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Captain David Jacobs returning from Afghanistan on September 11th, 2014!!!


Recon Varsity Player gives back!!!!

Recon is very proud of our U17 Varsity Mountain Player Chris Callahan for his efforts to help our Heroes in Uniform over in Afghanistan!!! Since 2009 Chris has been working his project each year sending coffee packages to our men and women! This is really what it is all about!!! An Outstanding young man! Please see the article below:

 “Cup of Joe For G.I. Joe”
Founder: Christopher Callahan

Countless people have asked me why a “coffee drive” for soldiers in Afghanistan when they get coffee for free? Not being a coffee drinker myself I have asked myself that same question. The coffee drive began over four years ago with a conversation with my cousin Edward Gibbons who at that time just completed his first military tour of Afghanistan. Ed was recent graduate of West Point and a person who I aspire to be like, I asked him, “What did he miss most when he is away from his home?” He said, “He misses his family and friends daily, but he missed morning coffee back home.” I probed a little bit more because I could not understand why coffee. The reason he missed coffee was that he associated coffee with the feeling of home. What he really missed was being away from home. I thought that if I can do something to help him from missing home it would be a great thing for me to get involved with. Managing a coffee drive would be my way of helping not just him but the group of people that he was serving with. That is how the coffee drive got started with a simple honest response of what I missed most serving in Afghanistan...
The drive took a lot of time to organize. At the time I was an 8th grader at South Side Middle School in Rockville Centre. I reached out to my social studies teacher Mrs. Beller who at that time was involved with the Wounded Warrior Organization. I submitted an outline to Ms. Beller and the administration of the school what my vision and mission of the coffee drive was. My vision statement is, “Recognize the district as the heart of learning, caring and support of the community”. My mission statement is, “Be The Best You Can Be”. The group thought the project was a good idea and we started the coffee drive.
Spreading the word of the drive was the easy part. I joined the Military History club in the middle school in 8th grade. The club helped to spread the word about the drive. I had fliers and posters printed that we hung them up around the school. I spoke at PTA meetings held at Covert School and South Side Middle School to spread the word. Our goal was to ship 100 pounds of coffee the first year. My family paid the shipping and packaging. I was responsible for packaging of the coffee. Needless to say the drive has been a huge success……….. Over the past four years our goals have gone up 100, 300, 500 pounds of coffee.  This year our goal is to ship 750 pounds of coffee. To date we have shipped well over 1,000 pounds of coffee to soldiers around the world.
Each year a different soldier is picked to have the coffee shipped to.  In turn that soldier shares the coffee with his unit.  In the past the soldiers have had a strong connection to lacrosse.  One was the captain of the West Point Lacrosse team and another was a player from Long Island who played for varies Long Island teams. Playing lacrosse and spreading the information about the drive to my teammates on South Side Lacrosse and RECON Lacrosse my summer travel team has been so beneficial to the drive. I love playing lacrosse but most importantly lacrosse has taught me to “pay it forward” and to help others. The feedback that I have gotten from the soldiers has been very rewarding. The drive has impacted my life as well as the lives of the soldiers in such a positive way and not to mention the community awareness.
The Coffee Drive is a huge undertaking, but it is well worth it. The drive has spread over three school districts, brownie troops, and private donations of coffee. The relationships I have made in the past four years are priceless. The sacrifices that the soldiers have made for my family and me will never be forgotten. Each one of these soldiers is a hero in my life.  I was once told, never under estimate the power of a good cup of coffee. 

God Bless America and our troops.





by Harry posted 06/27/2013
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