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Official Registration Site for the Northern Va. Crab Bowl Mid Atlantic Tournament (By Invite ONLY)

Official Site of the Northern Virginia CRAB BOWL MID ATLANTIC Teams.

By Invitation ONLY


Mid-Atlantic Crab Bowl Tournament 2015

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Teams


2015 Mid Atlantic Youth Crab Bowl Tournament

Loudoun County All Stars have been selected to be the Northern Virginia Region representative for the prestigious Mid Atlantic Crab Bowl Tournament.  The Northern Virginia Region will present teams in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade 14U Division in the Tournament.

Players will be selected and formally invited via email.  Any player that meets the age and grade requirement is eligible to play for the Norther Virginia Region to include West Virginia.

The Northern Virginia Region selects their players from all the surround youth leagues in the area to include the existing GYFL LoCo Fall League.  Players are scouted or recommended by existing youth league coaches in the area.  Once selected they are sent a formal invitation.  That invitation has a strict date to comply and accept in order to fill the needed roster spots.

Once selected the player will register ON THIS SITE, NOT GYFL!

Registration for selected players will begin Monday October 19th.

Registration will be available on this site for all grades for the Norther Virginia teams.


About the 2015 Mid Atlantic Crab Bowl Tournament


  1. This tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday of two weekends (dates below)
  2. Each region and team guaranteed two games.
  3. First games at probably St Johns finals at Westminster at the college we played last year.  This is a Mid Atlantic region with teams entering from:

Team Northern Maryland (Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Carroll Counties & Surrounding Areas)

Team Southern Maryland (Prince George's, Charles, St. Mary's Calvert, Southern AA Counties & Surrounding Areas)

Team Eastern Maryland (Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford Counties, Eastern Shore & Surrounding Areas)

Team District of Columbia

Team Metro Virginia (Southern Fairfax, Prince William and Surrounding Areas)

Team Pennsylvania

Team North New Jersey

 Team South New Jersey

Team West Virginia

Team Delaware

Team Central Virginia

Team Tidewater Virginia 

How Will They Determine a Champion?


We begin with 12 team at each age division.  There will be 6 games on Sat 12th and 6 more on Sunday 13th.  There will be a total of 18 games played the first weekend on 3 different fields in the Baltimore Area.  We will use the 8th Grade as an example, with 6th and 7th being identical formats.

In 8th Grade there will be 6 games played on Saturday from 9am to 9pm.

There will be 6 winners and 6 losers.

The 6 in the losers bracket will play each other in 3 games beginning Sunday morning at 9am.

The 6 in the winners bracket will play each other in 3 games beginning Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

By Sunday Night we will have the following breakdown:

3 Teams will be 0 -2 and knocked out of the tournament

6 Teams will be 1 - 1 and technically still alive to move to the Final Four Round on Sat Dec 19th.

3 Teams will be 2 - 0 and advance to the Final Four Round on Sat Dec 19th.

The 4th team in the Final 4 will be the 1 - 1 team with the highest point differential.

We will add up all the points the offense scored in the two games, and subtract the points the defense gave up in the two games.

Of the 6 1 -1 teams, the team with the highest point differential moves on as the #4 Seed in the Tournament,

The #1, #2, and #3 Seeds will be determined by the point differentials of the 3 undefeated teams.

Seed #1 will play Seed #4

Seed #2 will play Seed #3

Final Four Games will be played at McDaniel Field

On Sunday the Championship Game will be played.  There will be no consolation games on Sunday.



In the last six years our program has managed to produce some of the best football players to enter the high school ranks in Loudoun County and a good number of the private schools.

Our mission is to prepare the youth athlete mentally, physically and emotionally for upper-level football, ultimately high school football.  The education process engages the athlete in the latest tackling and hitting technique designed to reduce head injury and stress on the neck and back.

Skill specific and position specific is taught on group and individual basis by top youth coaches and high school coaches around the area. 

I will advise and warn that Eagle Camp is a difficult and trying event for the athlete as it incorporates a boot camp like mentality with significant emphasis on conditioning.  Surviving Eagle Camp is a rite of passage for the hundreds of Eagles that have graduated camp in years previous.

Camp Calendar and Structure important notes:

1-Eagle Camp is required to participate in GYFL should the player elect to stay on for the GYFL travel season.

2-Eagle Camp is Freshmen (4-5 and 6th graders) who will start at 6:30PM and go till 8:00 PM at Evergreen Sportsplex in Leesburg, Virginia at the same location is JV (7th graders) and Varsity (8th graders) who will practice from 6:30 until 8:00 PM same time.

3-Eagle Camp will start March 30th (Monday) at Evergreen Sportsplex and end April 10th (Friday)

4-The camp is a total of 8 days of full pads, contact football and training.

5-All helmets, shoulder pads and practice jersey will be provided to the player by LoCo GYFL War Eagles.  All camp fees must be paid prior to equipment sizing and hand out which will begin March 1st.  Each player will schedule a personal pick up time for equipment.

