To support the sport of Girls and Boys lacrosse in the Hopkins School district.
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Welcome to Hopkins Youth Lacrosse

Our mission is to promote and teach boys and girls the fundamental skills and team concepts needed to play the sport. We are dedicated to instilling the importance of good sportsmanship, a strong work ethic, and teamwork with the help of positive, encouraging coaches.   

North America's first sport, lacrosse is a Native American game played by almost all the tribes in North America. The game was given the name LaCrosse (bent stick) by the French missionaries who first saw it played by the Huron and Iroquois out east. The native names for the game include Stickball, the ball game,  the Creator's Game, the Bumping Hips Game and Little Brother of War.

Adapted by the Canadians in the early 1900's and given the rules we use today, lacrosse is now Canada's national summer sport. The modern game has protective gear and the benefit of new technology (plastic, aluminum), but it still requires the same skills used by the Native players, quickness, speed, agility, cradling, dodging, catching, throwing, scooping and shooting.

In the USA lacrosse is a varsity high school, college and professional sport and it will soon be an Olympic sport.  It is one of the fastest growing sports and combines the skills you already have in basketball, soccer and hockey. Plus, anyone can play lacrosse, big or small. The game rewards coordination, speed and stick skills.

We invite you to come join the Fun!

if you are interested in getting your son or daughter involved in lacrosse here in the Hopkins School District click on the "Join Our Email List" button on bottom left of this website. For more immediate questions contact HYLA President,  Mark Hellenack at  952-938-2723  or
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Top Tech Lax Summer Clinics, Friday June 19th
  SUMMER Girls & Boys LAX CLINICS…. DATE:...
Congartuations Champions
Congratulation to our Hopkins Boys U9 and U11 teams for making it...
Summer League Offerings for Hopkins/SLP Girls & Boys
Hopkins/SLP Summer Lacrosse 2015 Summer information and the...
Need your help recruiting youth players
  To: Hopkins youth lacrosse parents, HS players, HS...
Between the 2008-09 and 2012-13 school years, participation in...
Hop/SLP Youth Summer League
Registration to open in May for the Hop/SLP Youth a.k.a. HOLLYWOOD Boys...
Top Tech Lax Summer Clinics, Friday June 19th


DATE: Friday, June 19th (9am-5pm)

LOCATION: St Louis Park, Middle School

"I strongly suggest that all the Hopkins 5-12th grade girls and boys consider attending a camp this summer. This series of one day clinics run by “Top Tech Lax is a great opportunity to learn right in your own backyard from great coaches and it’s all packed into a one day commitment. Nolan Godfrey is a legend in the world of teaching the art of Facing-Off . His Face Off Club clinics are the best in the business. And now Nolan has assembled an experienced and  knowledgeable staff  of D1 college coaches and pro players to teach additional positional one day clinics all over the country including Offense, Defense, Goalie and Face-off/Draw. It would be a shame for our players to miss this!

Coach Mark – HYLA Pres/SLP Assistant Boys varsity coach"


ATTENTION: All Boys and Girls Lacrosse Players Grades 5-12

FaceOff Club has been coming to Minnesota since 2007 to run successful training programs for area players and create the elite FO/draw specialists in the state.  Those they’ve trained have been named Minnesota HS All-American, MCLA Collegiate All-American and won National Championships in both the NCAA and MCLA.  They are returning to Minneapolis this summer under the heading of Top Tech Lacrosse with additional position-specific training specialists in each area: Cage Club (goalies), Homeland Defense, and Triple Threat Offense.  This is great as it provides a major benefit to players of any position – there is something for everyone!  Top Tech Lacrosse intends to maximize enrichment for all groups during their visit to MN, as coaches of all HS and Youth teams are invited to attend the session to observe curriculum and technique as well as engage in Q&A with the elite staff.

  • Current NCAA coaching staff for each position
  • Daily video analysis component for each position
  • College-level curriculum for each position
  • Training to end with competitive games

When: June 19th from 9am - 5pm

Where: Saint Louis Park Middle School, 2025 Texas Ave. S. in St Louis Park (Minneapolis), MN

Registration and Additional Information can be found here:

Cost: 195/player


Our staff is comprised of all NCAA and Pro playing and coaching levels:

Directors of Training:

John Ortolani – Major League Lacrosse All-Star, 3x All-New England at Endicott College. 

Nolan Godfrey – Major League Lacrosse & Canadian Box Veteran, All-American at Merrimack College.


