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Welcome to our website.  This site has registration and sponsorship forms, the most current schedules, directions to travel games, general updates and actions of the LHYL Board. 

Please feel free to  if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


The Spring season of 2016 will be our 11th year
offering opportunities to play the fastest sport on two feet

for the following groups:
Boys youth (2nd - 8th grade)
Girls youth (2nd - 8th grade)

Boys high school club
Girls high school club
and iLax, our developmental program. 

This past summer we hosted our
6th year of Northwest Corner Summer Men's Lacrosse for high school and older players
4th year of 30-and-up Northwest Corner Summer Men's Lacrosse for the "older" crowd 
and 2nd year of Northwest Corner Summer Women's Lacrosse.



LHYL * PO Box 884 * Litchfield, CT * 06759

we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

** Join our Facebook page here **



Registration for the 2016 season will be closing soon. 

Have questions about the upcoming season?



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Boys Wednesday night summer clinics
Coach Paul Cerone will again be hosting summer clinics for boys players...
Under The Lights H.S. game
Next Friday, May 27, is the third annual 'Under The Lights'...
CONNY message
LHYL players, parents, and friends, John Long and I...
Camps / summer lax
For those parents/players looking for opportunities this...
Save The Date - 2016 picnic
LHYL Members, Save The Date - This year’s annual league...
WMS Boys' & Girls' Lax Camps!
Washington Montessori, a great friend of Litchfield Hills Youth Lacrosse,...
LHYL members & friends, I know it’s hard to believe,...
BOYS Rules changes - 2016
Just a note / reminder about new boys rules this season.   Boys...
US Lacrosse representatives have reached an agreement with the Sports...
Boys Wednesday night summer clinics

Coach Paul Cerone will again be hosting summer clinics for boys players at the Bantam field.  Wednesday nights from 5:00-6:00, starting June 22 and going until July 13. Sessions are $10/night (can't beat that!) 

** Please fill in the form linked below ASAP if you are interested in your player attending any of the sessions so we can get an idea on numbers:


​Litchfield Hills Youth Lacrosse

by posted 05/23/2016
Under The Lights H.S. game
Next Friday, May 27, is the third annual 'Under The Lights' boys high school game! 8:00PM game time at Bantam field. Hills vs Wamogo.
Prior to that game will be an exhibition game with 7th and 8th graders from Hills along with 9th graders from Hills and Wamogo.
Pack up the family and some chairs and come enjoy a great night with great people! The last 2 years we had a big turnouts and we hope to repeat that this year. and no ambulance rides!!
LHYL will have the merchandise table set up as well as have snacks and drinks for sale.
Many of the high school players from both teams have come up through the Litchfield Hills youth program.
Come, enjoy the fun and watch the last ever high school lacrosse game for the Seniors.
LHYL: Tanner Grabowski, Matt Hallock, Steele Moran, and Joe Sabella
Wamogo: Logan King
Special thanks for putting this together goes to the LHYL Board of Directors and volunteers, Daniel "Boomer" Parsons and the Bantam Civic Association, LHYL coach Jason Webster, Wamogo coach Paul Cerone, Wamogo Athletic Director John Threlfall, the players and coaches of both teams and ALL of the parents and families.

by posted 05/21/2016
CONNY message

LHYL players, parents, and friends,

John Long and I thought it would be a good idea to pass on the message below from the CONNY president that all the CONNY programs received yesterday.

We believe that, as an organization, LHYL representatives and coaches exemplify this primary goal, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded once in a while.   Additionally, it is extremely comforting to know that as a coach or program representative we don't have to worry about our parents on the sidelines.

We want to thank our coaches, Board members and volunteers as always for all of their hard work and dedication and all of our parents for their support!

Go Hills! 



CONNY Members,

Our season is coming to a close, and most of your teams will be playing their final games over the next few weeks (many of these against long-time rivals), and then joining us at the CONNY tournament.  In light of that, I wanted to reach out to all of you with a simple message and a request.

