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2015 LaGrange Little League


CP3 Strong


Dear LaGrange Baseball/Softball Community,

Last week one of our baseball all-star players, Charlie Peyton (CP3), had a pool accident.  CP3 was very fortunate that he was NOT permanently paralyzed but he did have to be airlifted to Westchester Medical Center where neurosurgeons performed spinal fusion surgery on his C1 and C2 vertebrae.  He also suffered multiple fractures on his C3-C7 vertebrae which will force him to wear a hard neck brace until they healed.  As you can imagine the cost of his hospital stay will be great.  Many people have asked how they can help.  LaGrange Baseball, other local little league organizations, as well as the Hit and Run Highlanders are getting together to raise money to offset some of medical cost in the hope that Charlie can someday play baseball again.  If you wish to assist, you can go to and donate what you can.


Hudson Valley Sports Report Article:

You Caring Donation Site:


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Field Status
Field 1 - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Field 2 - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Field 3 - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Jr./Sr. Field - Lagrangeville OPEN (7/31) 
Lions Field - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Lower Tymor Park - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Lynn Bennett - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
MacGhee Field - Poughkeepsie TBD (7/31) 
McCluskey Field - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
Stringham Park - Lagrangeville TBD (7/31) 
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