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by posted 07/19/2018

We are five weeks away from the start of a new hockey season at Sno-King. Registration for the 2018/2019 season is open for all age groups to returning Sno-King members only.  For those wanting to play at Sno-King this coming season that are not returning Sno-King members, registration will open August 1, 2018 at noon. To register click here

We are trying to complete our planning for the season so please register as soon as possible.There is a limited number of spots at each age group and once those limits are reached a player will be placed on a waiting list so we encourage everyone to register early.  Please contact Andrew Birnbrich with questions at


by posted 07/19/2018

Registration for Open Tryouts Begins July 18, 2018 at Noon!

Sno-King holds tryouts for its Select teams in all age groups except 8U.  For more information about tryouts go to our Tryouts Page.

For those of you that have registered or are planning to register to play at Sno-King in the 2018/2019 season, there is a box to check during the registration process to indicate if the player wishes to participate in tryouts for a Select team or not.  If you checked the box to participate in tryouts, have completed the registration process for the season, and paid the tryout fee, the player is signed up for the tryout and will be able to participate. You do not have to go through a separate registration for tryouts.

There are two types of tryouts.  A “closed” tryout is open only to players that have registered at Sno-King to play in the 2018/2019 season.  Teams having “closed” tryouts for the upcoming season are 14U A3, 12U A3, 10U A and 10U B. If you have not registered to play at Sno-King for the 2018/2019 season you cannot participate in tryouts for those teams. To register for the season and tryout for one of the teams listed please complete our Season Registration.

An “open” tryout is open to anyone that wants to try out for a Sno-King Select team. A player does not need to register at Sno-King before trying out for that team but they do need to register for the tryout and pay the non-refundable tryout fee before they can participate in the tryout.  The following teams are holding open tryouts at Sno-King for the upcoming season:  12UA1, 12UA2, 14U A2 and 18U A1 teams. 

For those players that wish to participate in one of the “open” tryouts for a Sno-King Select team before registering to play at Sno-King or the 2018/2019 season, you will need to register for tryouts at Tryout Registration and pay the non-refundable tryout fee prior to August 15, 2018 to be able to participate. Any players eventually selected to be rostered to play for those teams will need to register to play at Sno-King to be eligible to be on the team roster before regular practice sessions begin.  These teams are limited by rule to a maximum of 5 players on the roster that were not registered at Sno-King last season.

Andrew Birnbrich
Program Manager 
Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association 

by posted 07/17/2018
Sno-King Announces 2018-19 Registration is open!

Registration will open for returning ‘17-‘18 players only.

Non Sno-King members may register for the entire ‘18-‘19 season on August 1st.

Sno-King is excited to offer a new registration system hosted by SportsEngine. All registrants will need to set up a new profile at the start of registration.

Click here to get started

If you have any questions during the registration process please contact Andrew Birnbrich at Andrew.Birnbrich@snokinghockey.com.

It is an exciting time to be involved in hockey with the news of the NHL coming and we are expecting record numbers so don’t delay registering!

We are looking forward to another great season at Sno-King Hockey!  Sno-King Hockey Staff

by posted 07/06/2018
Registration for the 2018/2019 Season

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2018/2019 hockey season at Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association will begin at noon on Friday, July 6, 2018. This registration is for players in the 8U age group and older but is not for Hockey 1 or Hockey 2 players. Those will have a separate registration process.  Space may be limited in some age groups so we encourage you to register as soon as possible! 

The registration process will be on the new SportsEngine platform so it will be a different experience than past registrations.  You will need to have a SportsEngine account and have registered with USA Hockey for the 2018/2019 to be able to complete registration. Information on hockey fees will be provided during the registration process. 

We are approximately 9 weeks from the start of Select tryouts and the start of practice for most age groups.  Information about tryouts for Select teams and the start of practice for all age groups and levels of play was sent out earlier this week and has also been posted to our website page and Facebook.  For more information go to Tryouts.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Birnbrich at .

by posted 06/21/2018


Planning for the 2018/2019 hockey season is well underway. We are providing information regarding the schedules for tryouts for Select teams as well as start dates for the beginning of practices and evaluations for Recreation teams so that you can plan your schedules accordingly. 

Click Here for more information

by posted 06/20/2018
We are pleased to support the 3rd Annual Jake Murphy Charity Classic which will take place on July 28th at the Harbour Pointe Golf Course. For more information please visit http://SeattleYouthHockeyAssist.com