I woke up this morning to yet another series of e-mails detailing two separate incidents.  The details aren’t important—in both cases either coaches and/or parents were making bad decisions and setting bad examples for the kids.   We will deal with these and move on.  Unfortunately, this has become a regular occurrence—every week we have two or three similar incidents.  I realize in a league with 50+ programs, 550 teams and more than 15,000 players we are going to have occasional issues.   However, I am concerned that we have lost sight of our mission.

The vast majority of the issues we have are not with our young athletes.  That is impressive, given that we are talking about 8-14 year olds who lack the maturity and perspective that we as adults are supposed to have, and yet they are showing themselves to be respectful and honorable all while participating in a difficult, physical sport.  We should all be proud of these young men and women.

Our issues center around the adults—parents and coaches—who have lost control of their emotions, and who have lost all sense of what we are trying to accomplish.  We all need to take a collective deep breath.  The children in our programs deserve to enjoy their sport without being interrupted by a coach screaming at another coach or an official.  They should be able to play their games without worrying about which parent or parents are going to berate and nearly physically attack an official after a game.  They deserve to have fun.  

Our primary goal should be to ensure that our athletes are able to enjoy themselves playing a game they love in a safe, nurturing environment.  Along the way they will learn valuable life lessons about being part of a team, dealing with adversity, and displaying good sportsmanship in both winning and losing.  They will develop confidence as their skills and athleticism improve—confidence that can help them in the classroom and will hopefully allow them to make good decisions when they face the inevitable peer pressure as they move into high school.   Our goal is not to win every game, or to develop the next collegiate all-americans.  If either occurs along the way, we should be grateful, but we should never lose site of the key purpose of youth sports or sacrifice our values in an attempt to manufacture those results. 

How we as programs respond to incidents sends a message to the rest of the organization about our values.   If we allow a coach leeway even though he can’t control himself on the sidelines of a U11 game because “he’s just a little intense but he’s a good guy”, we are condoning his behavior.  Parents and players take their cues from the coach, as he is a leadership figure, and soon we are in a downward spiral.  Or if we don’t deal with the parents who feel it is their right to stand on the sidelines and scream at officials and opposing players, we are tacitly supporting that behavior and creating an environment where the focus is on the result of the games and the perceived calls instead of on the players themselves.  

As we near the end of the season, the perceived pressure to win increases.   This carries into the CONNY tournament as well.  I need you all to reach out to your coaches and parents to remind them all what our core values are as programs, and that the examples we set as adults will matter far more to our players in the long run than any win or loss ever could.  I hope you will support me in this effort.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss them in more detail with you.


Andrew Barnard


by posted 05/20/2016
Camps / summer lax

For those parents/players looking for opportunities this summer for lacrosse, we will be keeping our "Camps/Summer Lax" page up to date and add camps as we receive info.

Check the page HERE or go to the "Camps / Summer Lax" link from our home page.



by posted 05/12/2016
Save The Date - 2016 picnic

LHYL Members,

Save The Date - This year’s annual league picnic will be on Sunday, June 26, 11AM - 1:30PM, at Bantam field. Details coming soon.


by posted 05/08/2016
WMS Boys' & Girls' Lax Camps!

Washington Montessori, a great friend of Litchfield Hills Youth Lacrosse, will once again offer summer lacrosse camps for both boys and girls, ages 7-10.  The camps will be held at WMS and will be run by experienced LHYL coaches Mike Marich (boys) and Scott D'Amico (girls).  The camps will run on the following days:

Boy's Lacrosse - June 27th to July 1st, 9:00-12:00 daily.
Girl's Lacrosse - July 11th to July 15th, 9:00-12:00 daily.

For more information, please go to or call WMS at 860-868-0551.

by posted 05/01/2016

LHYL members & friends,

I know it’s hard to believe, it feels like Spring just started, but NWC summer ball is just weeks away!!

We will again be offering 3 programs for summer lacrosse for upcoming 9th graders and older. (see note at bottom for younger players)

Registration is NOW OPEN for NWC (NorthWest Corner) Summer Lacrosse.

Registration and payment are required before stepping on the field.


Three groups:

NWC Men's High School and up - for incoming freshmen and older (Under 30) - on Tuesday nights.

NWC Men’s 30+ League – 30 and older - on Wednesday nights - less "intense" for us older guys.

