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Retro Fitness

Don't forget to patronize our awesome sponsors, without whom we would have to do more fund raising in order to exist. Retro Fitness proudly displays our team jersey!

by posted 05/23/2015
Memorial Day Parade

Thanks to all who showed up to the Lawrence Township Memorial Day parade, showing support for all armed forces who have died protecting our freedom. We had a great turn out from the Lawrence Lacrosse Club members - one of the biggest clubs represented!

by posted 05/23/2015
Indoor Lacrosse Showcase Game

Come watch some fun, exciting indoor ("box") lacrosse, only 15 minutes from home!! The Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) announced that the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton will host the Arena Lacrosse League Showcase Tour, culminating with a special Showcase game featuring the New Jersey All-Stars vs. Arena Lacrosse League on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 7pm!

Our club has reserved a block of prime lower level seats for this game. You can be right up close with your fellow teammates and families watching as the Arena Lacrosse League (ALL) prepares for its 2016 inaugural season.

Tickets are $20.00 each and a portion of each ticket sale will go to our Club.
Buy your tickets today by going to our online store. This link will allow you to purchase through PayPal and use either your PayPal account or a credit card. If you would like to pay using another means, such as cash or check, or need help paying by credit card please contact Kim Lehrfeld at either 609-273-4137 or 
Tickets will be delivered to you prior to game day or if arrangements cannot be made prior to game day, they will be waiting for you at the will call booth.

by posted 05/19/2015
Strategy Explained: Wheel Plays, Man-Up Rotation & Zone Offense

This video walks through wheel plays and rotations that can be run against zone or man-down defenses. Rather than going into a ton of detail on one play, this one is designed to give you an overview of a bunch of different things you can run against zone defenses, including any extra man opportunity.

by posted 05/08/2015
Practice Schedule


The fastest and most accurate way to find out about practice (and game) changes or cancelations is to check your email and/or download the League Athletics App. This app will give you easy access your team’s schedule (and more) on your mobile device.

Click here for Apple devices

Click here for Android devices

Once you install and open the app, enter the email address & password you used to register your child with Lawrence Lacrosse. Then pick your team to see their game dates & times and locations.


If you have any questions please email us at 


by posted 03/29/2015
Wall Ball Tips

It's never "off-season" or a non-practice day if you have access to a wall. Try these tips from Coach Chris Gatsch for becoming a better passer and catcher. 



by posted 03/27/2015
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by posted 03/21/2015
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