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Softball Evaluation Schedule

Bat and Glove in GrassWestfield Little League Softball player evaluations will be held at the Westfield High School gymnasium on Saturday, March 18. Calendars for the calendar raffle and pants will be handed out at the event. Pants will also be available to try on if you are unsure of sizing.

The evaluation schedule is based on League Age and is listed below. All players will be placed on a team during the week of March 20.

  • All players must attend evaluations (including frozen players) to be eligible to play unless they were on a 12U (Majors) regular season roster last season and are returning to that team.
  • Players should arrive 15 minutes early to check in and warm up.
  • Players should bring gloves. Bats and helmets will be available, but players can bring their own if they want. No cleats will be allowed.
  • If you haven’t already, please contact us in advance if your child will be unable to attend.
  • Parents of players ages 6-8 will be allowed in the gymnasium during evaluations.
  • Parents of players ages 9 and older will be expected to wait in the lobby during evaluations.

6-7 Year Olds
9:30 am (All)

8 Year Olds
10:15 am (All)

9 Year Olds 
11:00 am (All)

10 Year Olds
11:45 am (All)

11-12 Year Olds 
12:45 pm (A-H)
1:45 pm (I-Z)

13 Year Olds
2:45 pm (All)

14 Year Olds and Older 
3:45 pm (All)

League Age is determined as follows:

Age 6: Born in the year 2010
Age 7: Born in the year 2009
Age 8: Born in the year 2008
Age 9: Born in the year 2007
Age 10: Born in the year 2006
Age 11: Born in the year 2005
Age 12: Born in the year 2004
Age 13: Born in the year 2003
Age 14: Born in the year 2002
Age 15: Born in the year 2001
Age 16: Born in the year 2000

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