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NIHA Holiday Food Drive! REMINDER

Ho All! Danny has received numerous questions surrounding the name of our food drive, "Lemonade for the Holidays"... here is the scoop straight from Coach Hall.. 



“Lemonade for the Holidays”


Tired of the packed parking lot on Fundamentals in Action night at the rink?  We all are.  The success of the Fundamentals program is sort of a mixed bag.  It’s proven to be great for the kids.  NIHA covers the costs.  It does, however, bring lots and lots of people through the rink doors and fills the lobby with chaos.


So, what’s my point?


I am a big fan of making lemonade out of lemons.  That is to say, when something could be perceived as bad circumstances, do what you can to make something good come out of it.


So, what good can possibly come from so many parents and kids piling into the rink every Tuesday night?  So many people… not enough room to sit down… so much noise that you can’t hear yourself think… how do we make lemonade out of this?


I’d like to propose that in addition to each kid carrying or dragging their gear bag into the rink that each kid also bring a canned good to be collected for the benefit of those in need in Licking County.  A can per kid (parents too, if you’d like) multiplied by wa-a-ay too many kids in one place at one time = lots of food to be distributed to those who really need it just in time for the holidays.  This is our chance to give back.

by posted 11/02/2015
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