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Welcome to Altitude Baseball
Altitude Baseball League
Altitude Baseball League - (ABL) and formerly Jefferson County Junior Baseball, proudly provides youth baseball for approximately 1,800 children and their families thru its member areas.  Thank you to all the Coaches, Managers, and Families who helped make 2014 a very successful year for the kids of ABL.  Looking forward to 2015!

Altitude is now taking applications for new areas looking to "Reach New Heights" in organized youth baseball.  Contact any board member for additional information.

Altitude was founded in 1945 and is represented by 8 affiliated areas in and around the Denver Metro Area.

Vision  Statement
To  provide a highly  organized  baseball  league  for  the  youth  within our individual  member  areas,  which   achieves excellence  in competitive youth  baseball,  enhances  personal  and   physical  skill  development,  and embraces  the core  values  of  serving  the families in each  of  Altitude's respective  communities.   

Mission  Statement
It  is  the  mission  of  the  Altitude  Baseball  League  to  provide  youth,   who  are  interested  in  baseball,  the opportunity  to  dream  and succeed.  Altitude Baseball  will   provide  guidance  and  direction  that  allows  our players  to  develop  and  strengthen   the  fundamental physical  and  mental  skills  associated  with  the  game  of baseball.   Furthermore,  Altitude Baseball  will  also  strive  to  develop  and strengthen  the  virtues  of   respect, sportsmanship,  competitiveness,  teamwork,  and  good  work  ethic  while  keeping  baseball  fun  for the  players and  their  families  to  help  achieve  its  mission.  
Field Status
Vikan MS Ron Cox - Brighton OPEN (9/1) 
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