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Summer Camp
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Olympia Ice Center
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by posted 02/25/2017
Important Documents For End of Season


As we approach the final weeks of the season and with evaluations for next season around the corner there are a couple of important documents for you to consider. 

First, is the Parent Opinion Survey which is used to provide the Executive Board feedback on your child's coaching staff. The results are only seen by only the President and held in complete confidence but help to ensure that our coaches meet the overall goals and standards of our program. Your comments are very important and this is one way we gather information to make our organization better for all players. These forms can be submitted in the Parent Survey Box at the sign-in desk during the evaluation session, submitted to WYHA President Aaron Michelucci or placed in his folder at the front desk prior to the registration period ending on March 6th.

Second, is the Coaching Application for those who would like to help out on the ice next season.  All prospective coaches must declare their intentions each season. These forms should be submitted to WYHA President Aaron Michelucci prior to the registration session ending on March 6th or placed in his folder at the front desk.

Lastly, is the WYHA Executive Board Nomination Form for those who would like to support our organization. The six elected positions serve for a period of 2 years with the election cycle alternating for half of those each year.  This year the position of President, 2nd Vice-President - Scheduler, and Secretary are to be elected.  Some of our current elected officers have agreed to run again.

President - Aaron Michelucci
Secretary - Kerri Tymeson

For a description of these roles you can view a brief write-up on the board positions under documents.

Please, take some time to view these necessary documents which can be found under the documents tab on the left side of the webpage.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to any Executive Board Member.

Thank you for taking the time to make our organization the best it can be.

Tim McMahon
WYHA Communication Director

by posted 02/20/2017
Important Registration Dates and Fees for 2017-2018 Season

Registration is open for 2017-2018 for all 8U through 14U players from February 19th through March 6th, 2017. All 6U and 18U players can register any time.

Evaluations for 2017-2018 will occur from March 13 -23, 2017.

Teams will be announced by March 31st.

Commitment payments due April 16th.

Final Roster released by April 30th.

USA Hockey Registration after April 1, 2017

First Half Payment due September 1, 2017

2nd Half Payment announced on October 1, 2017

2nf Half Payment due January 15, 2018


Fees and Payments:

Level          Registration       Commitment          1st Half Fee

6U                   $0                     $0                         $200 (per session)                 

8U                  $100                  $200                     $450

10U                 $100                  $300                     $650

12U                 $100                  $300                     $650

14U                 $100                  $375                     $750

18U                  $0                     $0                         $600 (approx)

by posted 02/19/2017
Want To Play Hockey Next Season, This Is What You Need To Know


It has come time to prepare for next season. Tomorrow we will begin our online registration for the 2017-2018 season. The online registration period will begin Sunday, February 19th and will end Monday, March 6th. You must register before evaluations to be placed on a team next season.
Families looking to register their skater for the 2017-2018 season can go to the web-site and click on the "Register Online" selection in the left-hand side navigation bar on the home page.

Registration Process (8U through 14U):
In order for a child to register with Westfield Youth Hockey Association, the following items must be completed by March 6th:
1. Select the appropriate level of play below and register online.
         6U & 8U:                 birth years 2009 and sooner
         Squirts:                   birth years 2007 & 2008
         Peewees:                 birth years 2005 & 2006
         Bantams:                birth years 2003 & 2004
2. USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form (see Documents)
3. Copy of Birth Certificate (If new to WYHA)
4. Jersey Order Form (if needed) & Payment
  •  Approximately, $178/set is the cost for purchase of home and away jerseys

5. Payment of WYHA Registration Fees
  •   $100 per skater for the first 2 skaters in a family 

  •   $50 for each additional immediate family member

The following items must be completed for September 1st
1. USA Hockey Registration
  • All skaters and coaches are required to register directly with USA Hockey. Online registration is available beginning in April.  Payment of $48 is made online via credit card.

  • Registration will not be complete and players will not be allowed to skate until registration number is submitted online through our website or the bar coded confirmation page is turned in.

2. First ice payment completed and paid in full.

Evaluation Schedule:
For those who are not familiar with our evaluation process, this is not a "try-out".  All registered skaters will be placed on a WYH team . . . no skater will be "cut".  The evaluation process allows us to place your skater on the appropriate team with players of comparable skill level. Three open forum sessions are available for parents and guardians to attend to learn more about the process:

Tuesday, 2/21/17 from 5-6pm

Wednesday, 2/22/17 from 6-7pm

Thursday, 2/23/17 from 7-8pm
Evaluations will run between Monday, March 13th and end on Thursday, March 23rd.  The schedule will be posted on the our web-site.  Please consult the web-site periodically for schedule updates and pay attention that e-mail blasts that come from the association regarding evaluations.

All players at 10U level and higher must declare if they are going to tryout for Goalie or Skater. 12U and older skaters can choose to evaluate as either Defense or Forward. A player may only try out for one position, Goalie or Skater, and that is the position they will play for the entire season.
The cost of registration will be $100.  There is not a registration fee for 6U (Novice) players.  We have a 3rd skater discount of 50% for families with 3 or more players.
Registration fees are due by the first night of your skater's evaluation session. A Westfield Youth Hockey representative will be on hand to verify payment has been made.  Only credit card payments will be accepted.  No cash will be accepted. Registration fees are non-refundable.

