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Bethlehem Youth Hockey is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the teamwork, skill development and sportsmanship of Hockey.  We are a Tier II organization that focuses primarily on player development and promoting the FUNdamentals of ice hockey and ADM development principles.

If you would like additional information on joining BYH or becoming more involved with the organization, please contact our Registrar at .


PO BOX 345
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2018 A Team Tryout Results
Team selection results are be posted here.  Congratulations...
2018/2019 Goalie Training Vouchers
BYHA is again please to offer registered goalies (at all ages, full-time...
"Girls Night Out" Skills session
CP is hosting a girls night for all the local girls on Sunday, September...
BYHA Announces A/B team tryouts/evaluations
  BYHA Announces “A/B” team tryouts/evaluations All...
BYH Policies
Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies...
BYHA Registration Information
Registration for the 2018/2019 season is open for all levels except...
BYHA Announces Head Coaches for the 2018/2019 Season
BYHA is pleased to announce the following Head Coaches for the 2018/2019...
Requesting a Release
Any player that is going to try-out at another organization...
2018 A Team Tryout Results

Team selection results are be posted here.  Congratulations to those selected for our A teams.  For those players that were not selected, you are invited to attend our B team tryouts at no additional tryout fee.


Squirt A


Pee Wee A 


Bantam A


Good luck to all and have a great season!

by posted 09/16/2018
2018/2019 Goalie Training Vouchers

BYHA is again please to offer registered goalies (at all ages, full-time or part-time, beginner, experienced or never tried before) discounted training vouchers to attend private/semi-private training lessons with Coach Bryan "Mac" McDonald.  Whatever your level or interest, these vouchers are an excellent way to develop your skill or just experience what it is like to train as a goalie. Goalie vouchers are only sold in packs of 5 for $125 (regular price is $45 per lesson, so this is a $20 per lesson savings). We currently have a limitation to one set of 5 vouchers per goalie.  Depending on interest, additional sets may become available.

Vouchers expire July 2019.


If you are interested in goalie vouchers, please contact Brian Gregg at  The $125 charge will be added to your account and the vouchers will be e-mailed to you.





by posted 09/16/2018
"Girls Night Out" Skills session

CP is hosting a girls night for all the local girls on Sunday, September 30 at the Union Arena in Schenectady, 930am for girls 10 and younger then another session at 1245pm for girls 12 and older. 

This is a free skills session and I'm hoping to have some Union women's players helping out. 

I would appreciate it if you would pass on the information to your organization and please encourage the girls to wear their Bethlehem jerseys to show their team pride! 

Thanks and I look forward to seeing them at the event! 

Amanda Castignetti

For more information, please contact Amanda directly: 

by posted 09/14/2018
BYHA Announces A/B team tryouts/evaluations


BYHA Announces “A/B” team tryouts/evaluations

All players interested in playing on a 10U, 12U, 14U or 18U team (A or B) are encouraged to attend player evaluation/tryout sessions. All sessions are at the Bethlehem YMCA.  Players who do not attend tryouts will not be guaranteed a roster spot. 

Any players attending tryouts that did not play with BYHA in their last season will need to bring an approved NYS Financial Release that they obtained from their previous organization before being allowed on the ice.  Additionally all players will need to provide a valid USA Hockey registration number.  If you have already registered (on-line) with BYHA you do not need to bring the USA Hockey registration number since it was already submitted during the registration process.

A tryout fee of $50 will be collected at the first tryout session.  (Pre-register for Tryouts and receive a $5 discount).  Players that are trying out for full-time goalies have the tryout fee waived. Players that are not selected for the A team after trying out are encouraged to attend B level evaluations for no additional fee. In the event that more than 18 players attend any A-Level tryout, the coaches have the discression to make cuts after the first night of tryouts; those players will be eligible to attent B-level tryouts.


by posted 09/03/2018
BYH Policies

Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies on the website.  

These important policies can be found on our home page, left hand menu, under Documents/BYH Policies or just by clicking here.  Please familiarize yourself with our policies and refer to them when questions come up.


