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Spirit Wear Featuring New Logo Available for Order
Blaze SC Spirit Wear is now available! Black T-Shirts, Grey T-Shirts,...

by posted 07/24/2015

by posted 07/24/2015

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by posted 05/09/2015
Spirit Wear Featuring New Logo Available for Order

Blaze SC Spirit Wear is now available!

Black T-Shirts, Grey T-Shirts, Grey Long Sleeve Shirts, and Black Hoodies featuring our new Logo can be ordered under the spirit wear tab.



by posted 10/19/2014
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Anyone interested in coaching a Blaze team should complete the coaches application form and email it to our President Oz Bakirdan at

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Juggle Club
Player  Juggle Amount Team Level
Mustafa B 2809 U13 Red Red & Black
Lauren D 1234 U12 Girls Red & Black
Hannah M 1039 U12 Girls Red & Black
Jordan A 551 U13 Red Red & White
Kenzie M 547 U12 Girls Red & White
Joe C 520 U9 Boys Red & White
Michael T 503 U13 Red Red & White
Wesley G 503 U13 Red Red & White
Landon R 502 U9 Boys Red & White
Tori L 427 U12 Girls Black & White
Justice N 369 U11 Boys Black & White
Dae Chon P 327 U13 Red Black & White
Lucas F 316 U13 Red Black & White
Blake G 264 U13 Red Black & White
Christian B 254 U13 White Black & White
Emmy N 207 U12 Girls Black & White
Emma G 205 U12 Girls Black & White
Grant S 189 U9 Boys Red
Caiden M 164 U13 Red Red
Sam R 152 U9 Boys Red
Andrew M 141 U9 Boys Red
Gabriel P 135 U9 Boys Red
Hailey P 121 U12 Girls Red
Riley L 120 U10 Boys Red
Liam M 119 U13 White Red
Tyler K 113 U9 Boys Red
Presley D 109 U12 Girls Red
Adam P 107 U13 Red Red
Cooper W 107 U13 Red Red
Justin H 103 U12 Boys Red
Alex L 102 U12 Boys Red
Maxius M 101 U12 Boys Red
Natalya U 101 U12 Girls Red
Austin D 100 U12 Boys Red
Camdyn M 100 U12 Boys Red
Dylan N 80 U8 Co-ed Black
Ian M 72 U10 Boys Black
Payton R 47 U9 Boys White
Charlie W 44 U12 Boys White
Erin N 41 U15 Girls White
Finn D 37 U12 Boys White
Mason N 37 U13 White White
Macey D 36 U12 Girls White
Parker S 32 U12 Boys White
Alexis W 32 U12 Girls White
Lucas M 31 U13 White White
Tess C 30 U12 Girls White
Danielle L 30 U12 Girls White
River R 29 U13 White White
Sox S 27 U10 Boys White
Carson H 27 U10 Boys White
Ethan G 26 U10 Boys White
Quinn H 26 U9 Boys White
Daniel H 24 U9 Boys  
Keegan I 20 U9 Boys  
Eric N 20 U9 Boys