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  • TIME CHANGE !!!  AGM will be held on Thursday October 8 at 8:30PM at the DDO Civic Center in the downstairs banquet room..................
2015 Champions!


Congratulations to 2015 Champions EMMIS Textiles and the Brothers Wilk !


Danny Wilk     Louie Wilk

Joe  Arbesfeld     Steve Eichler
Bruce Goodman     David Grintuch
Lenny Lang       Jasen Leclair
Gary Litwin        Jacob Mechaly
Harold Miller       Howard Pascal 

Vlad Prince         Steven Reinblatt

Mark Solomon

by posted 09/27/2015
Playoffs 2015

2015 Playoffs

Fortinet vs. Emmis FINALS!!  

Limited seating! Come early.


Playoff Schedule


K N O C K O U T S     Single game elimination
EA1) SLF vs Nikkos Sun. Aug. 30 6:00pm Single game elimination
EA2) Studio vs Cab Sun. Aug. 30 8:30pm Single game elimination
EB1) SLF vs Can Tire Mon. Aug. 31 6:30pm Single game elimination
EB2) Studio vs Altius Mon. Aug. 31 8:30pm Single game elimination
Q U A R T E R S DATE   Best of 3 series
QFA1) PSB vs Fortinet Tue. Sept. 1 6:30pm Game 1
QFA2) Fortinet vs PSB Thur. Sept 3 8:30pm Game 2
Fortinet Wins series 2-0      
QFB1) Yagel vs MCC Tue. Sept. 1 8:30pm Game 1
QFB2) MCC vs Yagel Thur. Sept 3 6:30pm Game 2
QFB3) Yagel vs MCC Wed. Sept 9 7:30pm Game 3
Yagel Bagel Wins Series 2-1      
QFC1) Studio vs Emmis Wed. Sept. 2 6:30pm Game 1
QFC2) Emmis vs Studio Tue. Sept. 8 8:30pm Game 2
Emmis Wins series 2-0      
QFD1) Can Tire vs Dagwoods Wed. Sept. 2 8:30pm Game 1
QFD2) Dagwoods vs Can Tire Tue. Sept. 8 6:30pm Game 2
Dagwoods Wins series 2-0      
S E M I S DATE   Best of 5 series
SFA-1) Emmis vs Yagel Bagel Thurs. Sept.10 7:30pm Game 1
SFA-2) Yagel Bagel vs Emmis Wed. Sept. 16 8:30pm Game 2
SFA-3) Emmis vs Yagel Bagel Thurs. Sept. 17 6:30pm Game 3
SFA-4) Yagel Bagel vs Emmis Sun. Sept. 20 7:30pm Game 4
Emmis Wins Series 3-1      
SFB-1) Fortinet vs Dagwoods Fri. Sept. 11 7:30pm Game 1
SFB-2) Dagwoods vs Fortinet Wed. Sept. 16 6:30pm Game 2
SFB-3) Fortinet vs Dagwoods Thurs. Sept. 17 8:30pm Game 3
Fortinet Wins series 3-0      
F I N A L S DATE   Best of 5 series
F-1) Fortinet vs. Emmis Mon. Sept. 21 7:30pm Game 1
F-2) Emmis vs. Fortinet Thur. Sept. 24 7:30pm Game 2
F-3) Fortinet vs. Emmis Fri. Sept. 25 7:30pm Game 3
F-4) Emmis vs. Fortinet Sun. Sept. 27 7:30pm Game 4 (if necessary)
Emmis Wins Championship !      








by posted 08/29/2015
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Playoffs 2015
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