Recently Added (Boys and Girls Coaches) to our staff:

Katrina Martinelli – Coach at D1 Wagner; All-Big East player at D1 Rutgers. 

Lily Kalata – Coach at D1 St. Mary’s, Vermont and Manhattan; All-American at D1 Rutgers.

Rachel Welch – Coach at D3 King’s College; Player at D1 Rutgers .

John Carroll – Coach at D1 Sacred Heart; Player at D1 Albany.

Ryan Martin – Coach at D1 Hartford; 2x All-American at D3 Ithaca.

Perry Craz – Coach at D3 King’s College; Won National Championship with Salisbury. 

And watch for more local lacrosse icons to be added …


FaceOff Club Players named MCLA All-American in 2015 season: Niklas Damberg (Mounds View) – University of Minnesota; Erik Thysse – St. Thomas


Past FOC MN MCLA All-Americans: Andy Madsen (Mounds View) – Minn. Duluth (2011); Guiseppe Palermo (Totino Grace) - St. Thomas (2013, 2014)


Past FOC MN HS All-Americans: Niklas Damberg – Mounds View (2014); Guiseppe Palermo – Totino Grace (2010)


MN Players winning National Championships: Andy Madsen – NCAA D2 C.W. Post (2010); Guiseppe Palermo – MCLA D2 St. Thomas (2012, 2013)


2015 FaceOff Club National Award Totals: 22 College All-Conference (82 all-time), 9 College All-American (24 all-time), 5 HS AAs out of the first 4 states that have announced theirs (61 all-time), and one MCLA D1 National Champion for Grand Canyon University!

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Congartuations Champions

Hopkins U9 YBL Championship team

Congratulation to our Hopkins Boys U9 and U11 teams for making it to the Youth Box League Championships. Here are some photos to remember the season.

U9 Championship Trophy                 Coach Nick Culp with the U11 team


U11 Max Wolf attacks the goal.         Coach Mestemacher at U9 practice.  


Defense                                          Offense


Hope to see everyone back next spring! Have fun this summer and click on our "Summer League" button for details about opportunities to play this summer.





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Summer League Offerings for Hopkins/SLP Girls & Boys

Hopkins/SLP Summer Lacrosse 2015

Summer information and the registration page is now open for Summer Leagues on the website. We will be offering these programs for players residing (Royals & Orioles territory) in the Hopkins & St Louis Park school districts:

Boys High School
Homegrown Summer League Team - JV "Prep" Level 8th -11th grade. Hopkins & SLP will have seperate teams participating in this summer league.

jared Mickelson (see below) is the SLP contact and Chris Donaldson (Hopkins HS head coach) is the Hopkins team contact

Boys Youth
1. Homegrown Summer League Team - U13 Level

2. Hollywood Lacrosse League U9/U11 & U13/U15. 
This is an in-house program with small sided teams and is played at SLP Middle School fields on Texas Ave just off Cedar Lake Rd on Tuesday and Thursday Nights with optional clinics on Mon nights. This league is perfect for beginner sand experienced players alike looking to learn the game and have fun!

Girls Youth
1. MSSLAX Girls Summer Traveling Team - Grades 6-8.

2. In House Lacrosse League - Grades 1-5 and 6-8   .                                                                                This is an in-house program with small sided teams and is played at SLP Middle School fields on Texas Ave just off Cedar Lake Rd on Tuesday and Thursday nights with optional clinics on Mon nights.This league is perfect for beginner sand experienced players alike looking to learn the game and have fun!

Cost: Prices for these boys and girls programs will range between $200 - $300. The registration page will be up and available some time during the week of May, 11-15th 2015.

Questions: contact Boys Director, Jared Mickelson 952-220-9038 or Girls Director, Arianna Gavzy


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Need your help recruiting youth players


To: Hopkins youth lacrosse parents, HS players, HS Booster Club parents and Alumni

From: Mark Hellenack: Your Hopkins Youth Lax fearless leader

RE: Need your help recruiting youth players for this summer and next spring

(Hopkins Youth Lax Recruiting and Promotion Committee members needed)

You may not know it but I am pretty much running the HYLA by myself. I don’t mind doing it, but really need your help with the most important aspect of the job, RECRUITING PLAYERS (convincing parents to have their kids play lacrosse and have a ball just like your kids do). In this regard, I need several of you to step forward and be the recruiters for each of the boy’s age level and girl’s grade level teams and be part of a group of parents, coaches and HS players and alumni to form a Hopkins Youth Lacrosse Recruiting & Promotion Committee. Our youth teams are the feeder program for Hopkins HS, so it’s important to the future success of the HHS boy’s and girl’s lax teams that high school players, coaches and parents be involved in the youth program too.