USA Hockey:
The evaluation registration process does not include the USA Hockey registration for the upcoming season.  After April 1st, but before the start of your first practice in September, you must register your skater online with USA Hockey, a separate $48 registration fee.  Parents will then need to edit their skater's WYHA record on the web-site and enter the assigned USA Hockey number.
Commitment Payment:

We have heard your requests to know roster spots earlier and not wait until September for final roster placements.  As such we will be moving the date of releasing the initial rosters to March 31, 2017 and moving up the final roster placement date.

WYHA will continue with the process of placing more players on the lower teams until final rosters are set, however we will be making these final roster spots earlier than ever.  The final roster spots will be announced on April 30th, 2017.  To make this possible though, WYHA will be instituting a commitment payment that is due by April 16th, 2017.  
Commitment Payment:
8U:                       $200
10U & 12U:           $300
14U:                     $375
Please understand this is not an additional cost, but an adjustment of the ice bill process.  There will now be 3 payments to be made (April 16, September 1, and January 15). The costs per age level are listed below, please notice the final January ice bill is still estimated and will be set at the October board meeting. 
This change will allow you, the members, to know which team your player is on earlier and allow teams to begin the process of planning their seasons far in advance to organize fund raisers and build team chemistry.   The commitment process also allows WYHA to purchase the appropriate amount of ice which helps us control our costs and keep ice bills appropriate.  

2017-2018 Ice Payment:
The first ice payment schedule for 2017-2018 is below.  The first ice payment is due into Westfield Youth Hockey by September 1, 2017.
6U:                         $200 per session
8U:                         $450
10U & 12U:             $650
14U:                       $750
The second payment will be determined by October 1, 2017 and be due on January 15, 2018. Below is an estimate of the 2nd half ice payment:

8U:                        $250
10U & 12U:            $350
14U:                      $375

Please consult the WYHA web-site or e-mail your questions to If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to a WYHA board member.

Tim McMahon
WYHA Communication Director

by posted 02/19/2017
February 16th Board Meeting Agenda

Westfield Youth Hockey

February 2017 Board Meeting Agenda


Approve January 2016 Minutes


President Report – Aaron Michelucci

  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • Call for special Committees
  • Evaluation Committee Update
    • Schedule posted
    • Open forums scheduled
    • Parent Evaluations
    • Coaches Evaluations
    • Coaches Applications
  • E-Board Nominations
  • State Playdowns – Congrats S2!


1st Vice President Report – Chris Bard

  • LTS / LTP Update
  • Novice Update
  • Equipment Return


2nd Vice President Report – Shane Collins

  • Ice schedule update
  • Fire and Ice tournament follow up
  • Goalie training feedback


Financial Director Report– Karen Corliss

  • Financial update


Communications Report – Tim McMahon

  • Registration for 2017-2018 season


Secretary Report – Kerri Tymeson

  • End of season trophies


Fundraiser Report – Chris Pinney

  • Fire and Ice
  • Miscellaneous Updates


GSL Report –Aaron Michelucci / Tim McMahon

  • GSL Playoffs / Volunteer Schedule
  • GSL Update


USA Hockey Report – Jennifer Ondrick      



Merchandise Report – John Millard



Miscellaneous / Open Forum – ALL


by posted 02/15/2017
2017-2018 Evaluation Schedule - Updated

WYHA 2017 Evaluation Schedule

Revised Bantam Evaluation Schedule on 2/13/17


Monday March 13th

Mites Session 1 Skills: 5:00-6:40PM (100 min)


Tuesday March 14th

Squirt Session 1 Skills: 5:00-6:40PM (100 min)

Ice resurface – 6:40 to 6:50

Peewee Session 1 Skills: 6:50 - 8:30 (100 min)

Ice resurface – 8:30 to 8:40

Bantam Session 1 Skills & Scrimmage: 8:40-10:00PM (80 min) 


Wednesday March 15th

Mites Session 2 (Skills): 5:00-6:40PM (100 min)


Thursday March 16th

Squirt Session 2 (Scrimmage): 5:00-6:40PM (100min)

Ice resurface – 6:40 to 6:50PM

Peewee Session 2 (Scrimmage): 6:50 – 8:30PM (100 min)


Friday March 17th

Mites Session 3 (Scrimmage): 5:00-6:40PM (100min)


Monday March 20th

Squirt Session 3 (Skills): 5:00-6:40PM (100min)


Tuesday March 21st

Squirt Session 4 (Scrimmage): 5:00-6:40PM (100 min)

Ice resurface – 6:40 to 6:50

Peewee 3 (Skills): 6:50 to 8:30 (100 min)

Ice resurface – 8:30 to 8:40

Bantam Session 2 (Skills & Scrimmage): 8:40-10:00PM (80 min)


Wednesday March 22nd

Peewee Session 4 (Scrimmage): 5:00-6:40PM (100 min)


Thursday March 23rd

Goalies: 6:00-6:50 (60 min)


Bantam Session 3 Skills & Scrimmage: 8:00 - 8:50  (50 min)

by posted 02/13/2017
Congratulations Squirt 1 Champions at Fire & Ice Tournament

by posted 01/15/2017
Planet Hockey Camp 2017 Westfield Amelia Park


by posted 12/14/2016
USA Hockey
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