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Please confirm your spot on Jets with me ASAP!!! See home page!

by posted 11/30/2016
Jets Pink and Black summer 2017 Teams Annouced!!!!

Jets Pink(18/19) and Jets Black(19/20),

Congrats on making the Jets Club for the summer 2017 season!!!!

The Jets Pink Roster is kept smaller to enable lots of playing/show time for our girls that are looking to play at the next level.

Our Jets Black roster is a little larger than we normally carry, this is because we are in a transition period moving from a summer/fall season to a fall/summer season.  It will get smaller for the 2017 Fall, 2018 Summer season when we fully transition. 

At the conclusion of the 2017 summer season (4 tournaments) we will be having tryouts again in the August 2017 timeframe to select the 2017/18 fall/summer teams(approximately 8 tournaments a team).  Our 2018 girls will not play a formal fall tournament season.  We will try to get those that want to play into small 7v7 type tournaments at schools they could be interested in attending.

We will begin practices at the conclusion of the High School season about mid May.  We will practice 4 days a week until we start tournaments in June, we will then go to 3 practices a week.  We will have 4 tournaments in June and then the summer season ends.  I will be updating the schedules next week and will let everyone know when the draft schedule is posted.

Cost for Jets Pink and Black will be $400 for the 2017 summer season.  This includes uniform, tournament and all other club fees.  Dues will not be due until mid-December.

If you agree to the above please send me an email confirming that you will accept your spot on the team.  If you have any other questions please shoot me an email.

If you did not make a team please shoot me an email and I will let you know what you need to work on that could help you make the Jets in August.

Thanks to all that tried out…..GO JETS!!!!

Contact Coach Mac at -

Jets Pink(18/19)  Coaches Jeff Worcester,  Rachel Frank and Jessie Worcester

Hanna Ash 19 D Huntingtown
Allison Brown 18 M Ryken
Abby Burke 19 M Ryken
Emma Davis 18 A Leonardtown
Aryn Dorr 18 GK Huntingtown
Emma Fisher 19 A Ryken
Isabella Lehr 18 A Chopticon
Teresa Matthias 18 M Ryken
Lauren Mattingly 19 D Leonardtown
McKinley Muldoon 18 M Ryken
Haley Newton 18 D Leonardtown
Kea Nicosia 18 M Huntingtown
Abbie Pike 19 A Huntingtown
Hunter Rosenthal 18 D Leonardtown
Marlee Scott 19 M Leonardtown
Hope Smith 18 D Calvert
Suzy Smith 19 A Huntingtown
Arianna  Soffos 19 A Calvert
Alex Wettengel 19 D Ryken
Hannah Wolfe 18 M Leonardtown


Jets Black(19/20) Coaches Ken McIlhenny, Shannon Bonnel and Lauren Feusahrens

Hayley Battles 20 M Huntingtown
Aileen Campbell 19 D Huntingtown
Delaney Clime 20 D Huntingtown
Drew Figueiras 20 D Ryken
Megan Forrest 20 D Patuxent
Kelly Jane Garrison 20 D Leonardtown
Cassie Kuntz 19 A Leonardtown
Mia Kwiatdoski 20 M Calvert
Grace Leget 19 M Leonardtown
Riley Love 19 A Ryken
Emily Massiglia 20 A Ryken
Madison McCarthy 20 A Leonardtown
Billie Jean McKee 19 M Calvert
Kat  Mcurdy 19 GK Leonardtown
Kellyn Murphy 19 D Ryken
Kamryn Muschette 20 M Calvert
Taylor Nicholson 20 M Huntingtown
Katelynn Perrotta 20 A N/A
Shannon Smith 19 D Leonardtown
Chloe South 19 D Patuxent
Laruen Standish 19 GK Ryken
Grace Tennyson 20 M Ryken
Allison Thompson 20 D/M Ryken
Careligh Wood 19 D/M Ryken
Lexi Zeruto 20 A/M Huntingtown

by posted 11/18/2016
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