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The Summer Clinic scheduled for Thursday July 30th is canceled due to weather.

by posted 07/30/2015

by posted 07/19/2015
At the state championship game

Waterford  vs Westport 

Waterford is our State Champion team after coming back from a 0-1 deficit to win 7- 1.

Waterford will be playing in the Regionals in Bristol, starting July 27th. The Regionals will be broadcast on the ESPN network of stations. I will try find the game and broadcast schedules and update this page if I can. Your homework assignment is to try to attend or watch a Regionals game on tv. 
I highly recommend making the trip to Bristol to visit the stadium and cheer on our state Champs! I would love to watch our girls play there in the future and I'm certain that watching a game from those stadium seats will inspire our girls to work hard for that opportunity! For you older players, The Big League championships are being held in Mass that same week. I've heard the level of play there is something to see. Bristol or Mass, either one could be a fun day-trip folks!

by posted 07/19/2015
Summer Ball 2015

Summer Ball 2015

Summer Ball will start on Wednesday July 15.  It will run on Weds and Thursday evenings into August (not sure of the end date yet). There is no cost for Summer Ball this year.

The sessions will run from 6:30 to 8:00 (or so).  We start later to avoid the heat as much as possible.
The General Sessions are for any player tee ball and up. 
The pitcher/catcher sessions are for players 7 and up.

The July 15th session will be a general session (for players tee ball and up). 
The July 16th session will be a pitchers and catchers clinic run by Coach Mark for coaches (please attend if at all possible, Coach Mark will be teaching us how to help our pitchers) and for players (7 and up).

Starting on July 22nd, The sessions will switch, Pitchers and Catchers will be on Wednesdays and the General Clinic will be on Thursdays. Sorry for confusing the days, but we needed to work around multiple schedules. Coach Mark will start us off on Thursday July 16th and afterwards we switch to Wednesdays so Coach Al can help out with the pitchers.

For the first Pitching session, I would like the coaches and my helpers to be arrive for a 6:00 start. That will give us time to set up and for Coach Mark to go over some coaching tips, etc.

The pitchers and catchers sessions are open to any player who wants to work on their skills or any player who thinks they want to try pitching or catching. I encourage the younger girls to give both a try.  You may discover a hidden talent.

If you're an older pitcher (who takes lessons already), you're welcome to join us as an assistant or to get in some reps. I am willing to stay later if my assistants would like to work together for a while after the main session ends.

If you're an older player and you'd like to help out in the regular sessions, please show up 15-30 minutes before the sessions. This is a good opportunity to accumulate some community service hours if you need them and coaching others gives you a different perspective on the game.

If you have any questions, send me a note at 
and I will do my best to answer them.

Coach Rick

by posted 07/05/2015
5 steps to a GREAT at-bat!
Softball Drills and Coaching Tips 

5 steps to a GREAT at-bat! 

Here's a quick 5-step routine that will help your hitters quiet the noise and 
let their muscle memory take over at the plate... 

1. In the Hole 
Begin getting ready early so as not to feel rushed. 
Stretch and prepare by using relaxation techniques and positive visualization. 
Recall any pertinent information about the pitcher. 
Check-in to access your present state of mind and use a relaxation technique to calm fears. 

2. on Deck 
Finalize your hitting plan in your head and visualize a successful at-bat. 
While using self-talk, take a few practice swings to determine the pitcher's timing. 
Check your emotional level again and stay in control. 

3. Before the At-Bat 
Get the sign from the coach and visualize a successful swing. 
Complete all preparatory actions in the hitting routine. 

4. In the Box 
Relax with deep controlled breathing to transition to the muscle memory stage. 
Right before the pitch take a deep breath and release slowly. 
Suck in a little air right as the pitcher reaches the point of release. 

5. After Each Pitch 
Step out of the batter's box while checking-in mentally. 
Get rid of any negative talk or feelings. 
Make visual adjustments and use the hitting routine again to prepare for the next pitch. 

Check it out here: 

by posted 06/09/2015
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