NWC Women’s High School and up - for incoming freshmen and older - on Thursday nights.


All groups are "pick-up" style, there are no coaches. Players show up, we throw sticks in a pile and split into two teams and play!

If we get a lot of players in a particular group, we go into 3 teams and do round-robin - 3 shorter games.

Games have referees and rep’s from LHYL are on hand to supervise.

Registration fee covers insurance, fields, paint, balls, referees, and custom NWC reversible pinnies (optional shorts are available for men this year too!).

We go for 7 weeks with make-ups for rain-outs.

For starts, we are looking at:

“Old Men's" league starting on Wed, June 8

Men’s High School+ will start on MONDAY, June 13 (Tuesdays after that).

Women’s starting on Thurs, June 16. 

Men’s games are played at Bantam Civic Association field on Route 209 in Bantam, 6:15PM starts.

Women’s games are played at Morris Town Beach field, on East Shore Road in Morris, 6:15PM starts.

Goalies are always desperately needed.  Any and all goalies interested in playing and in a free registration should contact Jeff Porter.  Contact info below.

OPTIONAL SHORTS: For men; Matching shorts are available this year, $40. Orders must be in by May 18. Opting in will be part of U30 registration if registered by May 18.  

Note:  These are not “elite” leagues playing other clubs, nor instructional clinics.  They are designed as friendly, for-fun, summer games for rising high school athletes, college kids and adults of any skill level to have some fun, get a good workout in, and keep lax skills sharp.  A referee will strictly enforce rules, particularly prohibiting "take-out" checks, unnecessary roughness, etc.  Such activities will result in immediate expulsion from the program. All players must be in proper, legal equipment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Men’s: 860-483-0046

Women’s: 860-919-7883


NOTE: For younger boy players, incoming 8th graders and below, Coach Paul Cerone will again be doing the Wed night clinics at Bantam field. Details will be coming.



by posted 04/27/2016
BOYS Rules changes - 2016

Just a note / reminder about new boys rules this season.


Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes - 2016


Shooting strings are only allowed within the top 4" of the head (does not apply to goalkeepers).  No more U's, no V's....

Currently, the head of the crosse at its widest point shall measure between 6½ and 10 inches, inside measurement, at the top and the bottom of the wall. There shall be one crosse 10 to 12 inches, inside measurement at its widest point, at the top and bottom of the wall. This crosse shall be used by the required designated goalkeeper. The walls of any crosse shall not be more than 2 inches high. 

** Starting in 2018 - Heads must conform to NCAA specs - see link below to NFHS page for specifics.

Tape rings:  Tape rings on shaft cannot be greater than 3.5” circumference nor be more than 3 inches from the butt end.

Face-Off: Procedure has changed.

Ball will be placed between players' heads after they are down.

A violation will be called if a player picks up and carries the ball on the back of his stick. It is legal to clamp the ball with the back of the stick, but it must be moved, raked or directed immediately. Immediately is defined as within one step.

NEW Tape rule : A single-wrap of tape must be applied to the handle of the crosse for any player taking a face-off. The tape is to begin (but not be touching) the plastic at the throat of the crosse and continuing six inches down the handle. Tape must be of contrasting color to the head, gloves, and shaft.

NEW Over-and-Back rule :

Once the ball has been successfully advanced into the goal area, a team is provided the opportunity to run its offense in its offensive half of the field. If the offensive team carries, passes or propels the ball to its defensive half of the field and the offensive team was last in possession, and last touched the ball (except on shot), the result will be an immediate a turnover or play-on. If the ball does not touch or go over the centerline, no infraction has occurred. Players may legally bat the ball to keep it in the offensive half of the field, but if it is possessed and their feet are in the defensive half, it shall be a turnover.

Full text:


by posted 03/09/2016

US Lacrosse representatives have reached an agreement with the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) to delay implementation of the new standard for women’s lacrosse eyewear until January 1, 2017. Until that date, both the current standard for women’s eyewear, ASTM F803, and the new standard passed in 2014, F3077, will be legal for all levels of play governed by US Lacrosse rules.

Follow link for approved eyewear Listing at

by posted 02/24/2016
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