The Frankfort Youth Athletic Association was established in 2004 with the following objective: "To promote and install self-confidence, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical and mental development while learning the techniques of football and cheerlea

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2016 Raffle Winners
Congratulations to the following raffle winners!
Prize Winner Sold By
$5,000  Melinda Bellamy Tamara Bellamy
$2,000   Sylvia Costa David Costa
$1,000 Jen Gola   
$500  Maureen Pinger Abby S
$500 W Markus Ty Kelly
$500  Lynne Lovell Brayden Lovell
$300 Ryan Farmer - ticket sales  
$200 Anthony Ostrowski  - ticket sales  
$100 Jake Luedke  - ticket sales  

              Thank you to all those that participated!  
We truly appreciate the support you have given to the Frankfort Falcons!

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2016 Volunteer Sign Up
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The Falcons have turned to SignUpGenius to help us streamline the process for volunteering. SignUpGenius is an online tool to help group organizing made easy.  As many of you are already using this product for FSD157c and parent teacher conferences, you should be familiar with this. This new process will help you select, sign up for and get alerted to your volunteer duty.  You will be able to manage your time slot at a later date if you need to change or delete.  No need to wait for a coordinator or team mom to get back with you.  You will see what is available or not in real time on your computer, smart phone or connected device. You are 100% responsible for signing up. Team moms will not be coordinating this.
This year due to the different roster sizes of all football and cheer teams, we had to co-mingle the duties involved across both football/cheer and Black/Blue.  You may now select any time slot for any game for any team for any level for any color.  You have all of the control in your hands to select the time slot that is best for you and not limited to a day or time slot. 
Please click on the logo above or below to view the different volunteer opportunities available. Then select one in which you wish to do.  Upon submitting your selection you will be asked to login or create a login. Please create an account with the site if you already do not have one for school otherwise login with the same login info you have with the school.  The email address you create will be the email address you will get alerted to.  You may also get a calendar reminder as well. That is it.  It takes 2 minutes to do and you will be ready for the season.  Remember this is on a first come first serve basis so hurry to select what best fits for you!

Coaches, Asst Coaches and Team Moms are not required to sign up! You have graciously stepped up to volunteer a considerable amount of time already!

Click here to download your blank volunteer card to get signed!

Sign Up Now!

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Dick's Sporting Goods





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HEADS UP to Youth Sports

HEADS UP to Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Click here for more info

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