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Welcome to the Outlaws's home on the web!

2013 Outlaws 7th Grade GHYLA Champions!

Our mission = promote and grow lacrosse in the Houston area through professional coaching, positive sportsmanship and sound leadership. We hope to attract players throughout Houston and those middle schools that traditionally feed students to Houston Christian High School. We recognize the potential to grow the sport in a positive way through experienced coaches, top-notch resources and outreach to the vast number of untapped schools in the area. 

The Outlaws program consists of Fall/Winter tournaments, followed by an emphasis on the GHYLA regular season. We realize the benefits of participation in multiple sports and will minimize the impact on player commitments to football, basketball or soccer. The team is coach run to maximize team and individual performance, developing the skills necessary to compete at the high school level and beyond. 


Field Status
ClearLake - Sylvan Park - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
CyFair - Spillane MS - Cypress OPEN (7/30) 
Firethorne - Katy OPEN (7/30) 
Houston Amateur SportsPk - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
Houston Christian HC Map - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
Kingwood - Kingwood OPEN (7/30) 
Klein - Windwood Church - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
South Campus - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
St. John's - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
The Colony 5 Star Park - The Colony OPEN (7/30) 
The Kinkaid School - Houston OPEN (7/30) 
Woodlands, SCFL Gullo Pk - The Woodlands OPEN (7/30) 
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