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Welcome to West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse
West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse is here to serve the West Forsyth community and support the growth of Lacrosse in Forsyth County, GA.

On our website you will be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, directions and much, much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our program.

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Spring Season Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the end of season survey we sent out and shared with us your ideas about how we can grow our lacrosse community to best serve our players, parents and coaches. 


Below are the average scores based on the responses provided by the members that participated in the survey.  We had an impressive 41.4% of our spring players respond to the survey.  The board is pleased that the majority of our members are very pleased with their experiences with the program overall as well as their individual team and coaching staff.  We will continue to look for ways to provide the best value for the money spent on registration fees.


There were several topics that multiple participants had questions or comments about that the WFYL Board would like to address with additional information.  If you have any additional questions or comments, please forward them to the board at .  Also, as you may remember, there was a survey question about volunteering time with the program.  As the surveys were anonymous, if you are still interested in volunteer opportunities, please reach out to .



143 Total respondents

How would you rate the cost

(1 = too expensive to 5 = too inexpensive)

Average score = 2.66

How would you rate your overall experience with WFYL

(1 = poor to 5 = excellent)

Average score = 4.21

How would you rate your overall experience with your team

(1 = poor to 5 = excellent)

Average score = 4.33

How would you rate your overall experience with the coaching staff

(1 = poor to 5 = excellent)

Average score = 4.30

How would you rate the communication

Just right = 92%

Too little = 6%

Too much = 3%



Who is WFYL?

West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse (WFYL) is a non-profit organization that was formed eight years ago to provide a lacrosse home for those living in the West Forsyth community. Over the last eight years we have grown in leaps and bounds. We have gone from two boys' teams serving forty families to a well-rounded program offering lacrosse to both boys and girls from little shooters all the way to U15. There are now over 360 children in our program. 


Who decides where we practice?

WFYL is part of the Forsyth County Youth Lacrosse Association (FCYLA). All sanctioned Forsyth County Youth Lacrosse programs fall under FCYLA. FCYLA is responsible for providing field space and their goal is to grow the game of lacrosse in Forsyth county. FYCLA offers U9 Thru U15 competition and hosts the Forsyth Cup along with its members.


Why do we allow players who are not zoned for West HS to participate?

Our policy at WFYL is to embrace players from outside of our West community as long as the count of those players do not exceed 20% of our total number of players. We do this for multiple reasons. First, we want to grow the sport of lacrosse in our larger Forsyth community and there are times that players from outside our district do not have a lacrosse home that meets their needs. Second, on occasion, we do not have enough players to form a team(s) with an appropriate number of players.  Allowing players from outside of West allows us to serve our West bound players in those circumstances. Finally, in analyzing the impact of allowing players from outside of West to participate in our West program, we find that the net impact is positive.


Are the girls' and boys' the same program?

WFYL was originally an all-boys program. Three years ago, WFYL recognized the need to expand its offering to include girls’ lacrosse. At that time, WFYL introduced two U9 girls’ teams and one U11 team. For the first year the girls’ teams were completely run by the existing board. It was discovered that the girls program had different needs and focus than the boys program and the board was expanded to allow for separate management of the girls program. We are all West Forsyth Youth Lacrosse but the girls' and boys' programs do not always coordinate registration, leagues, start and end dates, camps and clinics, or coaches’ clinics.


Why do we have to travel so far for games?

WFYL pays a per player fee to each of these leagues when our teams participate in their league. These leagues are responsible for scheduling games, coordinating between teams, and providing the officials for each game.

WFYL participates in several lacrosse leagues in the Atlanta area:

1.    Newtown: Newtown primarily serves the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Majority of team play Newtown.

2.    MAYLA & GMSAA: These leagues cover a greater area of Atlanta. We put teams in this league when it is the best fit for a given team. This league often requires additional commutes. If you child is playing in this league it is because we believe that the benefit to the team is greater than the inconvenience of the travel.

3.    Forsyth County: These are in county facilities.


It seems like there are not enough officials and the calls are not consistent.

In the same manner that WFYL has grown so has the sport of lacrosse in the south. There is a shortage of referees. The leagues are constantly asking for parents and older high school players to get trained to be referees. Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet...it is hard to officiate. Referees have varying levels of experience and are going to make mistakes.  Often, you will get a referee who is officiating his or her first game or is officiating a game alone because they are shorthanded. The leagues are working hard to train officials. If you are interested in becoming an official, please reach out to us at   and we will put you in touch with the right person.


Why is it important to focus on development before winning within the program/teams?

It’s our belief that the focus needs to be on the long term development of the player(s). With proper development the winning will come. Our goal is to develop the winning mentality.  Our coaches should always strive to inspire our youth to be hungry and motivated to improve constantly at whatever they do. The long term goal is to teach fundamental skills and then have the players take responsibility for their own technical development, which is a process that will take years beyond just formal practices. Winning is important, but fundamental development is more important. 


