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Calling all Coaches

For anyone interested in coaching and any parents/grandparents of players: 

If you have the opportunity to attend the USA Elite Training Little League Softball Coaches Clinic  or The Big Al clinic next year,  I strongly encourage you to attend.

Even if you're not interested in coaching, the Big Al clinic was a fun 3 hours and we learned a lot of ways to help our kids have fun playing and learning softball. Big Al even offers ideas for parents to work/play with their kids. The League is planning on purchasing Big Al's web subscription for each team including a Coaches' program for working with a team and a Parents' program with things you can do at home with 1 or 2 players. We hope you all try it out when we get it set up. 

There were 6 of our GLLSOW coaches who attended the Big Al sessions (Coach Scott and I went to both sessions) and we all walked out excited to get the season started. Those of you at the Winter clinic tonight (3/23) saw a sample of what we brought back from Big Al, and personally, I thought it went very well. I'm looking forward to seeing the results when the tools and ideas can be applied to one age group at a time. 

Keep Thinking Warm Thoughts! and let's hope we get on the fields soon!

by posted 03/06/2015
Evaluations Update

Evaluations are done and they went very well!
It was good to see the ladies out there showing their skills. You all did a great job, and should be very proud of your efforts!

We will be putting the teams together soon, 

(probably by the end of the month).

If we can't get on the fields soon, we may have to stop the winter sessions and have our first practices at The Storm in North Haven on Monday nights. 
For now though, the Winter Sessions are still on.  


by posted 03/05/2015
Online Photo Registration


Opening Day Ceremonies (April 25th) will be here before you know it. 

You don't have to get stuck filling out the photo order forms and writing checks as your player is in line, because Online Photo Registration is now available!
Order forms will be available at Photo Day, but now you can skip that manual process and order directly on our secure site.  Please click the Sportography graphic to be taken to their secure Online Photo Registration system. Inside you'll find detailed instructions for how to use this simple and easy to navigate application.


Questions? Visit Sportography








by posted 03/01/2015
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