Windsor Lacrosse is a league in Northern Colorado dedicated to the instruction of lacrosse. Our mission is to teach, promote and advance lacrosse to youth in a safe and sportsmanlike manner.

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Pictures Rescheduled; League Dinner Rescheduled; Jamboree Info
Parents / Players -
* Sorry for the delay with rescheduling games. We've been working on getting everything set and will forward the changes to you as soon possible. The delay has been mostly with ref scheduling. Thanks for your patience.

* League Dinner rescheduled   - This (and team pics) has been difficult to schedule because we've had so many conflicts with end of the school activities, graduations, and rescheudling of games etc. So - we will schedule the last League Dinner and the end of the year banquet together. It will be during the week of June 1 - I'll let you know asap.

Pictures rescheduled. So Sorry! Again, too many conflicts with end of school schedules, etc. so we will have pictures during the week of June 1 - I'll let you know asap.

Jamboree Info -  We didn't have enough registrations for all teams - the following teams are registered to play in the Jamboree. 
U11 - OPEN Roster
U12 - REGULAR Roster 
U13 - OPEN Roster
U13 - REGULAR Roster
U15 - REGULAR Roster
If you registered and made payment for U9 Regular; U10 Regular; U11 Regular or U15 Open I will issue a refund asap.
Please note that no team is full - 
U10 and U11 Players - Players can play on the U11 OPEN ROSTER team
U12 Players - Players can play on the U12 REGULAR ROSTER and/or the U13 OPEN ROSTER team
U15 Players - Players can play on the U15 REGULAR ROSTER team
** If you are registered but have not paid - please remit your payment asap. 

by posted 05/18/2015
Misc Info



Volunteers and Team Parents!  

Facebook: Leah Selvage / 970-222-3327  /  and Jennifer Gehrman 
Pictures: Kirsten Wiest and Stacy Cockroft 
League Dinners: Kelly Freeland, Nicole Blake and Kellie Tindle 
Jerseys: Leah Selvage, Kellie Tindle, Rebecca Dixon and Justin Martin 

Team Parents:  
U9 - Rebecca Dixon / 970-310-3871 Cell / 

U10 - Joslyn Mundell / 970-371-7429 /   

U11 - Denise Maldonado / 970-324-1536 / 

U12 - Kelly Freeland / 970-420-6975  /

U13 - Kristie Street / 970-219-3801 /   - or – Chris Watson / 970-692-4342 / 

U15 - Jen Allen / 970-420-9971 /   - or - Jacqui Sahd / 970-231-0355 / 


by posted 03/10/2015
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