by posted 06/16/2018


Thanks to everyone that attended the recent Annual Meeting of Members or took the time to participate in the voting process through voting by absentee ballot. The following are some highlights from the event.
Bylaw Amendments -  The Bylaw amendments were approved and will take effect immediately.  The new Bylaws are on our website (snokinghockey.com) at Association/About Us/Bylaws and Policies.  In accordance with the new Bylaws, the next Annual Meeting will be held in September 2019.
Elections Results -  The following people are now members of the Board of Directors of Sno-King Amateur Youth Hockey Association:
Class 1 with a 3-year term:  Sam Bull, Doug Corley, Jarett Goodkin, and Tony Lawrence
Class 2 with a 1-year term:  Jill Loveland, Jeff McConnell, and Andrew Turner
Class 3 with a 2-year term:  Alisha Gosline, Dana Harder, Steve Johnson, and Happy Longfellow.
After the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors met and appointed Doug Corley as President, Jarett Goodkin as Vice President, and Brenda Darnbrough as Secretary.  Their terms will expire at the next Annual meeting in September 2019.
Also at this Board meeting Doug Ross and Jack Hawes were appointed as Supporting Member Directors. 
We are very appreciative of the Directors for being willing to contribute their time, skills and energy to helping Sno-King move forward in its mission of Building Players for Life.
We want to send our best wishes to two departing Board members, Keith Rettig and Vicki Harbottle. We are very appreciative of their contributions during their many years of service to Sno-King.  They will be missed. 
Summary of Awards

What's Happening

New Website Platform We are excited to announce that we will have a new look to our website next season.  SportsEngine is the platform of choice for a multitude of youth sports organization in the nation and they represent the state of the art service to accommodate our needs.  We are in the process of transferring to the SportsEngine platform and we hope to bring it online in early July 2018. This platform will allow our staff to communicate more effectively with the membership and it will provide improved capabilities to fulfill the needs of our teams to communicate as well. Registration for the upcoming season will be coordinated through SportsEngine this summer.  We will continue to update you on our progress and on the new features.




16U Tier 1 Evaluation Team An outstanding evaluation team was assembled this season, recently to participate in the extensive 16U Tier 1 team evaluations. This team of experienced hockey coaches committee was given the task of making recommendations to the head coach as to the top 9 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies at each position. The extensive evaluation process afforded to give every player a more detailed, comprehensive evaluation and an assessment of their play from a number of hockey professionals.



This committee  was comprised of:

Jamie Huscroft -         NHL (Calgary, New Jersey, Vancouver, Boston)

Dave Bankoske -        NCAA (Notre Dame), Professional Player (ECHL, Europe)

Doug Kirton -              NCAA (Colorado College), Professional Player (Europe)

Darren Tymchyshyn - NCAA (Cornell), Sno-King 18U Head Coach

CJ Fisher -                  NCAA (Finlandia), SJHA 12U A1 Head Coach

Jim Klenk -                  NCAA (Wisconsin-Stevens Point), Sno-King 16U Tier 1 Asst.

Nick Fouts -                USHL (Lincoln), Professional Player (ECHL), SJHA Hockey Dir.

Kris Wilson -               NCAA (Wisconsin-Superior), Professional Player (ECHL)

David Min -                 Banff Hockey Academy, Sno-King Skills Coach

Sean Joyce -               NCAA (Mankato State)

Michael Murphy -        WSHL (Seattle), SJHA President

Ian Armstrong -           USHL (Omaha), SJHA Coach

Matt Cain -                  Sno-King 16U A2 Head Coach

Darin Campbell -         Sno-King Goalie Instructor

Trevor Quinn -            Sno-King Goalie Instructor

018 USA Hockey Pacific District Youth Player Development Camp

Sno-King players and instructors flew to San Jose, California to take part in the Player Development Camp May 3rd to May 6th. Players at this camp were evaluated to determine if they would represent the Pacific region in the national player development process. Sno-King players Daniel Anderson, Dexter Corley, Benjamin Fredell, Cameron Jennings, Matthew Klenk, George Moran, Chase Ojala, Sterling Nash, Luke Scheusner, and Ethan Yamamoto were selected to participate in the camp.In addition, Sno-King staff members Doug Kirton, Jamie Huscroft, David Min and Darin Campbell participated as coaches and evaluators. Congratulations to everyone from Sno-King and all the Washington players that participated.



This event is designed to provide kids, between the ages of 4 to 9, a completely free experience to try youth hockey.  Our top coaches will be on the ice to assist your child in learning the basics. Your son or daughter does not need any previous skating or hockey experience.      

All that is required is that you register below, and bring your own bike helmet and gloves/mittens.  Skates and sticks will be provided.

Saturday, June 23rd, 10:30-11:30am in Kirkland (on-ice at 10:45am)
 At Sno-King Ice Arena - Kirkland
Arena Address:  14326 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
Register Now!

Sunday, June 24th, 3:15-4:15pm on the small ice in Renton
At Sno-King Ice Arena - Renton
Arena Address:  12620 164th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98059
Register Now!

Pre-registered players should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ice time to sign in and pick up equipment. Dress warm!
For information about our Learn-To-Play Hockey Programs, please click here

For information on our Basic  Learn to Skate programs, please click here

 We look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Please contact Jenn Wood at 


I'm not trying to be the next Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux, I am putting pressure on myself to do my best and perform to my potential that is all I can do -- Sydney Crosby
5 Tips for a Successful Tryout By USA Hockey
Chris Glionna has seen his fair share of hockey tryouts, both as a coach and parent.