Here are the different age & grade levels teams and participation levels. Our neighbors in Minnetonka, Edina, Minneapolis and Eden Prairie have more players and sometimes 2-3 more teams per age/grade level then us. Let’s change that. Which team(s) would you like to help with?

BOYS…(YBL box in Spring, SLP/Hop Field Summer League in Summer)

K-2nd grade boys soft-lacrosse player development program Player Recruiter (in-house program run through Hopkins Comm Ed this spring/summer & Golden Valley Park & Rec in the fall)

U9 Boys Player Recruiter (14 Hopkins box players this spring)

U11 Boys Player Recruiter (11 Hopkins box players this spring)

U13 Boys Player Recruiter (12 Hopkins box players this spring)

U15 Boys Player Recruiter (4 Hopkins kids playing SLP Field lax this spring)

GIRLS…(MSSLAX field League in Spring, SLP/Hop Summer League in Summer)

K-2nd grade girls soft-lacrosse player development program Player Recruiter (in-house program run through Hopkins Comm Ed this spring/summer & Golden Valley Park & Rec in the fall)

3-4th Grade Girls Player Recruiter (0 Hopkins players this spring)

5-6th Grade Girls Player Recruiter (2-3 Hopkins players on the SLP team this spring

7-8th Grade Girls Player Recruiter (12 players on Hopkins 7-8 team this spring)                             

What needs to be done? Since we don’t have the budget or manpower of a Corporation trying to gain market share, we have to rely on the best kind of advertising there is, “WORD OF MOUTH”.  All of you can talk to other parents about getting their boys and girls to play lacrosse. Get the youth hockey, track, football, soccer, and baseball kids to come on board and play with your son or daughter. You know they will love it just as much as your kids do!

By forming this Hopkins Youth Lacrosse Recruiting & Promotion Committee we would have a group of parents, coaches and HS players working together to reach out to the kids at all the schools and make sure the registration info is in the e-newsletters that the parents get, posters are placed were they can be seen at schools, gym teachers and administrators are informed of sign-ups and asked to mention it in gym class and on the PA system in school. We can also plan informational meeting for potential players and their parents after school, just like other clubs do. I also want to push for more TryLax clinics, after school lacrosse clinics with Kids & Company, and a district wide spring sports registration night where all the ports are represented equally (school and non-school run sports alike). TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS.

Here is the list of schools in the Hopkins school district:

Elementary Schools… Alice Smith (AS), Eisenhower &  XinXing Academy (IKE), Gatewood (GW), Glen Lake (GL), L.H. Tanglen (TG), Meadowbrook (MB)

Junior Highs… North Junior High (NJH) and West Junior High (WJH)

The Next Step…So, the next step is setting up a meeting with all the people that want to be involved to form the Hopkins Youth Lacrosse Recruiting & Promotion committee and identify player recruiters for the boys and girls teams and a team of parents to be the promoters at the schools. Again, I don’t need help with budgets, renting school facilities or any of the administrative stuff, just the most important part of getting more kids to play.

Send me an email ASAP with any suggestions, questions and what you would like to help with. Once I hear back I will try and set up a meeting to get rolling on this in early May. It I’ll be fun I promise!


Mark D Hellenack – Hopkins Youth Lax Association, President

952-938-2723 h/o

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Between the 2008-09 and 2012-13 school years, participation in high-school lacrosse grew 19 percent among girls (to more than 77,000 players) and 15 percent among boys (to nearly 102,000 players), according to data from the National Federation of State High School Associations analyzed by BuzzFeed. Over the past decade, the trend is even stronger, with participation more than doubling over that time.

Among sports with at least 10,000 high schoolers, lacrosse has had the highest growth rate since 2009. Other growth sports include 8-player football (up 12 percent), cross country (up 8 percent for both boys and girls), soccer (up 8 percent for girls, up 7 percent for boys), and girls bowling (up 7 percent).

“There are two main reasons for the trend,” said Rick Burton, the Falk Professor of Sport Management at Syracuse University, about the rise in popularity of lacrosse. “One is that lacrosse is being developed as a gender neutral sport. It’s a virtually identical game between men and women. Two, it’s an active, contemporary game. It’s not based on set plays with limitations of where people can play.”

