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Welcome to the Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club Baseball HOME Page!  Check back frequently for the latest information on clinics, registration, leagues, schedules and more. 

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Report your game scores to Scorekeeper after EVERY game.

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RBI Mid-Atlantic Tournament Results
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated...
2015 RBI Mid-Atlantic Tournament
July 23-26, 2015 RBI Mid Atlantic JR & SR Tournament in Prince...
2015 Baseball Champs
The 2015 Regular Season Baseball Champs have been...
Heat Advisory
The Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Club Heat Advisory...
Free NIXLE - Emergency Closings Alert
For up-to-date weather and emergency Parks & Rec closings, sign...
Pay your Membership Dues
REMINDER for Clubs  In order to pick up paperwork from our...
Fields with Maps
Please note: If you are having trouble with the Fields with Maps button...
To Play on a Team
In order to play on a team: All members on a roster will have to...
PGCBGC Main Office Location
Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club M-NCPPC 7833 Walker...
RBI Mid-Atlantic Tournament Results

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in this great event. 


2015 RBI Junior Division Results    

2015 RBI MLB Senior Division Results    

2015 RBI Softball Results Sheet 

posted 07/29/2015
2015 RBI Mid-Atlantic Tournament

July 23-26, 2015
RBI Mid Atlantic JR & SR Tournament in Prince George’s County




MLB/RBI Mid-Atlantic Regional Tourney Teams:

  • Baltimore
  • Durham
  • Harrisburg
  • Norfolk
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Prince George’s
  • Reading



posted 07/23/2015
2015 Baseball Champs

The 2015 Regular Season Baseball Champs have been posted.

posted 07/22/2015
Heat Advisory

The Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Club Heat Advisory And Hot Weather Conditions

Printable Heat Advisory


PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for when the outdoor temperatures are unhealthy and place individuals at risk of exposure to heat related illnesses or conditions.

GUIDELINES: When the heat index is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is above 60%, all Coaches and Baseball Commissioners of the Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Clubs will take precautions to ensure that individuals are not placed at risk for heat related illnesses or conditions. If the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above and the humidity is 60% or above, the commissioner or designated club representative shall issue a heat advisory until the temperature/humidity drops below 90 degrees Fahrenheit/60% humidity (Heat Index of 100 degrees Fahrenheit). During a heat advisory, head coaches and members of the coaching staff should implement the following heat precautions: Avoid heavy physical exertion during outdoor practices and, if possible, provide coaching instructions either indoors or in an area with less severe conditions. Coaching staff should stop all activities to allow individuals to drink water every half hour (at least 3 ounces of water per hour) or more frequently.

EMERGENCY FIRST-AID: When the heat index is high, several illnesses such as heat stroke, heat cramps, or heat exhaustion are possible with physical activity or prolonged exposure. The heat may overcome the body’s ability to regulate internal body temperature at a safe level. Some signs of heat illness include nausea, weakness, fainting, and pale clammy skin. A warning signal before heat illness occurs may be red dry skin. Prompt action can prevent the most serious heat illness or heat stroke, which is fatal 50% of the time. Team staff will immediately initiate emergency first aid procedures, which include: Providing First Aid for Heat Illness – stop activity, improve air circulation with a fan or air conditioner and sponge the body with cool water. A conscious person should be given sips of cold water or sports drink. Water is the best for rehydration; soft drinks and juice should be avoided, especially fruit juice with 8% or greater carbohydrate (CHO) content. Heat illness is an emergency situation and requires medical care. Call 911 immediately as well as calling the parent(s). One simple guideline to follow before exercise is to drink 17-20 ounces of water or sports drink with less than eight percent CHO content, two to three hours before exercise.


ACTIONS REQUIRED BY CLUBS: Baseball Commissioners or a designated representative should monitor the outdoor weather conditions on an hourly basis.

Washington Council of Governments Warning System


Air Quality Index (AQI) Code Weather Conditions

CODE RED Unhealthy AQI Level: 100 or more Hot, hazy humid and stagnant air; little chance of precipitation

CODE ORANGE Approaching unhealthy AQI Level: 89- 99 Temperatures in upper 80s to low 90s; sunny

CODE YELLOW Moderate AQI Level: 51-88 Temperatures in upper 70s to mid-80s; light to moderate winds

CODE GREEN Good AQI Level: 0 – 50 Mild temperatures; wind, rain or cool front throughout area We bring these guidelines to your attention that all coaches and Commissioners are responsible for their players' safety and good health. 

Remember - there is no substitute for common sense.

by cindy foster posted 06/23/2015
Free NIXLE - Emergency Closings Alert

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 When in doubt, call the Weather Line (301) 927-0822 for daily updates on scheduled games.

posted 06/15/2015
Pay your Membership Dues

REMINDER for Clubs 
In order to pick up paperwork from our office:

  • you must pay membership past dues
  • have a zero balance
  • bring a check for new membership for those that are playing a current sport

By following these procedures, you will be able to quicken the roster process.  Thank you.

Found under Forms & Info page:
Membership Dues List Form (Club use)


posted 04/16/2015
Fields with Maps

Please note:
If you are having trouble with the Fields with Maps button located on the left side menu - it may be your browser or the version of your browser. The Field with Maps have the same directions that the Field Directory has but they can also be located on Google Maps where you can put in your own From Location.

It is best used with Google Chrome (free download).

posted 04/10/2015
To Play on a Team
In order to play on a team:
All members on a roster will have to be cleared and have an official PGCBGC ID Card.

Contact the Membership person in your area for information about registering a child into that club or joining a team.  
Club Contact Information

A cleared played will be given a Stamped Yellow Laminated ID Card after the following has been provided to the PGCBGC Office:
  • White Registration Card (with current address & information)
  • Birth Certificate or other Official Document
  • Current Photo (head shot, front facing, no larger than "1-1/2" X 2")
  • Yellow Card with child's signature
  • Paid Membership Dues with Club
Note:  If the photo is too small or blurred, it will result in a punched ID Card and a new photo will have to be provided.
posted 03/05/2014
PGCBGC Main Office Location

Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club

7833 Walker Drive
Suite 430 (4th Floor)
Greenbelt, MD  20770
(301) 446-6800

PLEASE NOTE:  Visitor Parking at our new location requires registering your vehicle at the security desk.  More Info.
WEATHER LINE:  301-927-0822
CALL-IN SCORES:  301-446-6846 




posted 08/01/2009

RBI Baseball Program

Regular Season Champs

Field Application - M-NCPPC
Field Application - BOE

PGCBGC Main Office:
7833 Walker Drive, Suite 430
Greenbelt, MD 20770

To Sign Up with a Club
Club Membership Contact List

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