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2015 All-Star Game

2015 Annual

DDO Executive Softball League

All-Star Game



This year we have revamped the format and have the Captains of the 2 division leading teams drafting all-star team rosters from the 28 team voted delegates. The National League will be managed by the brothers Emmis (Louis & Danny Wilk) from the NL leading Team Emmis while the American League will be directed by Jimmy Israel & Lorne Krane from Team Dagwoods. Congratulations to the mid-season leading teams as well as the league All-Stars.

The players voted by their respective teams are:


Altius : Hershey Gillman / Todd Savage

CAB : Dino Del Grosso / Todd Halperin

Canada Tire: Dave Gareau / Harold Busner*

Dagwoods: Lorne Krane / Luciano Buonamici

Emmis: Jacob Mechaly / Jasen Leclair

Fortinet: Lyle Neiman / Donnie Roter

MCC: Brian Mendelson / Mark Rothpan

Nikkos: Stuart Schwartz / JR Gonzalez

Phoenix : Richard Rockman / Earl Levett

PSB : Mitch Rosenberg / Danny Greenspan

SLF:  Adam Cohen / Michael Mercado

Studio Lasry: Evan Boxer / Martin Rousseau

Stokes : Kerry Ludmer / Jeffrey Kosow

Yagel Bagel : Lorne Nathan / Ian Roter

*as CT elected Busner & their alternate were unavailable, Nikkos’ Irwin Horner was added to the roster


Game Rosters

With Team Emmis winning the coin toss (receiving 1st pick followed by 2 and alternating until complete):


  NL (Emmis)   AL (Dagwoods)  
  Savage   Gareau  
  Boxer   M. Rosenberg  
  Halperin   Mendelson  
  Del Grosso   Buonamici  
  J. Kosow   Rousseau  
  Leclair   Nathan  
  Gillman   Rothpan  
  Rockman   D. Greenspan  
  S. Schwartz   Ludmer  
  JR Gonzalez   D. Roter  
  Mechaly   A. Cohen  
  Levett   Mercado  
  I Roter   Neiman  
  Horner   Krane  

by posted 06/28/2015
Super Sunday #1 is now in the books

Super Sunday #1 is now History

Super Sunday #1 is now in the history books.  We could not have hoped for better weather.


A day like this does not go without shout-out's to: the day's sponsor Canada Tire, Twist & Cream for the delicious Ice Cream, Jimmy the "Party Planner" for bring us the St. Viateur food fest, David the "Ticket Giver", Randall the "Camera Man", and to all of the other helpers throughout the day.  And a great job to all of the captains and Neil and his umpire crew for having games move along at a smooth pace, and to Steve and DDO making sure the field was prep'd and ready to go.

And of course to all players and fans for the great day!


A few numbers from the day:


There were:

7 games, 14 teams, 65 innings played, 96 runs scored, 17 pounds of Lox, 56 pounds of Smoked Meat, and 196 bagels, but the highest count was............ 177 beers consumed by Deskin and Ludmer:


For more photos of the day, click over to the Photo Gallery Section (more pictures to be uploaded over the next few days)







by posted 06/15/2015
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Edward Janiszewski Park - DDO OPEN (7/5) 
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