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Why Holmdel Football Association???
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Why Holmdel Football Association????


Holmdel Football Association (HFA)
A proud member of NJAYF
Home of the

2011 Jr. Pee Wee Cheerleading National Champions
2011 Pee Wee Cheerleading Big East Champions
2011 Jr. Pee Wee Cheerleading Jersey Shore Champions
2011 Midget Cheerleading Jersey Shore Champions
2011 Pee Wee Football A North Division Champions

Benefits of Holmdel Football Association, NJAYF, and AYF/C:

  • HFA is the ONLY youth football and cheer program in Holmdel that has been in existence for over 30 years.
  • HFA is the ONLY Holmdel organization who can TRULY boast a storied history including multiple National Cheerleading Championships, Regional Championships, and Jersey Shore Championships.
  • HFA is the ONLY Holmdel organization who can TRULY take claim to a storied football history including a team that participated in National Championships playoffs, Regional Championships, multiple Jersey Shore and Division Championships, and a National Invitational Mitey Mite Bowl.
  • HFA believes in building a strong community with the approximately 200 families that are a part of our organization.
  • HFA has a relationship with the Holmdel High School athletic program.
  • In 2011, our program had 7 football teams and 5 cheerleading squads.
  • AYF offers Spring Tackle football, football camps, and 7 on 7 off season leagues.
  • AYC allows the cheerleaders to participate in clinics during the offseason and HFA will be taking advantage of this!
  • Many of the HFA coaches have multiple years coaching experience.
  • In 2011, HFA changed our affiliation from Pop Warner to American Youth Football & Cheer along with 31 other Jersey Shore Associations forming NJAYF (New Jersey American Youth Football).
  • In 2012, NJAYF has grown to 40 associations.
  • NJAYF sent an 8th grade all-star team to Nationals this year – they were the underdog, but brought home the National Championship!
  • AYF/AYC has an All Star game in January and NJAYF accepted applications from each association and carefully selected a handful of football players and cheerleaders from the conference (NJAYF) to attend – an unforgettable experience for those boys and girls.
  • In 2011, NJAYF won a $10,000 grant from Kraft Foods for scoring highest in the “Huddle to Fight Hunger” challenge – HFA held canned food drives, bake sales, and volunteered at a local soup kitchen to help score points for our conference.  AYF/C believes in giving back to the community!
  • AYF&C Academic All-American honors all scholar athletes who have a 98% or higher grade point average.
  • HFA’s mission is to instill life-long values of teamwork, fair play, hard work and dedication both on and off the playing field while encouraging our participants to achieve academic excellence.
  • In 2011, HFA had one football player and one cheerleader named to the Scholar Team – a wonderful accomplishment.
Come Join the Holmdel Football Association and become part of the storied history that has defined Holmdel Football and Cheer for over thirty years.


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Holmdel Township Committee Meeting
Dear Holmdel Sports Community,   On Tuesday, July...
Equipment Handout Date/Times
Equipment Handouts will be morning of July 23rd. 9am - JRM 10am...
Modell's week for HFA!
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Get your orders in NOW for delivery by July 31st!
Football Parents,   We are pleased to announce that we...
Download report cards!
As the end of the school year is approaching, please remember to...
New Payment Plan for Registration
Registration is still open.  Final teams cannot be determined...
Holmdel Township Committee Meeting
Dear Holmdel Sports Community,
On Tuesday, July 26th, at 7 pm at the Holmdel Court House (4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ) , our Holmdel Township Committee will be holding an open meeting to discuss a proposal from the Holmdel Recreation Advisory Committee regarding improvements to the township sports facilities.   This is an exciting time for our youth sports community and an opportunity to lead our youth sports programs to new heights in the future. 
This development will not happen without your voice.   
Please come out and show your support for Holmdel youth sports next Tuesday, July 26th at 7 pm.

by posted 07/19/2016


All orders placed by today should be ready during the first week of August. 



by posted 07/15/2016
Equipment Handout Date/Times

Equipment Handouts will be morning of July 23rd.