A few select topic covered are:


If I'm a Coach and need level 1, 2, 3 or 4 USA Hockey CEP training - what do I need to do?  (Policy)


Can my player have a phone in the locker room? (short answer is no, but here is the Policy)


Can my player help out on the ice as a Student Coach?  (Policy)


My child needs to get Community Service credits - does BYH offer the opportunity?  (Policy)


Plus many others.






by b g posted 09/01/2018
BYHA Registration Information

Registration for the 2018/2019 season is open for all levels except Bantam. 

The $150 Early Registration Discount Deadline has passed.


We are having teams at the flowing levels:

6U Mighty Mite

8U Mite

10U, 12U and 14U A teams

10U, 12U and 14U B teams

10U  B2 team

16U Midget A Wrap

18U Midget A Wrap

18U Midget B (full season) 



Tryouts for our 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U (full season) are completed.


Tryout format:  

Update:  A-Team tryouts are completed.  We will first be having A-team tryouts followed by our B-team tryouts.  Only those players interested in the travel and rigors of the A-team commitment should attend the A-team tryouts.  If a player is not selected for the A-team, they are invited to attend the B-team tryouts with no additional tryout fee.  Goalies are always free for all tryouts. 

Update: Bantam A/B registration is closed, we are no longer accepting players at this level  All other levels remain OPEN.  After the A-team tryouts are completed, B1-team tryouts will be conducted to determine player placement on our B1 or B2 team. All players are strongly encouraged to attend tryouts.  We cannot guarantee your player a place on a team if they do not attend tryouts. 


Early Basic Registration Discount

If you register for an A, B, or 8U Mite team July 1st or earlier you will receive a $150 discount off of your basic registration fee.  A deposit of $250 is required at the time of registration to secure the discount. There is no early registration discount for the 6U Mighty Mite program.


Early Tryout Registration Discount

If you sign up for an A or B team tryout August 1st or earlier you will receive a $5 discount off of our regular tryout fee of $50. Goalies can register, but there is no tryout fee for goalies at any level.


by posted 06/04/2018
BYHA Announces Head Coaches for the 2018/2019 Season

BYHA is pleased to announce the following Head Coaches for the 2018/2019 season. Teams listed below are our current projections.  Teams can be added or removed depending on level of interest.  Additional Head Coaches will be posted as they are selected.

18U Midget A Wrap

Coach Kenny Lancto (former HVCC Head Coach, Asst Coach Nisky HS)

16U Midget A Wrap

Coach Ryan O'Connell (BCHS Assistant Coach)

18U Midget B full season

Coach Jerry Cunningham

14U Bantam A

Coach Sean Bruno

14U Bantam B

Coach John Queenan

12U PeeWee A

Coach Brian Carr

12U PeeWee B1


10U Squirt A

Coach Rebecca Caldon

10U Squirt B1


10U Squirt B2


8U Coordinator

Coaches Scott Miller and Keith Cataldo

6U Coordinator

Coach Joe Middleton

6U Head Coach

Coach Andre Rodrigue


by B g posted 03/30/2018
Requesting a Release

Any player that is going to try-out at another organization will first need to obtain a completed Player Financial Release Form from BYHA.  A link to the form is provided below.

Before a Player Financial Release is issued, all BYHA fees and Team fees need to be paid in full.  Additionally, any BYH issued equipment such as jerseys and loaned goalie equipment need to be returned.  Do not wait until the last minute to request a release; the process to confirm a release can take up to 10 days to process.


Note - as soon as a Player Financial Release is issued, the player is no longer allowed to participate in any on-ice or off-ice activities with BYHA, including games, practices and clinics.


Note - the completed form MUST be retuned in MS WORD format.  Pdf, pictures or other formats are not accepted and will dely the issuing of the release.


Click here for a MS Word version of the Player Financial Release form


Please return the completed MS Word formatted document to

by posted 02/20/2018
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