6-An equipment security personal check will be required from the parent for a price of $250.00 which WILL NOT BE CASHED.  This is normal security check that will be help in house, not banked and it will be returned once equipment has been turned back in.  The players may keep the practice jerseys they are part of the camp experience.

7-Practice pants must be black, they will be sold at our online store if you do not have black practice pants.




* March is our annual GYFL and LoCo Combine at Dulles Sportsplex in Sterling Virginia.  Combine is required and under a separate registration for those that wish to continue to the GYFL Travel League.  After Camp, depending on the number of kids wishing to make the Travel Teams, LoCo will select two teams of 40 players each to represent LoCo freshmen teams, 40 players in the 7th grade to represent LoCo JV team and 40 8th graders to represent LoCo Varsity teams.

  • There is a separate registration and $100.00 fee for GYFL Combine. (all registration and payment will go through our web site once we open registration)


(If we have a significant number of players wishing to continue to Travel we may commit one or two more teams per Division.)

  •          March is our mandatory annual Player / Parent day, this is required for all attending camp and wishing to continue on to Travel.


For those players selected or wishing to continue on to Travel Teams.

  • Travel players must have completed Camp and Combine and selected to one of the Travel teams as explained above.
  • There is a separate GYFL League fee of 100.00 per player to play in the GYFL League (all registration and payment will go through our web site once we open registration)
  • LoCo will provide all equipment except for pants, gloves and socks (all available on our web site)
  • Varsity and freshmen teams will play on Saturdays (remember this is a travel league you will be traveling) and JV always plays on Sundays.  We  will try to have one or two home games this year in Loudoun.

Travel teams will play against some of the best talent on the East Coast, this is the Best of the Best.  All teams will play high school rules to include no guarantee of playing time or commitment.

Look, Camp is tough, the League is tougher, it is hard on players and parents as a huge dose of reality hits those that have not experience anything but rec league.  It is the best education and experience available at any cost. 

I put my 35 years of coaching experience on the line and personally guarantee it will be a challenge but one of the best experiences, if you totally commit, that will build the strongest foundation for your player that you can find.

Coach Rusty Markland

LoCo GYFL War Eagle Co-Founder

Woodgrove HS Coach

LoCo Eagle Spring Camp, a full contact camp designed to prepare the

youth athlete for high school or upper level competition through proper

instruction to make the player and the game safer for the athlete.

The camp is brutal, educational and mandatory for any athlete that plans on

playing in the spring GYFL for Loudoun County. Ask any high school

player or their parent that have attended this camp, it is a rite of passage and

not for the timid. 

Register NOW, space is limited.



Spring 2016 Season GYFL

       Registration for 2016 Eagle




will begin in


November 2015!

 5th 6th 7th and 8th graders

 High School Rules, no DOTS!

















GYFL / Loudoun County Eagles will be fielding FIVE PLUS Teams in 2016:

The Loudoun Eagles Camp and Season mission is to prepare the pre-high school football and cheer players for high school football physically and mentally while playing and performing against some of the best, top athletes in the Metro area on some of the finest fields in the area and stadiums. We are an organization dedicated to the individual development of the student athlete as they prepare to enter high school
Cost for the Total Program:

1- Two Week Full Contact Eagle Camp (mandatory)- $250.00
       paid at registration or before may register now but pay before  

2-  GYFL Grassroots Combine (mandatory)- $100.00 can pay
      prior to combine to be held March , 2016.   

3-  GYFL League Fee to play in the Grassroots League $100.00 can pay
       prior to the first game late April.

        * All fees will be collected by Loudoun County Eagles when due.

Why GYFL / LOUDOUN Football:

 Fortunately in Loudoun County we have four of the best youth organizations and they do a tremendous job but the leagues are still restricted to weight limits even on the "select" teams. 
By having the season in the spring it does several things. First, it does not compete with the fall regular season in youth league or take away what beneficial and good work they you do and it does not interfere with high school.  Second, it is perfect timing for conditioning and training before they enter the next level.  

 The weight based leagues fit the majority, however, some athletes are forced to play on the line when in fact they will never play on the line in HS.  They do not get the training specific to skill positions such as QB, RB or receiver. Skills other players in other regions are getting and that hurts that skill player at the HS level.  This spring league bridges that gap.  No weight limits here, HS rules....real football.

100% of our players reported to high school and their league in perfect, battle tested condition not to mention they were years ahead of the rest of the players that did nothing and sat home all summer eating junk food and playing video games....our players dominate the field when they return to their regular season.  

Our two-week full contact boot camp is the Parris Island of training camps in the worst conditions imaginable.  The games are all played on the best turf fields in the metro area and those fields are exceptionally hot in the summer...after surviving Paris Island and playing in those games on turf fields in the summer....fall football is a piece of cake.

Specific training is given the entire camp and the entire season on Heads Up Tackling technique that reduces the chances of concussions.  This training is ESSENTIAL to promote safety in this contact sport.  Training that is sometimes neglected at the lower levels, however, at Loudoun the youth leagues have made this a priority.  At LC Eagle Camp and Season it is an EVERY DAY training circuit.