9am - JRM
10am JPW
11am - MM 8&9
12pm - MM7
**Coaches should plan to be there during their respective team's allotted time.**
As well, Coaches should have their team moms present to collect paperwork:




  • Helmet and Equipment Waiver  - (click to open and print) - Please print, sign, date and bring to equipment handout. (Note: This waiver is not required for Flag Football participants.)

by posted 07/05/2016
Modell's week for HFA!

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by posted 07/03/2016

Get your orders in NOW for delivery by July 31st!

by posted 06/28/2016
Football Parents,
We are pleased to announce that we will be buying brand new game pants for all tackle teams this year.  This was made possible by the continued fundraising efforts over the last couple of years that have also allowed us to purchase new helmets, shoulder pads, cheer uniforms and numerous other items that our organization requires to provide our kids with the most up-to-date equipment.
As many of you know, the game pants that we have been using utilize "snaps" to attach hip pads and tail pads to the game pants.  Unfortunately, many of the game pants available today no longer offer the snaps.  As a result, you will need to purchase a "football girdle" for your child that includes both the hip and tail pads that slip on underneath the game pants.  We have provided a few options for you as an example of what is available.  Please note that while it is required that you buy a 3 piece girdle (2 hip pads and a tail pad), you may also buy a 5 piece girdle that includes the thigh pads, as well.
If you have any questions regarding the girdle, please do not hesitate to reach out to either Mike Tomasulo, Football Commissioner, or Joe Hernando, President.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you later in the summer!

by posted 06/23/2016
Download report cards!

As the end of the school year is approaching, please remember to DOWNLOAD your child's REPORT CARDS from the system (before it shuts down). We will need this included in paperwork for the start of the season in August.

Thank you!

by posted 06/17/2016
New Payment Plan for Registration
Registration is still open.  Final teams cannot be determined until we have a better idea of our registration numbers so please sign up as soon as possible.  To better serve our families, the Holmdel Football Association is now offering a payment plan option for registration.  See below for details:
1- The $50 family fee must be paid in full. 
2- The initial deposit for EACH participant registration is $100 (if you only have flag participants, you will not have an option of a payment plan; if  you have more than one participant in MM or higher levels, your initial deposit is $100 per participant, etc). This is due at the time of registration. 
3- The first installment is due on 6/15/2016 and final payment is due on 7/15/2016. They will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.  You will receive a reminder email about 7 days before your credit card is charged.  You will also be sent a link with the option to pay earlier. 
4- The first installment is 50% of the program registration ($75 for MM and $100 for all other levels).  The final payment will be the balance leftover- this amount will vary if you have multiple children in the program and receive registration discounts. 
5- The payment plan is the default option when you reach the payment page. You may elect to pay the initial installment, the first 2 installments or pay in full at that time.  There is a dropbox under "Units" that may be changed.  
6- The merchant will only accept Visa and Mastercard. Amex is no longer an option on our website for registrations that offer payment plans.  For all other registrations (poker night, rutgers tix, etc), we can continue to use paypal and take all credit cards. 
***In order to guarantee a personalized football jersey you must sign up by 6/27.***
What are you waiting for?? Register Today!

by posted 05/17/2016
Game Results
HFA Hall Of Champions
Holmdel Football Association
Championship Tradition


National Semi Finalist
2010 Pee Wee

Eastern Region Champions

2010 Pee Wee

East Region Semi - Finalist

2010 Jr. Pee Wee

JS Conference Champions

2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Pee Wee

JS Division Champions
2010 Jr Pee Wee
2011 Pee Wee
2012 Cadet


National Champions
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
National Finalist

2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets

Region Champions
2007 Jr. Pee Wee
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midgets
2010 Pee Wee
2011 Pee Wee

Eastern Region Finalists
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets

JS Conference Champions
2007 Pee Wee
2007 Midget
2009 Jr. Pee Wee
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midgets
2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets
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