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Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Conference, Inc. is a nonprofit membership corporation established to provide an opportunity for the youth of the Greater Canandaigua area to participate in the great sport of ice hockey. The Canandaigua Knights are committed to providing the opportunity for boys and girls to develop sportsmanship, teamwork and personal integrity, all while enjoying the fun and challenge of a fast action game.



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Summer Dryland Training
Summer Dryland Training is back!  Come, and bring...
Youth hockey views from a former NHL Player
Former NHL star Ray Ferraro was asked to talk to parents of a club...
Registration is open for Freeze 2015-2016 Teams
Registration is now open for the 2015-2016 Finger Lakes Freeze hockey...
Strong Hockey Summer Hockey Camp - Knights Special Rate!
Freeze 2015-16 Coach Announcement
CKH is pleased to announce the appointment of John Millspaugh as...
Summer Dryland Training

Summer Dryland Training is back!  Come, and bring a friend, and get in shape before the season and fall sports start!  

Sessions run six weeks starting Monday, July 6th and ending Wednesday, August 12th,

Sessions are 6:30 to 8:00 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays at the Greater Canandaigua Civic Center (GCCC).

Many hockey specific exercises, but this session is not exclusive to hockey players.

The sessions will focus on core strength, speed, and plyometric training without the use of heavy weights.

Sessions are open to all young athletes, 11 years or older, so bring a friend that plays other sports with you!

These sessions will be run by Don Burkard and high school age hockey players.

The cost for 12 sessions is $95 for the session.

by posted 05/18/2015
Youth hockey views from a former NHL Player

Former NHL star Ray Ferraro was asked to talk to parents of a club that was going through a tough time, with parent expectations at an all-time high.

This is what Ferraro told the parents.

– Minor hockey is out of control in terms of Parents chasing the dream for their kids instead of kids deciding on their own how passionate they are for it and how bad they want it.

– In the last 10 years only 21 kids who either played at NSWC or BWC have appeared in at least ONE NHL regular season game. Point is if your banking on your son collecting an NHL pay cheque to solidify his and yours financial future you seriously need to stop and come up with a new plan and now.

– The odds of going pro are extremely low but the odds of having to find a career and a job to pay bills and be a husband and father are extremely high and it’s not dictated by if you played AAA hockey

– Parents need to enjoy the ride while you have it … your son’s minor hockey days end too quickly and often times people end up regretting what they did not know then and what they ending up missing because they were focused on everything but their kid having fun

– As a parent who devotes time and money to your son, the only right you have to ask is they give it their best … not how much ice time they get, if they play on the PP, who is their winger or D partner

– Don’t pay for power skating, dryland training, skill development and expect your son to score 50 goals, if you decide to invest in extras do it because your son asked for it and wants to improve and has a smile on his face each and every time … too many parents decide what they want their kids to do instead of their kids asking to do it.

– 12 month hockey is wrong … organized skills sessions, tryouts, spring hockey is too much and too taxing … kids can shoot pucks, stick handle, play street hockey but they need out of the mental insanity of a hockey rink and need to be engaged in something other than hockey … the time away reinforces the passion to want it

– Coaches are coaches we all know the game and think this should be done a certain way … how come we never tell our kids math teacher how to teach calculus but we think as parents we have the right to tell a hockey coach how much ice time and with whom and when our kids should play.

– When you evaluate your kids season, never base it on how many banners they won, what provincial they won, what tourneys they went to and won … ask yourself what improved from September to April, what did he learn or improve upon including non-hockey stuff … evaluate the season besides wins and losses but gains and improvements.

– I have a son who is going through the rigors of pro hockey in the AHL. Hockey is a tough racket. Growing up, my dad never talked to me after a game or practice, I did that with my kids. Just let them play, learn and develop. Pressure is high enough, no need to make it worse.

source: http://strengthcoachblog.com/2015/03/08/a-former-nhlers-take-on-youth-hockey/

by posted 04/06/2015
Registration is open for Freeze 2015-2016 Teams

Registration is now open for the 2015-2016 Finger Lakes Freeze hockey teams.  We are planning to have two full time girls teams, competing in the GLGHL non tournament bound divisions.  


We have registration open for a younger team (target age range U14) and an older team (U19) at this time.  Please register your player now to hold a spot for next year!  Payment is not due at this time.

If you know of any other girls hockey players who would like to join the Freeze, please encourage them to consider our program!

by posted 03/22/2015
Strong Hockey Summer Hockey Camp - Knights Special Rate!

by posted 03/20/2015
Freeze 2015-16 Coach Announcement

CKH is pleased to announce the appointment of John Millspaugh as the Head Coach of the Freeze AA Supplemental Girls U12 TB ('Q' Only) team.

This is a supplemental State Tournament Bound team. The expectation is that players interested in this team will be on full season teams either from CKH or other organizations.

Finger Lakes Freeze intends to field the following teams in the 2015-16 season.

Freeze U12 AA State bound Team (Supplemental Team) (Season Plan) Coach: John Millspaugh Birth Years '03-'06
Freeze U14 GLGHL NTB House Team - Division TBD Coach: TBD Birth Years '01-'04
Freeze U19 GLGHL NTB House Team - Blue Division Coach: Brian Groff Birth Years '97-'00


by posted 03/04/2015
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