Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC) works with local lax clubs in the western Maryland, West Virginia & Southern Pennsylvania region to provide education and improve the sport for both player, league and families.

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  • October Voting Meeting: October 4, 2016 at 7:00p Urbana High School (Portable 2)
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October Voting Meeting 

Here is a friendly reminder about the upcoming voting meeting

October 4th at 7:00p

Urbana High School, Portable 2.

We are inviting you to attend the October meeting as the decisions made that evening will set the tone for the upcoming season. All of the topics to be voted upon have been discussed; we will introduce the item to be voted upon, explain specifics and then vote. After reading the attached information and/or should you have questions, please submit them by September 30th and we will cut and paste them to send to everyone for their consideration on Monday, October 3rd.

  1. Board of Directors: I’ve attached a description of duties. We have had no further nominations. Currently the Board positions to be voted upon stands as:
    1. Commissioner/President: Tina Sanford
    2. Boys Commissioner: Pete Greco
    3. Girls’ Commissioner: Matt Watkins
    4. Secretary: Hanna Benedict
    5. Treasurer: Charles DeWitt
    6. Education Coordinator: Doug Agnes
    7. Special Events Coordinator: Ryan Hines


  1. 2017 Calendar
  2. Bylaws: comments need to be submitted by September 30th for consideration.
  3. Double Rostering: it was clear that we need to have a defined set of rules as last season there appeared to be a miscommunication and different take on the intention of the rule. Pete will have more information.  
  4. Additional Topics, time permitting
    1. Divisions
    2. Name Change. Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference is often confused with the Western Maryland Chapter of USL. We superseded the USL chapter but a name change may need to be considered in order to avoid confusion, create a more defined separation and to focus on what each program offers parents and players.


Based on the amount of things we need to vote upon, this meeting will primarily be a voting meeting with not much else to the agenda, unless specifically requested by a member program by September 30th. Time permitting, we may need to move the discussions to the November meeting.


While I have you, SAVE THE DATE: November’s mandatory meeting will be on Thursday, November 10th at 7:00p at Urbana High School

You can find all documents for the meeting here.


September General Meeting Summary


All Board positions are open every year. Nominations are open now and we will be voting on Board positions at the October meeting. 


We get it - people are busy. We're not looking for a lifetime commitment - just some fresh ideas, feedback and a little help to grow the game in the Western Maryland region. We have several committees that will hold meetings separately - Rules, Sportsmanship & Disciplinary, Education, Special Events (MLK, End of Season Tournament, All Star Game). Think about last season - did you like something? Want to change something? All are welcome.


We'll be discussing and voting upon the double roster issue in November. Do we move to state ID cards? Mandatory USL membership? This won't be a board vote - it will fall to the programs to decide what they want.


Mandated for Spring 2017: Each team in your organization for levels U11+ is required to have a coach with a completed USL Level 1 certification. For example, if your program has three (3) U11 teams, each team must have a Level 1 certified coach on each team. All program coordinators have known this; it was discussed all last season. Completed certification included the online courses, the PCA course, background check and the instructional clinic. This information is easily verified through USL.


Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00p.


Meeting agenda, minutes and treasurer report are available here.





by posted 09/12/2016
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