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What inspired you to go to your first rowing practice; was there anything memorable about it?  

My mom encouraged me to go to my first rowing practice in high school because I was tall and strong, and I ended up rowing for Moorestown Rowing Club for four years. We erged out of a teammate's garage in the winter, and the boats were kept outside all year, inside a barbed wire fence. Now, they have a beautiful boathouse; they've also come a long way in recent years.


Moorestown Crew is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is parent-sponsored to provide training and competition in the sport of rowing for students of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey. Unfortunately, we are only able to serve students from Moorestown High School with our fall and spring racing teams. Our summer programs are open to everyone.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that all Moorestown High School students who are interested in rowing with us have the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.  Anyone who wishes to row but feels the cost of doing so would be a financial hardship should contact the club's

MRC, PO Box 184, Moorestown, NJ 08057

All information, logo, promotional items and content of the www.moorestowncrew.org website are the property of Moorestown Rowing Club and are not to be duplicated or used without the express permission of the Moorestown Rowing Club
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Flick 2 info
Greetings Team,   This Sunday’s Flick 2 is set to...

Team, Below is the list of athletes who still need to complete...
PSRA Waivers
Team, For the second consecutive year, the Philadelphia Scholastic...
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Flick 2 info

Greetings Team,


This Sunday’s Flick 2 is set to become our first race of the season. It looks there’s about a 30% chance of rain throughout the day. While that may slow the races down, it wont stop us. The winds aren’t forecast to be too bad and there’s no thunder indicated so we should be good.


To the novices and their parents who haven’t yet been to the Schuylkill River for a race - Read below the schedule for venue information…It’s probably not what you expect.


For those who have been there before, our trailer will be in its normal spot up by the St. Joe’s Boathouse. The Temple Boathouse, that dump you’ve been looking at just upriver at the other end of the parking lot, has been completely renovated so there should be considerably less construction equipment hanging around. It’s also considerably less dumpy.


While it will be in the mid to high 40s, expect the rain to make it feel MUCH colder. Please come prepared.


Lightweights DO NOT have to weigh in this week - That begins at Flick 3.


You will be required to meet at the trailer 2 hours prior to your scheduled race time, which you will find below. Be sure to have everything you need, and don’t show up to the trailer hungry or thirsty - Visit the tent prior to the 2-hour window.


Your coaches will review boat lineups either today or tomorrow. Please be sure you know which crew you are racing with, as I’m not 100% informed of changes that your coach may have in mind. If you don’t know, contact your coach directly.


Here’s the schedule. I have listed the time your race is scheduled to go off. You must arrive at the trailer 2 hours before the below listed time.


9:48 - Boys Frosh 4+

9:54 - Girls Nov 8+

12:48 - Girls JV 8+

1:36 - Girls Light 4+

2:18 - Boys Light 8+

2:36 - Boys 2nd 8+

3:42 - Girls V4+

4:42 - Boys V8+


Here’s the novice information…


Congratulations for making it to racing season! If Sunday is set to be your first race ever, just relax. You’re going to have butterflies and be nervous, but your coach wouldn’t put you out there if you weren’t prepared to do well. If you’re not yet racing, soak up everything around you so that you will be less nervous next week when you get a shot.


The course is upriver from Boathouse Row. The finish line is a mile or so upriver and the starting line is 1,500M upriver from that. The finish line is at the grandstands, just down from the island. If none of this makes any sense, you’ll see what I mean on Sunday.


A large portion of Kelly Drive will be shut down on Sunday. You will not want to attempt to access the venue driving upriver from the city. Directions from Moorestown can be found here: https://leagueathletics.com/Facility.asp?ID=7395&org=MOORESTOWNCREW.ORG


Your kids will have to report to the boat trailer in the parking lot between the St. Joe’s Boathouse and the Temple Boathouse. For clarification, the St. Joe’s Boathouse houses both the university and the high school. The Temple Boathouse is sometimes referred to as the Canoe Club. In any event, there’s only one parking lot full of trailers in this area so there should be no confusion.


Just downriver from the trailer are the parents tents. Ours is bright yellow and clearly marked. Your kids are welcomed to hang out at the tent at any time - Unless they are required to be at the trailer.


The boats get to the venue on a gigantic trailer. Once there, they have to be reassembled. The coaches will talk to the kids, get them warmed up, bring their oars down, and get on the water during this time. It’s essential that everyone is on time. Once the kids get back, they have to break down their boat, load it back on the trailer, load their oars, and talk to their coach. They will be dismissed by their coaches once everything is done. No coach has ever held kids longer than they have to - Please be patient and don’t expect to leave early. The crew will be together until everything is complete.


Parents, enjoy your time at the tent. Talk to the varsity parents and absorb as much information as you can. There are CLEARLY facts that I’m forgetting to include in this email. The varsity parents have been doing this for a while and can answer most, if not all, of your questions.


Rowers, relax and prepare to shine on Sunday. This is what you’ve been erging and training for over the past several weeks. Everyone on the river has a “first race” under their belts and they all continue to come back week after week, year after year. It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll love it.


See you at the river.

Coach Rich


by posted 03/24/2017


Below is the list of athletes who still need to complete their waiver. The instructions are here as well. When all of the novice boys are competing there may be additional kids who remain non-compliant. I've spoken to you regarding this already. I will be in contact with you directly when I need you to login and complete this.


Coach Rich

  1. Go to https://waivers.regattacentral.com/PSRA2017
  2. Search for your club/team
  3. Enter the athlete’s last name and birthdate
  4. Select your athlete record and select ‘Next’
    • NOTE: If your record is not found, it is likely that the last name and/or birthdate do not match the information on your team’s roster. Contact your club administrator to ensure your record is listed and the information is correct.
  5. Follow the steps to complete the waiver


















































by posted 03/22/2017
PSRA Waivers


For the second consecutive year, the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association is requiring that all of you complete an online waiver.

The directions, supplied by the PSRA, are pasted below. All varsity athletes and novice girls are in the system. There may be a novice boy or two missing - Shoot me an email and I'll get you in there if you're not found.

Thanks for taking care of this in a timely manner. This isn't a weekly thing - You will be covered through the Flicks and City's by completing this waiver. We may have additional waivers for Garden States, Cooper Cup, Stotesbury, and SRAA but this is it for now.

Coach Rich

  • Go to https://waivers.regattacentral.com/PSRA2017
  • Search for your club/team
  • Enter the athlete’s last name and birthdate
  • Select your athlete record and select ‘Next’
    • NOTE: If your record is not found, it is likely that the last name and/or birthdate do not match the information on your team’s roster. Contact your club administrator to ensure your record is listed and the information is correct.
  • Follow the steps to complete the waiver

by posted 03/15/2017
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