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South Central District

One of seven districts that make up the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA).

The CJSA/SCD is affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA),
US Soccer (the US Soccer Federation) and the
Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA).


Fall 2015 Teams

South Central District FALL 2015 registration is open until:

DEAD LINE - July 31,2015  11:59pm

Register your team for district play today



by posted 07/18/2015


Watertown   Corrado Perugini     habs13@optonline.net     2035787085    2035787085    
Prospect      Chrissy Witham     cwitham23@gmail.com     2035925549    2035925549    
Oxford         Dave Logie    oxfordsoccerleague.net@gmail.com            
Shelton 1 & 2    Traci_Engeldrum@anninc.com                
West Haven   David Jennings     Davidbuck00@yahoo.com     2039334354    2032430032    
Milford-Healey  Hank Healey     hankhealey@aol.com     2035564649    2035564649    
Hamden        Larry Wielk     wielkl@sacredheart.edu     2033717916    2036507922    
Stratford        Matt O'Neill      moneill03@yahoo.com      2033773201    2034145590    
Milford-Coppola  Maurizio Coppola     mcoppola@reedexpo.com     2038747243    2032575052    
Wallingford     Bill Hutchinson     billhutch6@gmail.com     2032841647    2039806016
Milford         Keith Edwards     kedwards@nathealthcare.com     9177101817    9177101817    
Coginchaug   William Kovacs     will.kovacs@gmail.com     8603495932    2039151252    
Guilford        Timothy Miller     tmiltmil24@gmail.com     2038240682    2038240682    
Madison-Boswell  Bo Boswell     bboswell215@sbcglobal.net     2034215237    4752012164    
Madison-Hesse    Deanna  Hesse    deannahesse5@gmail.com            
Clinton         Michael Mozzochi     michaelmozzochi@sbcglobal.net     8606643593    8607981356    
Branford        Anthony Castellon     sammycast01@sbcglobal.net     2038212405    2032143510    
North Branford  John Heine     john.heine@yale.edu     2034328634    2039960975    
East Haven   John Gildersleeve     jgildersleeve@snet.net     2037221401    2037221401    
Clinton     Kenneth Skidmore     lslidmore29@comcast.net     8606695434    8609191208    
Noth Haven        G. Christopher Heyl     nhhsgirlssoccer@gmail.com     2036419646    2032284775    


MILFORD            Rob Petrie         rapetrie24@optonline.net     2038041220    2038041220
West Haven            Thomas Foley         fols2235@hotmail.com     2037950410    2038367398
Prospect            Matthew Powanda         matthew.powanda@hp.com     2037585479    2035272664
Wallingford            David Rodriguez         roddag1@comcast.net     2032941545    2033767278
Shelton 1            Lauren Cisero         lcisero@aol.com     2039245795    2035211639
Shelton 3            Lauren Cisero         lcisero@aol.com     2039245795    2035211639
Oxford            Dave Logie        oxfordsoccerleague.net@gmail.com        
Wallingford  S            Richard Cobb         rlcobbjr62@yahoo.com     8605801310    2032156489
Milford            Frank Tondora         frankt@snet.net     2038778718    2032156035
North Haven            Bryan Bogen         bbogen@COMPUSERVE.COM     2032346201    2032335965
Coginchaug Black            Mark Salley         markims@sbcglobal.net     8603491379    2038436458
Shelton 2            Lauren Cisero         lcisero@aol.com     2039245795    2035211639
Clinton            Jaime Serrano         jaserrano1024@gmail.com     8606641665    8603043665
Coginchaug Blue            Ken Judson         kjudman@comcast.net     8603491849    8607076451

by posted 07/08/2015
important info

South Central District Clubs: 


  • Club affiliation forms are past due.  Please fill out today


  • July 21 district meeting CANCELED, Next meeting August 18



  • Scheduling Meeting for Fall 2015 is set for August 23,2015 at 12pm, mark it down


by posted 06/22/2015
Championship T-Shirt

All Division Winners

Please be sure to fill out Championship T-Shirt order no later than June 30.


Order form can be found under the

TEAM tab


Thank you for a Great Sporing Season

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   All Coaches must complete required Background Checks
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