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Welcome to Revolution United FC
Welcome to Revolution United!

The Northeast's most progressive club.


Our club supports an international approach to teaching the world's most popular sport. There is no one style of soccer and there is no one way to teach or play it. Our coaches believe in the diversity of the game and its participants. We focus on working with the best soccer players, from different cultures and backgrounds, and form only the highest quality teams; on the pitch we are all equal.

If you are looking for a premier soccer program that celebrates your style of play and challenges you to become even better, contact us about our upcoming tryouts.

Contact us: @revolutionunitedfc.com




The Revolution United FC ‘99 Boys won the 2015 Connecticut State Cup Championship with a 1-0 win over Hamden Ginga in the semi-finals and then gained an impressive 3-0 win over CFC United’s ‘99/’00s in the Finals to earn the right to compete in the Region-1 Championships.

The 18 boys represented the Fairfield, Connecticut-based Revolution United FC and the great state of Connecticut on the grand stage of the US Soccer Region-1 Championships!

Revolution United FC ’99 Boys Roster:  Coach Floyd Neil, Co-Captain Matheus N, Co-Captain Chris J, Everett L, Jacob K, Thomas S, Tarcio A, Luis C, Anthony Z, Sam S, Andy M, Jared M, Jake S, Jonah M, Louis F, Edgar V, Christian B, Victor M and Kevin L.


Revolution takes Jamaica by Storm


Revolution United FC in April stormed Jamaica as part of a good will tour to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Coach Floyd Neil took the Revolution United U14 and U17 teams to Ocho Rios Jamaica to play the local high school teams.  The Revolution U14 and U17 teams played 5 games during the week long trip along with playing the Resort Staff in a pickup game on the last full day in Jamaica.  Along with the games the teams went to Dunn River Falls to see natures beauty that Jamaica has to offer, shopping, dolphin experience, snorkeling, fishing, as well as a trip to Steer Town Academy were some of the other activities the teams along with their parents participated in. 


Revolution United FC was awarded a certificate of appreciation for all of the donations they provided to the high schools.  Revolution United FC U14 and U17 collected donations from companies, soccer clubs, parents and more to donate soccer balls, uniforms, cleats, backpacks, socks, shin guards and more to the teams Revolution played while in Jamaica.  






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