Why is Little Shooters one time a week and what is the basis of the program?

Little Shooters is designed for:

·         Younger kids (K, 1, 2) who are new to the sport

·         Those who are playing another sport and still want to keep active in lacrosse.

·         Those who want to limit the time requirement to 1 day per week.


We focus on fun, keeping the kids safe and teaching the fundamentals without any pressure. We do not have scheduled games against other teams, but we do try to have inter-team scrimmages and an occasional scrimmage against other similar programs.  This program was started in 2010 and has proven to be a very successful part of WFYL.  In the future the structure of Little Shooters could change.  We are considering the possibility of shortening the practice time and practicing two days a week.  We are also considering how the USLAX/Newtown adoption of a U7 age group can be incorporated into our program.  


Why did WFYL field a U11 "A" team this spring?

WFYL was notified by Newtown League that they would support a U11 "A" division this spring and WFYL decided to participate for the 2016 season.  Open evaluations were held for any registered U11 player on January 10th, 2016.  Based on multiple factors, WFYL is reconsidering our support for U11 "A" in future seasons.


What is the purpose of the group practices and should our players have more team practices?

The purpose of the group practices is to ensure that all of the WFYL players are being taught consistent fundamentals and to ensure consistent good coaching.  The past two seasons, the U9 boys group has participated in combined practices.  It is the position of WFYL that these combined practices have been very successful. We anticipate that you will see more combined practices in the future.  


Why does WFYL support Wolverines (boys) and Lady Laxers (girls) to play summer/fall Tournament lacrosse?

As recently as 3 years ago, WFYL was not affiliated with any team during summer/fall tournament play. Those wanting to play lacrosse in the summer/winter were on their own, often resulting in many players playing in various other teams and clubs. We found that there was a demand for play beyond the Spring & Fall Rec season offered by WFYL, but not an avenue in our West Forsyth community. The intent of playing Wolverine/Lady Laxers in the off season is to support the concept that we "Play Together and We Stay Together".  We want our players to get used to playing together, build friendships, work as teammates, and gel as a team and prepare to play together at local Forsyth High Schools. A community lacrosse team strives to provide a summer/fall tournament lacrosse experience for its members. They provide competitive tournaments at the level of the given team, these teams go on to play together for years to come and the summer experience enhances their play as a team, they bond, the parents all become a bigger part of the lacrosse family. While they can and do win, the goal is to grow as a team.

WFYL supports community teams. We encourage our WFYL players to play with those organizations if they are going to play summer/fall tournament lacrosse. 


There were a number of comments about coach’s behavior. These comments pertained to our coaches and even more so to coaches of other teams.

WFYL recognizes that our coaches impact and influence each of your children. We require every coach that steps on our field to take a Positive Coaching Alliance course through US Lacrosse.  We will continue to work with our coaches on positive coaching. We are working on bringing a Positive Coaching clinic to our home field in the near future for all our coaches to attend. We cannot control the behavior of other programs' coaches. We can report poor sportsmanship to the league, we can model proper behavior, and we can teach our children that not every adult is a good role model. Please know that WFYL wants every child who plays in our league to feel encouraged and lifted up by his or her coaches. If you feel a coach is consistently modeling bad behavior, please let us know. If you have a bad experience with a coach on another team, please let us know. You can email us anonymously from our website by going to the FEEDBACK button on the left side of our home page.


My daughter is playing U11 and 7v7 does not offer enough competition.

Until this year we had an opportunity to play U11 in one league for 7v7 and a different league for 12v12. This allowed players who were ready to move up to do so. US Lacrosse (governing body) changed its rules this year and stated that all U11 play should be 7v7. Competition of other programs is not relative to Full field or 7v7, our program has developed and grown faster than many programs in the area. We will continue to focus on skills development and put us in the most competitive leagues/divisions possible. We hear your feedback and will strive to find a solution!


Why is my daughter playing select instead of rec lacrosse?

The girls played in the Newtown league during the spring of 2016. While our U13 team was slated to play in their recreational division, we discovered that the competition at U13 rec would not be consistently challenging. Generally recreational teams at Newtown in the spring are reserved for inexperienced players. We have found that when we challenge our girls, they grow as players. We feared that without competition they would stagnate. The season proved to be tough with more losses than wins. We believe that the girls grew as individuals, as a team, and as lacrosse players. Please accept our apology for not explaining this before the season began. 


Why isn't the concession stand open at Sawnee Mountain Park?

WFYL does not run the concession stand. Midway football owns all of the equipment inside the concession stand. There is a family who typically runs the concession stand and they had some personal issues that kept them away from their business this past season. While we are happy to have a concession stand available to us, we do not own it, run it, or benefit from it.

by posted 07/29/2016
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Boys' program, please email: boys.programdirector@wfylax.com

Girls' program please email girls.programdirector@wfylax.com

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