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2016 - LOUDOUN BOWL 1 Champions
ULYFL Playoff Results
  Saturday Nov 19th: (County Championships @ LVHS)  C...
The APRIL Board meeting will be MONDAY APRIL 3rd @ 7pm at...
LYFA Announcement
Refund Policy
Per section 8.4 of the League By-Laws.  No refunds will be issued...
   Please Remember: 1. These are KIDS! 2. This...
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The ULYFL is excited to announce that we are now on Facebook and...
2016 - LOUDOUN BOWL 1 Champions



by posted 11/20/2016
ULYFL Playoff Results


Saturday Nov 19th: (County Championships @ LVHS) 

C League 12PM:  #1 AYFL Bulldogs (10) vs. #2 ULYFL Bengals (0)

B League 2PM:  #1 ULYFL Trojans (46) vs. #3 CLYFL Gators (6)

A7 League 4PM:  #1 CLYFL Giants (37) vs. #2 AYFL Falcons (0)

A8 League 6PM:  #2 CLYFL Patriots vs. #4 LLBFL Jaguars


Saturday Nov 12th (LYFA - COUNTY SEMI-FINALS):

A7 & A8 SCHEDULE - Hosted by AYFL @ Broad Run HS

11:00AM A7 #3 ULYFL Raiders (7) vs. #2 AYFL Falcons (35)

1:00PM A7 #4 LLBFL Patriots (0) vs. #1 CLYFL Giants (40)

3:00PM A8 #3 ULYFL Bucs (0) vs. #2 CLYFL Patriots (8)

5:00PM A8 #4 LLBFL Jaguars (14) vs. #1 AYFL Seahawks (6)

B & C League SCHEDULE - Hosted by LLBFL @ Bill Allen Field

11:00AM C league #3 CLYFL Hokies (14) vs. #2 ULYFL Bengals (18)

1:00PM C league #4 LLBFL Jets (0) vs. #1 AYFL Bulldogs (25)

3:00PM B league #4 LLBFL Lions (8) vs. #1 ULYFL Trojans (21)

5:00PM B league #3 CLYFL Gators (12) vs. #2 AYFL Dolphins (6) - OT


Saturday Nov 5th (ULYFL FINALS):

11:00AM:  C League Championship - Bengals (13) vs. Packers (8)

1:00PM:  B League Championship - Trojans (25) vs. Seahawks (6)

3:00PM:  A7 Championship - Raiders (18) vs. Bandits (0)

5:00PM:  A8 Championship - Bucs (29) vs. Vikings (21)


Saturday Oct 29th (ULYFL SEMI-FINALS):

8:30AM:  #1 Bengals (18) vs. #5 Aztecs (7)

10:15AM:  #2 Warriors (0) vs. #3 Packers (22)

12:00PM:  #1 Trojans (41) vs. #5 Mustangs (7)

1:30PM:  #2 Seahawks (7) vs. #3 Oarsmen (6)

3:00PM:  #1 Raiders (27) vs. #4 Titans (0)

4:45PM:  #2 Bandits (29) vs. #3 Cougars (6)

6:15PM:  #2 Vikings (6) vs. #3 Wolverines (0)


Wednesday Oct 26th (ULYFL PLAY-IN GAMES):

6:00PM:  #4 Bulldogs (0) vs. #5 Aztecs (6)

7:30PM:  #4 Knights (6) vs. #5 Mustangs (16)


by posted 10/27/2016

The APRIL Board meeting will be MONDAY APRIL 3rd @ 7pm at Fireman's Field - Baseball Pressbox.  

All Coaches / Teams are required to be represented.  

This is an open meeting so anyone is welcomed.


LOCATION:  Fireman's Field - Baseball Pressbox

Time:  7:00pm

by posted 06/07/2016
LYFA Announcement
The Board of Directors for Ashburn Youth Football League (AYFL), Central Loudoun Youth Football League (CLYFL), Lower Loudoun Boys Football League (LLBFL), and Upper Loudoun Youth Football League (ULYFL) today announced that they have formed an new partnership set to begin in March 2016. This partnership, developed by a working committee composed of members from each league, will be formally codified in the creation of Loudoun Youth Football Association (LYFA).  By forming this partnership all leagues agree to operate by the same rules, safety procedures and operating processes. In turn this will allow in-season interleague play as well as an integrated championships at each division. Each league will participate as individual operating entities within the association, retain operational independence, and continue to award separate league champions. All members will be partnered with USA Football.
Chris Butterfield, President of CLYFL said the following: "Being the current and past president of Central Loudon, it truly is the fruition of a dream I had many years ago to see  all of the Loudoun County football leagues play together.  I would like to thank all the members  of the committee that put so much effort in bringing this new partnership together."
"Youth football is the building block for our successful high school programs; with this agreement we are excited to continue and strengthen that rich tradition," stated Mike Groves, President of AYFL.

LLBFL President Gary Kidwell“Our partnership with LYFA brings back fond memories of years ago when we all played in a County program.  This is an outstanding opportunity for us to come together to join forces to build our programs for the future players and cheerleaders of Loudoun County.  It has been a pleasure working with everyone on the committee to form such a great alliance that is beneficial to all our players.”

"There is power in numbers.  Combining the four leagues provides us with the power to help more children enjoy their experience and reap the rewards of coming through our league.” stated Kevin Keane, President of ULYFL.
With the start of the 2016 tackle football season, more information will be made available from each organization's web sites about interleague games and playoffs.

by posted 02/29/2016
Refund Policy

Per section 8.4 of the League By-Laws.  No refunds will be issued as of July 1st of the current year. All refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee.

There are no exceptions.

Thank you.

by posted 01/01/2016


 Please Remember:

1. These are KIDS!

2. This is a game!

3. All coaches VOLUNTEER!

4. The officials are HUMAN!

5. NO college scholarships or professional contracts will be handed out today.

by posted 08/10/2014
Stay Connected! Follow the ULYFL on Twitter or Facebook

The ULYFL is excited to announce that we are now on Facebook and Twitter!  Please "like" us on Facebook and "follow" us on Twitter where you will be able to find the most up-to-date information about the league.  In addition to our website, we hope to use these social media outlets to keep parents apprised of rain delays, scores, important reminders from the league and so much more!  It will also be a great way for parents and kids to share photos, ask and answer questions and stay connected. 
You can find us on Facebook at
and Twitter at

by posted 01/02/2014
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