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Division Decision Statement


After the general meeting for Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC), held on November 3, 2015, the Board of Directors held a vote to determine the conference division for the 2016 season. Four options were introduced to club coordinators two weeks prior to the general meeting; the board welcomed feedback and discussion from coordinators during that time. The same options were given during the general meeting with an open forum for discussion. The lead purpose of the conference is to advance the sport of lacrosse in the western Maryland region; we are tasked with providing a healthful, enjoyable experience for not only the players but the parents and programs within the conference. In a 4-3 vote, the second divisional option was chosen. This option means that each WMYLC program will be required to enter an “A” division team as their first team, regardless of size or make-up of players within the program. Stats will be kept throughout the season, therefore allowing for our current end of season tournament design where there will both be an “A” and “B” conference champion. The decision is final; in conjunction with the conference committees (including, but not limited to the Rules, Sportsmanship and Disciplinary committee), additional rules and division specifics will be decided upon and communicated.

As always, the conference committees are volunteer-based; interest in joining a committee and shaping the future of the conference is encouraged. Interested individuals can contact WMYLC Secretary Hanna Benedict at 




The WMYLC Board would like to thank those Program Coordinators that participated on the Team Tier Committee.  The efforts and input of the committee members provided thoughtful insight to the issue at hand and different perspectives which resulted in the options presented. 

Roll Call of Vote:

President Tina Sanford:  Option 2
Boys' Coordinator Pete Greco: Option 4
Girls' Coordinator Matt Watkins: Option 1
Treasurer Charlie DeWitt: Option 2
Secretary Hanna Benedict: Option 4
Education Coordinator George Grillon: Option 2
Special Events Coordinator John Langley: Option 2

Results: 4 for Option 2; 2 for Option 4; 1 for Option 1

Discussion regarding the Options included the following points:

  • Granting of waivers was too subjective and could be swayed by perspective of sitting Board members
  • Manipulating the schedule for smaller programs is more manageable an less of a "judgement call" than the granting, or not granting, of a waiver
  • How would the Board handle teams that were granted a waiver only to have the circumstances of that team change prior to the season? (ex. Waiver granted because a program needs to pull up 6- U11 players to form a U13 team on February 1, but by February 15 that program now has sufficient numbers for their U13 team and has been granted a waiver to play at B)
  • Administration and oversight of waiver process
  • Eliminating a "Championship Tournament" for the Developmental Division could be construed has the division being "less important" than the Competitive Division and create a negative atmosphere

Each of our Program Coordinators/Commissioners are tasked with representing their program's best interests.  The Board appreciates that task and recognizes its importance.  The entire reason for the existence of a board is not to rubber stamp committees recommendations, but rather to take such recommendations under advisement, along with other related factors of concern to the organization as a whole, to pursue that course of action most beneficial to the organization.  There will be times when the "popular" option may not be in the best interest for the functioning, growth and health of the Conference over all. 

Thank You,

Tina Sanford

Peter Greco
Boys' Coordinator

Matthew Watkins
Girls' Coordinator

Charles DeWitt

Hanna Benedict

George Grillon
Education Coordinator

John Langley
Special Events Coordinator


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