Our mission is to teach, promote and advance lacrosse to youth in a safe and sportsmanlike manner.

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ASA Fitness and Windsor Lacrosse Athletes

Please take advantage of this great offer from ASA Fitness! By the way,


(contact Ken via email at )

In all sports, the athletes that possess the most speed are the ones that now dominate the field.

ASA Fitness offers intensive training programs geared toward educating, motivating and training athletes to maximize speed, improve nutrition and develop power. ASA Fitness takes your athlete to the next level. Particular areas of focus are:

  • Running mechanics
  • Linear speed
  • First step reaction
  • Overall fitness level
  • Core strength

ASA Fitness is directed by nationally recognized speed and conditioning expert Ken Minifield, former wide receiver for both the NJ Generals and the NY Giants.

Ken’s areas of expertise include:

  • Running mechanics
  • Drills and speed development
  • Injury prevention
  • Dynamic warm-up stretches
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Testing and evaluation

ASA Fitness is now offering Windsor Lacrosse athletes a SPECIAL PRICE of $125.00 per player for 4 weeks of intensive training by the one and only, Ken Minifield.

Please contact Ken via email at for additional information regarding days, times, etc.


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Parents of U7-U8-U9 players should also read this information:  2016 7v7 Lacrosse Format



CLICK HERE to Register 

US LACROSSE:   All registrants must have a valid US Lacrosse membership valid through June 30, 2016.  This registration will redirect you to the US Lacrosse site first to obtain membership if necessary. If you have any issues with US Lacrosse membership, please email - it will not prevent your player from playing with us this springCost is $25. This is a condition of our insurance provider and a requirement of participation in our program.

AGE VERIFICATION:  All players who did not play for the Windsor CopperHeads in spring 2015 must complete our league-mandated age verification process. After completing registration, prepare a scanned copy of player's official proof of birth and click herehttp://www.ncsisafe.com.  Click on "Start Your Athlete Age Verification" and then enter this registration number: 15648790

TEAM PLACEMENT: Parents will be notified of team placement, coaches, practice days and locations as soon as it is determined.

PRACTICES: Will begin the week of Monday March 21st. Head coaches will determine practice days and location-- we will not promise to assign players to a specific practice day or location.  Most teams will practice twice per week-- some older teams may have a third weeknight practice as well.  

GAME DATES:  Home games are played at Windsor High School practice field. All teams will travel for away games to locations including Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, Broomfield, and Colorado Springs. 


GAME SCHEDULE: Will be released by March 16th by the CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association)

SEASON ENDS: Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22 at the CYLA Championships, held at Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

UNIFORM FITTING: All registered players will receive a new uniform for the 2016 season with a bold new design. We will have uniforms available for test sizing – date and time – to be determined. During registration, you will be asked for your players uniform size - please choose a size. Each player will be fitted to ensure proper fit.

EQUIPMENT:  Players must provide their own equipment.  We have a very limited supply of equipment which may be available for loan to new players.  

·       Boys must have a boys lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder and elbow pads, a cup, and a mouthguard.

·       Hockey gear is acceptable for new players. Hockey helmets must have a 4 point strap and be NOCSAE approved

·       We recommend Dicks Sporting Goods for lacrosse gear. 

COST:  Boys U7, U8 and U9 registration fee is $175.00. U10 thru U15 is registration fee is $315.00. 

  • All players must have current US Lacrosse membership ($25 for renewal). (Click here to be directed to US Lacrosse)
  • NEW PLAYERS U10 thru U15 receive 10% OFF.  
  • Family Discount $50 off additional family members.

REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) league fees, CYLA Championship tournament fees, referee costs, practice field rental and maintenance, team & league equipment (goals, balls, clocks, goalie equipment, etc.), coaching expenses, and administrative costs.  

WAITLISTED PLAYERS: Unpaid registrants will be wait-listed if payment is not received within 48 hours of your team’s first practice.

TOURNAMENTS - During registration you will be asked if your player is interested in playing any or all of the following tournaments; Warrior Jamboree; Colorado Cup and the Denver Shootout. Depending on the number of interested players will determine the cost of additional tournament fees. Please note that each team can choose to fundraise for the cost of the tournament fees. 

QUESTIONS?  Please contact or

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The CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association) will continue to use June 1st as the cutoff date for age-based classification. 

All players new to the CYLA in 2016 MUST complete online age verification through NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives). 

Any player who did not participate in CYLA play in spring 2015 must be verified in order to be eligible for league play.

AGE VERIFICATION:  All players who did not play for the Windsor CopperHeads in spring 2015 must complete our league-mandated age verification process. After completing registration, prepare a scanned copy of player's official proof of birth and click herehttp://www.ncsisafe.com.  

  • Click on "Start Your Athlete Age Verification" and then enter this registration number: 15648790

The CYLA has permanently adopted US Lacrosse rules regarding age-based classification. 

All players are required to provide official proof of birth date (birth certificate, passport, adoption papers, etc) before participating in sanctioned CYLA games. 

Click here to view official US Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Guidelines. 

We will set up teams at U15, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8 and U7 for the 2016 Spring season. U7 players may be grouped with U8 players. All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birth date.  No high school players are permitted to participate.

A player's eligibility for the 2016 Spring season is determined by his age on May 31, 2015.  

  • For example, any player born on or after June 1, 2002 is eligible to play U13.
  • A player born on or before May 31, 2002 is not eligible to play U13 and must play U15. 
  • Players who are "young" for their grade will still be permitted to play at that age level.  For example, a 4th grader who is age-eligible for U9 (ie born after 6/1/2006) can still play U10. 



Division Born on or after Grade Equivalency Max Stick Length
  u7#  6/1/2008  1st  37-42"
  u8  6/1/2007  2nd  37-42”
  u9  6/1/2006  3rd  37-42”
  u10  6/1/2005  4th  37-42”
  u11  6/1/2004  5th  37-42”, 47-54”
  u12  6/1/2003  6th  40-42”, 52-72"
  u13  6/1/2002  7th  40-42”, 52-72"
  u15  6/1/2000*  8th  40-42”, 52-72"

 # U7 players must be born before 5/31/2009. U7 players will be grouped with U8 players for spring 2016 play. 

* All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.
  9th graders are not eligible to play.



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