Does this expose my player to injury that will hold him back in high school?  I don't want to risk injury before high school.

There is a risk to everything worth reward, football is a tough sport and we teach it old school so, how to hit the proper way to reduce concussion.  All of our coaches have passed the certification for concussion recognition and testing. Knowing how to hit is one of the best preventions to head injuries.  "Heads-Up" tackling technique and form are paramount to injury reduction in contact sports.

There are more players injured every year on skateboards, swimming pools and off season weight lifting programs then in our program.  The rewards are a player that is battle tested, hard and conditioned and having the benefit of upper level coaching BEFORE he gets to high school.

Remember the mission of the program, to prepare the player for the next level, high school.  The Parris Island camp and the practice sessions during the entire season has ALL PLAYERS involved.  The conditioning, the drills and the techniques are all taught at practice. All will participate in practice, all will be conditioned and all will be individually taught by qualified coaches and all will be prepared for the next level and play in games AGAINST KIDS AND PLAYERS OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMMUNITY!  The true benefit is in the work, the practice AND the games. Despite the name Loudoun County All Stars....we are NOT an All Star team.  We are an organization dedicated to the individual development of the student athlete as they prepare to enter high school.
My player plays other sports in the spring can he do both?

It can be done but commitment to at least two practices per week and commitment to Saturday games are required.  We share players but to get the real benefit out of this program you need to commit to games and at least two days a week practice.
Ask yourself....what will my player concentrate on in high school...what sport?  If the answer is football...then the answer is a no brainer.  If you do not take advantage of this high profile prep...others are and your player will enter high school already behind.

My player will get burnt out....fall and spring football is just too much, right?  

If your player is planning on playing high school football this year or the next, as a parent and a player or he wants to improve his game in the youth leagues, I would rather have him risk "burn out" than "knocked out".
High school football is demanding, played by full grown men two to three years older than your 8th grade son..
...would you want him prepared, conditioned, trained and ready....or have him sit home on the couch smoking down Ho Ho's and drinking sodas this spring and summer?  Burnt out or knocked out....hmmmm, that is a tough one.

Our HS coach is not fond of this.
Some local HS coaches are not sure of this program for the simple reason private schools (Good Council, Dematha, Gonzaga, Georgetown Prep, St. Johns,  etc.) hawk the practice fields (for that matter so do college scouts) and games.  Last year we had four Eagles get scholarships to these private schools based on their play AND FIVE  GYFL PLAYERS GIVEN VERBAL OFFERS TO D-1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAMS!!!.  Hey, I am a HS coach....I get it... but I also want the best for my kids, I want them good enough for other schools to want them to think otherwise is selfish.  The best way to improve, market your kid is this league, the best way to keep your player is recruit him, show him he is important to your school. tHE BEST WAY TO PROTECT HIM IS TO HAVE HIM TRAINED IN THIS LEAGUE ON HEADS UP AND PROPER TECHNIQUE TO TACKLE AND HIT!  I have not lost one kid from our HS and they have been recruited heavily. 
Last year the University of Maryland Offensive Coordinator was on the sideline watching the Eagles and the Baltimore team!  College scouts attend these games! 
ALSO, I have seen players opt out because of the HS coach opinion, HOWEVER, players that defied the coach on the same team and played GYFL started over the kid that did not the next freshman year!!  Coaches play the studs, is what it is... and if you want your player exposed to this element, if you want him to have the best chance for HS football....listen to your heart and no one else.
Question, are you protecting him from injury by opting out of this specific training for Heads Up Tackling and hitting technique and keeping them home or playing non-contact sports?  If your athlete is going to play football in HS and you do not provide him the opportunity to learn and may be throwing him to the lions in HS, or at least putting him behind the players that do take advantage of this.
"I have seen those DC kids and Baltimore / PG kids, no way our kids can compete against those guys!  Some of those running backs are over 200lbs !"

Every year our Loudoun players and parents see those teams and think the same thing ......and every year our parents and players are shocked to see and find out THEY CAN AND DO PLAY against those studs.  Do you think the kids your 8th grader will face this fall in HS will be smaller???  Time to face the music now, this spring, this summer.....time to get ready for real football...HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.

 This is expensive!
The two-week camp is less expensive than any four day camp in the County and all proceeds are fed back into the program, this is a non-profit organization ....all the money goes into the equipment for the kids and their is ALL FOR THE KIDS!  You will not find a better experience, more professional training or more beneficial program than this for the money.....nowhere, ask the parents that have put their players through our program. 
"Scholarship" programs are available if there is difficulty obtaining the fees, no player will be turned down.  See the application form and check the box that refers to that.

Bring me your youth league players and I will return you young men, young men ready to play and compete at the high school level, trained to protect themselves and how to reduce injury through technique.....I give you my word.

Coach Rusty Markland

General Manager GYFL Loudoun County Eagle


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