any person participating on the 2014 Ballard Cross Country Team, is not permitted to miss practices or meets because of conflicts with other sports events or practices.
This will include, baseball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, or any other team, league, community, select, or group sponsored programs.  
Attendance at all practices and meets is required to be treated as a priority over all non-WIAA sports.  By WIAA rule 18.22.4  we cannot give special consideration to allow athletes to skip practice or meets or leave early to attend non-WIAA sport events conflicting with the our schedule.  
In order to run in the first meet, Sept 13th, a minimum of 10 practices are required to be eligible to compete in first meet.
Attendance at all practices is expected and is understood to be a basic requirement to attain an accepted standard of achievement.
Practice must be attended on time.
Attendance roll will be taken at each practice.
Check in and check out, with your coach, is required.
Showing up after start time is counted as late and will count as a missed practice.
Leaving early will count as a missed practice.
Runners suffering from injuries are required to attend practice, we have trainers available to create suitable workouts for any situation.
Any athlete who misses a practice because of an unexcused absence, the week of a meet, will be ineligible to run on the Varsity team that week.
Missing 2 practices, unexcused, the week of a meet, will result in ineligibility to run in that meet.Any athlete who has a missed meet will be ineligible to run on the Varsity team the following week.
The day after each meet is considered to be the first day of the week preceding the next subsequent meet.
Sickness that results in missing school will not result in a missed practice.
If you are injured you must attend practice and Meets.
You must give 24 hour notice to your coach prior to an absence, any non-notified absences will be considered unexcused. Your coach will let you know if your notified absence will qualify as excused or unexcused.

In order to earn a Varsity Letter, an athlete must compete in or attend all meets.

SAT’s, ACT’s and Band/Orchestra Events are excepted.

The Metro, District and State Varsity team will be chosen based on :
            Priority of the team focus
            Frequency As a Varsity Runner
            Team leadership


Our only fundraiser is a letter-writing campaign where we ask each athlete to bring in a minimum of 3 addresses.  Athletes fill in a letter asking for donations and sponsorships to these addresses.  I will collect the address and letters and send out additional information.  That’s it, no cookie dough, no pizza, no coupon cards!  All money collected goes to the team.  This is a hugely successful fundraiser for our team and program!  It allows our athletes to spend their time training instead of selling. 

What do we fund-raise for?

  • Meet entry fees
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Additional coaches' stipends

Tips on Being a Supportive Parent

  •  If your son/daughter has a problem or question, they should communicate with head coach immediately. If is not resolved, a parent should contact the coach at the appropriate time (usually not during or immediately after a meet).
  •  Do expect and encourage your son/daughter to fully invest in every meet. Each Cross Country course has its own challenges making it very hard to compare times from different venues.  Do expect them to give full effort.  If by some odd chance, they have a sub-par performance or result, they probably need your support more than ever.  It is important to stay POSITIVE!
  • Please do not add workouts to their schedule unless you discuss them with the coaches. We are open to suggestions and certainly do not want to discourage athletes from doing extra work if they can handle it. However, our workouts are designed to peak our athletes at meet time, and additional workouts in many cases will work against the athlete as well as risk injury.
  • Distance running can be a humbling experience for athletes and their parents. A ‘poor’ performance (or simply having a bad day) in some sports is often unnoticed or hidden, but in Cross Country the last runner in a race has no place to hide. It’s extremely important to stay positive and be supportive. Let them know how much you love them and appreciate their efforts. Hard work and full effort is our only goal.
  • Urge your daughter/son to eat right, dress warm, keep good hours, get plenty of sleep, be a good citizen and great teammate.
  • Monitor their workload. Cross Country is hard work and teaches many of the same lessons that having a job does, like time management, commitment, organization, teamwork and honesty.
  • Please support all our athletes in all the meets.
  • We encourage your attendance at your child’s meets, and the team appreciates your support as well. Please allow the coaches to do the “coaching” and try to limit extended conversations to and your child is done competing. Please give your child some “space” while they are warming up and competing. We also want boyfriends/girlfriends to keep their distance until the athlete is done competing; we appreciate your support in this area.
  • Don’t miss a chance to witness your sons/daughters working very hard at something that is important to them.  Being a parent doesn’t get much better.
  • If you have questions and reasonable goals for your child, what exactly are good marks, etc., please speak to the coaches. You may also email me (top of first page )


WE will use Email as much as possible to contact athletes and Parents with news, updates,  etc.




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