In a conversation with USA Hockey, Glionna – head coach at Suffolk University – had plenty of advice for players and parents as they approach tryout season. Here are five things to focus on when kids are getting ready to showcase their skills on the ice:

Pay Attention and Work Hard

When he evaluates potential players, Glionna looks for the ones who actually want to be there. That means he’s focusing on the players who show that they’re paying attention and ready to work harder than the competition.

“I think work ethic, obviously, is very important,” Glionna said. “You’re always looking for guys who work very hard. You’re also looking for guys who can follow direction. If you’re like, the fourth or fifth or sixth guy in line, and you’re not doing the drill correctly, well that tells me that you’re not a person who is going to pay attention to the details. Obviously if you’re trying to catch a coach’s eye, you want it to be for a positive thing, not a negative thing, like doing the drill incorrectly.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand a drill or game.

Try to Be at the Front of the Line

This tip hits rather close to home for Glionna, who has watched his own son gravitate to the wrong section of the line when waiting for the next drill to start.

“I do look to see that guys that are first in line, I think that’s kind of an important thing,” Glionna said. “It’s actually something that my own son won’t do, and it drives me crazy as a parent. When they go to do something, he tends to like to stay in the back. But I think it shows that there’s a kid that wants to succeed, he wants to do well, if he’s in the front of the line.”

No Lazy Habits

There are some things that are out of a player’s control when he or she hits the ice for a tryout, but it’s important to control that which is within their control. Glionna wants young athletes to demonstrate that they listened to that “keep your stick on the ice” phrase shouted at every hockey player at every level.

“Similar to what we talked about in doing the drills incorrectly, I would also just say lazy habits,” Glionna said. “Skating with your stick up, things like that, things that the kids can control, you want to put yourself in the best position, and whether that’s offensively or defensively, it’s having your stick down. Those are things as a coach that you look for in a tryout.”

Stay Positive

At the 12U level, it’s important for players to know that a bad tryout or a missed opportunity doesn’t have to leave a lasting impression on their aspiring hockey career.

“I think there are tons of examples out there of hockey players who were cut as bantams or midgets, and have gone on to play in the NHL, and even more examples of guys who were superstars at 13, 14, 15 that now play in a men’s league,” Glionna said. “Just because you don’t make it this year, doesn’t mean that with a little more hard work, things won’t go differently for you in the fall of the following year.”

That lesson matters just as much to the parents as it does the players. Glionna asks that parents try to keep everything in perspective and focus on what’s really important.

“Remember, it’s the kid’s tryout, not your tryout,” he said. “If your child doesn’t make the team, it’s not a reflection on you as a parent or your own athletic ability; it’s just how things played out for the kid. You want to make sure, as a parent, that your son or daughter is out there having fun, smiling. That’s really what you should be looking for, not who is going to make the team and things like that. That’s not anything that a parent should be able to control. You just want to make sure that your child is having fun and enjoying the game.”

Have Fun

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Glionna wants kids to have fun – even at a tryout. A happy hockey player is a better hockey player, and Glionna wants to work with players who want to be on the ice with him.

“I would just tell them to have fun with it,” Glionna said. “You’re always going to be better at your game when you’re having fun. If you go into a tryout tense and worried about it, you’re not going to play as well as you usually would. Again, it’s just a tryout. Go out there and have fun. It’s an opportunity to be with your friends, to skate and have fun. All kids should look at it that way.”

Summer Camps

SOLD OUT!  11 sessions with former professional players Jamie Huscroft and Doug Kirton!!

Our PROs will focus on each player’s individual skating technique and the way their body works. We teach our students how to generate more speed while increasing agility. We work with each player to find their optimum technique and to recognize how to use it to their advantage. 
Customized training on: 
  Dynamic Balance     Improving Coordination   Explosive Starts    Efficient Stopping     Powerful Strides                Skating Efficiency         Quick Feet       Enhanced Speed     Lateral Movement    Increase Endurance
Times: 6pm to 7:10pm
Starts: Every Thursday beginning May 31st
Ends: August 9th
Levels: 8U 10U 12U 14U 16U
Instructors:  Jamie Huscroft, Doug Kirton and other guest instructors
Location: Renton
Cost: $385.00 or drop in $40 based on availability
Only 40 seats available
What to bring: Hockey equipment and water bottle

Sno-King Ice Arena Member Specials


$99 Small Ice Special (valid in Renton for the Small Ice only)  


One Hour Small Ice Rental

***Offer valid from now until August 31st, 2018 and bookings are based on availability

50% OFF Party Package A


  • Public Session

  • $9.00 per person discounted to $4.50 per person

  • Free Skate Rental

  • Large Ice Party Room Rental per hour $75.00 discounted to $37.50

  • Party Room Includes:  Goodie Bags, Assorted Candies and $2.00 Off coupon  (for the next visit ) Table Cloths, Balloons and Decorations

* Groups/parties are not permitted to bring in outside food/drinks (pizzas, cakes, party trays etc) unless a party room has been rented

**Minimum 10 skaters with a Maximum of 20 Skaters

***Offer valid from now until August 31st, 2018 and bookings are based on availability

Email and mention this offer!



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