Despite lacrosse’s reputation as a preppy, Northeast-centric sport, the sport grew the most in the Midwest and South. Between 2009 and 2013, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio saw the largest percentage increases in participation. And there’s an opportunity for much more growth: In 32 states, fewer than 1,000 students played high-school lacrosse during the 2012-13 school year, according to the NFHS data.


Read the whole article on

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Hop/SLP Youth Summer League

Registration to open in May for the Hop/SLP Youth


Boys & Girls In-House (no travel) Summer Leagues

 Boys U9-U11 & U13-U15 Age Level League teams.

Girls 2-5th & 6-8th Grade Level League Teams 

WHO IS HOLLYWOOD: Kevin "Hollywood" Reed is the founder of the the St Louis Park Youth Association & long time head coach of the SLP High School program. He is a very funny and colorful character who was the President of the MN Boys Scholastic Lacrosse Association (MBSLA) for many years and he played lacrosse and coached at both Hopkins HS and the University of St. Thomas.  We honor him and all his efforts to grow the game by naming the summer league after him.
Registration Deadline: June 1st

To Register go to

NOTE: Registration will be open in May, 2015
Boys Age Levels:
Division 1 U15 and U13 age levels play together (basically 6-8th grade).
Division 2 U11 and U9 age levels play together (basically 2rd-5th grade).


Girls Grade Levels:

Division 1 (6-8th Graders play together).

Division 2 (2-5th graders play together).
Cost:  Division 1 = $200/ Division 2 = $180
The Summer League is a small field skills focused in-house lacrosse league.  The goal of the League is to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and focus on developing the players individually skills rather than the team as a whole (the traditional approach). Two games will be played one day a week (Double headers) on a Tuesday or Thursday. There will also be a team practice once a week on a Tuesday or Thursday. For example you might have practice on Tues, 2 games on Thurs.
There will also be five Mini (Individual Skill training) Clinics open to all Players on an optional basis. These will be scheduled on a Monday or Wednesday evening so they don’t interfere with the games or practices.


Here is an example of the 2014 Calendar

(NOTE: the 2015 Schedule of events is not available yet):
Tues, June 11 – Player Evaluations @ SLP HS turf
Thurs, June 13 – Player Evaluations @ SLP HS tuft
Mon, June 17 - Coach drafted teams released @ TBA
Tues, June 18 to – Fri, August 9 Games and 9 Practices @ TBA
*** Week of 4th of July off ***
August 13 HLL Championship @ SLP HS turf
Game Play Details:
*Small field (60’ x 40’) format with short sided (7 v7).including a goalie Each team will have 2 att, 2 mid, 2 def an 1 goalie on the field at one time. 

*Modified Field Lacrosse Rules will be used with no body checking and an emphasis on fun and skill development.

* Minimum pass (1-2) rules may be enforced early on in the season and dropped as the season rolls on and skills improve. 

* Team rosters will be limited to 10 players for a 1-10 coach to player ratio.

* To keep teams balanced Coaches have GM rights like in pro sports…. So, players may be traded between teams Mid-season to keep things balanced and competitive. 
Player Receives:
·       Team Penny (reversible)
·       Access to all Mini-Clinics
·       Coaching in a small group setting
·       Instruction from an experienced adult Coach and Current SLP/Hop lax Varsity Player
·       Each player receives a confidential evaluation
Mini Clinics (Individual Skill Training):
- Sharp Shooting
- Crease Monkey
- Playing Defense Like a Pirate
- Face off Fever
- Dodging Downtown
All games, clinics and practices are at St. Louis Park High School Stadium (Turf), St. Louis Park Junior High (Texas Rd) or at a field in Hopkins TBA.  

US Lacrosse membership Is Required:
A current US Lacrosse membership is also required ($25).  If your son doesn't have a valid US Lacrosse membership, please register online at prior to registering for Summer Lacrosse as you will need your US Lacrosse membership number to complete the registration.

BOYS EQUIPMENT REQUIRED:  Lacrosse Helmet, Boy’s Lacrosse Stick, Gloves, Arm Guards, Shoulder Pads, Mouth Guard and Athletic Cup with Supporter.


GIRLS EQUIPMENT REQUIRED:  Girl’s Lacrosse Stick, Eye Protective Goggles, and Mouth Guard.


QUESTIONS: contact Boys Summer League Director: Jared Mickeson at , 952-220-9038 or Girls summer League Director: Arianna Gavzy at 952-994-6786 or

HYLA President Mark Hellenack at 952-938-2723 or


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