A rowing club for students of Moorestown High School
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Moorestown Crew
Moorestown Crew is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is parent-sponsored to provide training and competition in the sport of rowing for students of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, we are only able to serve students from Moorestown High School with our fall and spring racing teams. Our summer programs are open to everyone.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that all Moorestown High School students who are interested in rowing with us have the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.  Anyone who wishes to row but feels the cost of doing so would be a financial hardship should contact the club's treasurer

MRC, PO Box 184, Moorestown, NJ 08057

All information, logo, promotional items and content of the www.moorestowncrew.org website are the property of Moorestown Rowing Club and are not to be duplicated or used without the express permission of the Moorestown Rowing Club
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Reminder for Today
Team, Just a reminder that EVERYONE has something to do for practice...
Monday plan
Team, As promised, here is a stand-alone email outlining...
Stotesbury update
Team - Our trailer is in the lot next to the St. Joe's boathouse...
Stotes Weigh-in's
Lightweights, The girls in the Light 8+, boys in the Light...
Stotesbury info
What do you have if you take the Dad Vail regatta and add 135 to...
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Reminder for Today


Just a reminder that EVERYONE has something to do for practice today.

All varsity kids and the girls in the Frosh 8+ are coming to the boathouse first session. If you're not done rowing yet, you'll rig and practice. If you are done rowing you'll clean up and get everything packed away.

At 5:30, the rest of the novice team is to report to the erg room. You will clean up the erg room.

Anyone who got an erg - You were notified - Is to pick it up between 5:30 and 7:00 tonight from the erg room.


Coach Rich

by posted 05/23/2016
Monday plan


As promised, here is a stand-alone email outlining the plan for Monday:

At 3:30, all varsity team members AND the girls in the Freshman 8 are to report to the boathouse. Crews who have qualified for invitational championships (boys JV8 & light 4, girls light 8 and frosh 8) will rig and get in a row. Those who are done rowing will unload the trailer, clean it out, straighten up the boathouse, wash and rig the boats, and get everything stored away. This should be done by 5:30.

At 5:30, novices (excluding the girls in the freshman 8) are to report to the erg room. You will clean up the room, pull the mats, and store everything away neatly. This should be done by 7:00.

Anyone who got an erg MUST pick it up from the erg room between 5:30 and 7:00.


Coach Rich

by posted 05/19/2016
Stotesbury update

Team - Our trailer is in the lot next to the St. Joe's boathouse and our tent is in spot #7, just downriver from the St. Joe's boathouse. See you tomorrow. Coach Rich

by posted 05/19/2016
Stotes Weigh-in's


The girls in the Light 8+, boys in the Light 4+, and your coxswains, will meet up at the Athletes Village by the Three Angels Statues at 4pm on Thursday to weigh-in. This year there is a tent dedicated to weigh-in's in that general area.

Everyone (including Coxswains) will need to be in their unsuits (the ones you will be racing in) with a PHOTO ID. Coxswains don't have to step on the scale, but you must accompany your crew. Girls must be under 130 and boys must be under 150. This is unchanged from our regular season, so I don't foresee any problems.

If you don't know where I mean to meet - This area is right where the road closure either begins or ends, depending on your direction of travel. If you're driving TOWARDS Boathouse Row from the FINISH LINE, it's at the end of the road closure between Kelly Drive and the river.

See you at practice tomorrow.

Coach Rich


by posted 05/16/2016
Stotesbury info

What do you have if you take the Dad Vail regatta and add 135 to twice the number of entries? If you guessed Stotesbury, then you're correct. This year the Stotesbury Cup Regatta has 991 boats entered - It's long been the largest high school regatta in the country and this is the biggest yet.

With nearly a thousand entries coming from 192 different teams, you can imagine how we view this as the pinnacle of our season. While some crews have qualified to row on at Nationals, many of you will race for the last time next weekend. Your coaches have been preparing you for this race since the first day of practice on January 9th and we're excited to see how you can do against the competition.

In years past we've been invited to park our trailer in the "normal" spot by the St. Joe's boathouse and I expect that will continue this year. Most of the teams park their trailers by the Three Angles statues way down past the finish line and then have to wait in line to launch. Our spot is advantageous because the line will never be as long so you won't be standing around holding a boat for 40+ minutes.

The schedule is below. I don't expect much change to occur, but if I'm wrong I'll communicate changes to you as soon as I'm made aware of them.

There are no Novice boats at all in Stotesbury. There are no Frosh 4s either. This doesn't matter to the boys as they have only a Frosh 8, but it does matter to the girls. We have broken up your Novice 8 and placed people in different events to try and get as many people a chance to row. Three of you are competing with five Varsity girls in the JV8 - You know who you are as you've been coming to first shift practices. The girls who have been rowing in the 4 during second shift are entered as a JV4+ for Friday.

All of our races begin with a head race on Friday. While some semi-finals are Friday afternoon, most of them take place on Saturday morning. Finals are all on Saturday afternoon.

The number of entries in each event dictate whether there are two or three heats of semi-finals. The only event we're entered in with a two-heat semi-final is the Girls Light 8. The other boats will qualify the top 18 to move on and then the top 2 from each semi-final make finals. The Girls Light 8 qualify the top 12 and then the top 3 from each semi-final makes finals.

Wednesday is our final practice. We will row and load the trailer at this time. On Thursday, the lightweights will report to the Schuylkill to weigh in. More details will be provided in the coming days on the time, location, etc. of weigh ins.

Here's the race schedule:

Friday, May 20
8:16 Boys Frosh 8
8:59 Girls Frosh 8
9:29 Boys JV4
9:55 Girls JV4
10:55 Girls JV8
11:15 Boys JV8
11:56 Girls Light 8 (top 12)
12:32 Boys Light 4
3:35 Girls V8
3:51 Boys V8

4:20 Boys Frosh 8
4:56 Girls Frosh 8
5:25 Boys JV4
5:40 Girls JV4

Saturday, May 21
8:00 Girls JV8
8:15 Boys JV8
8:50 Girls Light 8
9:00 Boys Light 4
11:30 Girls V8
11:45 Boys V8

1:00 Boys Frosh 8
1:17 Girls Frosh 8
1:34 Boys JV4
1:43 Girls JV4
2:26 Girls JV8
2:35 Boys JV8
3:02 Girls Light 8
3:20 Boys Light 4
5:16 Boys V8 Petite Final
5:22 Boys V8 Grand Final
5:31 Girls V8 Petite Final
5:37 Girls V8 Grand Final

Finally, today marks the 7 year anniversary of our Boys Lightweight 8+ winning Stotesbury with a furious come-from-behind final push through St. Joe's Prep. Yesterday was 6 years since our Girls JV4+ took second and our Girls Lightweight 8+ took sixth. Let's bring 100% focus and dedication this week and make our final push to Stotesbury glory.

See you at the river.

Coach Rich

by posted 05/16/2016
MRC Event Calendar

posted 01/05/2014
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