Dear Parents & Players,


As the season draws to a close and summer is approaching I would like to see if there is any interest from our players to participate in private group yoga lessons for Teen Athletes.

Flexibility can be a challenge for many athletes.  Injuries are on the rise among youth athletes. Stress and pressure is also increasing due to academic demands, social media and peer pressure. I would like to offer to lead a group of teens through a series of yoga classes that will both physically and mentally challenge them, while at the same time teach them how to relax and slow down their minds.  It is all about the MIND-BODY connection.  In Yoga postures, the muscles can become flexible and strengthen while the brain produces increased amounts of endorphins which helps the body to reduce stress, relieve pain and calm the mind. Individuals of all ages clearly can benefit from learning essential components for a healthy mind and body. If we can begin to plant these seeds in our middle school and high school students, we can help ensure athletic longevity, self confidence and a realization of how to stay present.

The Benefits of YOGA are many:  Injury prevention, Flexibility, Balance, Stress Relieving, Calming the mind, Healing from Injury, Cardiovascular Health, Improved digestion, Improved Focus, Muscle and Core Strengthening...
I have been a Yoga practicitioner for almost 20 years.  For the last 8 years I have been practicing the Ashtanga Yoga tradition at The Yoga Shala CT in Ridgefield, just over the Redding border
In June 2015, I will receive my Registered Yoga Training Certification - RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance.  I am designing a program for teens that will help to teach them proper breathing techniques, balance, flexibility, muscle and core strengthening, as well as keeping them moving and physically challenged.  I will also introduce the students to meditation techniques. 
For those interested and available they can try an introductory class on Monday, June 29th at 11:30 or either of the first 4 sessions. Cost is $15 per class.  It would be optimal for each participant to commit to 6 sessions in order for them to receive benefits.  Classes will be held at the The Yoga Shala studio  The studio is 10 minutes from Redding. I can help coordinate rides if needed.  The days and times I can offer the class are as follows: Mon June 29Wed Jul 1Mon Jul 6Wed Jul 8Mon Jul 12Wed Jul 15 - all sessions will begin at 11:30 am.  Sessions will be 75 minutes in length.  The cost for each participant is $90 for the 6 sessions.  If your teen is unable to make a session, I would be happy to offer a make up session at a later date, or they are welcome to attend a class on The Yoga Shala schedule at no cost.
Please let me know as soon as possible if your teen has an interest.  I will keep the max # of students at 12.  Teen siblings of players are also invited to join. 
Read these articles below to learn about the benefits of Yoga among professional athletes.

~ Kathy Katts