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Resgister NOW for the 2018 ISC Recreational Tournament!!!
2018 Irondequoit U15-U19 Recreational Tournament June 2-3,...
Irondequoit Soccer Tournament Winners
Congratulations to the winners!   GU11 Lakefront S.C....
2018 Recreational Soccer Program - Registration is OPEN!!
2018 Recreational Soccer Program   Welcome to the 2018...
Please review the Zero Tolerance Policy.
To help prevent physical assault and verbal abuse in the leagues...
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Resgister NOW for the 2018 ISC Recreational Tournament!!!

2018 Irondequoit U15-U19 Recreational Tournament

June 2-3, 2018

Camp Eastman & Bishop Kearney


U15 and U19 Boys, Girls & Co-ed teams are welcomed to visit Irondequoit the weekend of June 2nd & 3rd for our first U15-U19 Recreational Tournament.

Clubs or Town Recreation programs can combine teams as long as all players are Recreational players and all players have the same uniform. Boys and Girls team may play together as a co-ed team, and if there are enough teams we will establish a full co-ed division. If not enough for a co-ed division then all co-ed teams will play as Boys teams. Clubs/towns can get discounts for entering multiple teams, see below for further info...

Most games will be held on the newly installed grass turf fields at Camp Eastman on scenic Lakseshore Blvd.


4 game guarantee -

U19 Games will start at 2pm on Saturday June 2 to avoid conflict with students taking the SAT.

If you are interested in having a Friday night game on June 1 to spread out your schedule, please communicate that to Joe Barr.


$250/TEAM - payable via check or credit/debit card (during the registration process)




CLUB DISCOUNTS - $25 off each additional team registered

(Ex: 1st team - $250; 2nd team - $225; 3rd team - $200; 4th team - $175)


For more info contact: Joe Barr, Tournament Coordinator, 585-490-4908, joseph.barr200@gmail.com


Click here to register

by posted 05/17/2018
Irondequoit Soccer Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners!


GU11 Lakefront S.C. (13 points)

GU12A Spencerport 2-0 vs Pittsford Mustangs 2-0 (Spencerport)

GU12B Fairport SC vs ISC - Zeller 1-0 (Fairport)

GU13 Hilton Heat  vs ISC - Sklenar 1-0 (Hilton)

GU14 Penfield Strikers SC vs Victor SC 4-1 (Penfield)

GU15A Hilton Heat (12 points 3W 1 T)

GU15B Penfield Strikers vs Stormers SC 3-2 (Penfield)

GU16/17  Hilton Heat vs Irondequoit 2-0 (ISC)

GU 18/19 ISC - Foster vs Stormers 6-5 (ISC-Foster)



BU11 Dynamo vs ISC- Green 4-1 (Dynamo)

BU12A Penfield _Doherty (13 points)

BU12B Alliance Football Club vs Lakefront -Debrine 3-0 (Alliance)

BU13A Wayne Wings (16 points)

BU14 Gates Youth vs FC Dynamo 1-0 (Gates)

BU15 Spencerport SC (18 points)

BU16 ISC Sklenar vs Cobras  1-0 (ISC Sklenar)

BU17 Brockport vs Pittsford 8-0 (Brockport)

BU18/19 Lakefront -Borrelli vs ISC - Brickler 2-0 (ISC Brickler)


by posted 05/13/2018
2018 Recreational Soccer Program - Registration is OPEN!!
2018 Recreational Soccer Program
Welcome to the 2018 Recreational Soccer Program registration! We have another great season in store for our players, coaches and families. Our season starts in early May and lasts until mid-to-late July. Many of the great parts of our program remain the same, however there are several  updates to make you aware of:
Click here to see 2018 ISC Rec Soccer Flyer
*The Town of Irondequoit will open the New Fields at Camp Eastman for everyone's enjoyment this season. Nearly every age group will have considerable opportunity to play there on the newly built natural grass fields!
*A new Beginner program for our youngest players with no soccer experience is now available and will take place on Saturday mornings
*Our U6-U8-U10 programs will all be Irondequoit-based and will allow for children in those age ranges to play with friends in the same grade (for December birthdays)
*Our 10 & Under program is switching days to hold Girls on Monday/Wednesday and Boys on Tuesday/Thursday - all other age groups remain the same
*Our 10 & Under thru 19 & Under teams will each be wearing full uniforms from Capelli Sport that include matching shorts and socks to go with a jersey with a full color logo
*Our 6 & Under AND 8 & Under players will receive a size 3 soccer ball with their registration this season
*Our 15 & Under and 19 & Under teams will participate in a full-field recreational tournament held at Camp Eastman during the first weekend in June
Beginner - 2012-2014 - Saturday AM - $49
6 & Under - 2012-2013 - Saturday AM + a Tuesday or a Thursday - $99
8 & Under - 2010-2011 - Saturday AM + a Monday or a Wednesday - $150
10 & Under Boys - 2008-2009 - Tuesday + Thursday - $150
10 & Under Girls - 2008-2009 - Monday + Wednesday - $150
12 & Under Boys - 2006-2007 - Monday + Wednesday - $150
12 & Under Girls - 2006-2007 - Tuesday + Thursday - $150 
15 & Under Boys - 2003-2005 - Monday + Wednesday - $150
15 & Under Girls - 2003-2005 - Tuesday + Thursday - $150
19 & Under Boys - 1999-2002 - Monday + Wednesday - $160
19 & Under Girls - 1999-2002 - Tuesday + Thursday - $160
Open Registration lasts until February 16, 2018!
Questions or Concerns: Contact Josh Phillips585-957-2949ironsoccer@gmail.com



by posted 12/30/2017
Please review the Zero Tolerance Policy.
To help prevent physical assault and verbal abuse in the leagues and clubs within the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA, or Association); the Association has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. This policy applies to all coaches, players, parents, spectators and other supporters and referees effective immediately. Abusive and obscene language, violent play/conduct, fighting and other behavior (including, but not limited to sarcasm, taunting, etc.) deemed detrimental to the game between the above mentioned groups will not be tolerated. The ultimate responsibility for the actions of coaches, players and spectators resides with the member clubs.
It is the responsibility of the coaches to provide referee support and spectator control, and it is the responsibility of the member clubs to provide instructions to their coaches on how they are expected to carry this out. This policy applies before, during and after the game at the soccer field and its immediate surrounding areas.

Click here to review the Zero Tolerance Policy (NYSWYSA version) for all ISC Players, Coaches, and match spectators.

Click here to review the Zero Tolerance Policy (RDYSL version) specifically for all Travel Players, Coaches, Managers, and travel match spectators.

by posted 02/20/2011
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If you just want to be added to our database to be notified of future registrations, with your name and email address.

by posted 09/01/2010
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BK Summer Camp - ISC discount!
July 23rd through July 26th                 8:30am to 12pm each day
Bishop Kearney High School                125 Kings Highway South              Rochester, NY 14617
ALL players from 5th – 8th Grade
$150 per player
Special Rates:
Discounts of $25 for registered Irondequoit Soccer Club player
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