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Hello Falcon Families,


Saturday April 14th

Westwood High School

Some very important Information for Tomorrow's Event at Westwood High School.

***** 80 Degree Day expected to Support our fellow Falcon Teammate Ian Brown *****

***  2nd Most important Rule ***  There will be no parking behind Westwood High School.  The lot will be barecaded to prevent cars from going back there.  With so many people expected this will reduce the risk around the field.  So once you pull in to the High School you can just drop the kids off at the crux of the field and front of school and than park in the lot in front of the school or on the far side in the big parking lot.  

We will be having 5 games for our program wrapped around the 2 varsity games.  I appologize to the other 5 groups that will be traveling to Ramsey and Glen Rock for games but the time only allowed for 5 games across both the boys and the girls programs.

So those teams that are playing in Glen Rock and Ramsey we encourage you to come to Westwood High School after your games and support Ian and the rest of the programs.  Our instructionl program that just got started this week are all more than welcome to attend any or all of the games at the high school.  

Games will be pretty much be going all day with lots of raffles, t shirts for those who did not get a chance to order one earlier and food available on site.

There will be an annoncement between the Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys game Ian.

For our program the games are about competetion but more importantly for this day it is about helping those in need. 

With your help i assure you we will compete at our highest level and rise up in Support of Ian.

Looking forward to a great day of Lacrosse!

Go Falcons!!!

Game Schedule for tomorrow at Westwood High School:

9:00 am – 7th Boys vs. Glen Rock

10:10am – 8th Boys vs. Glen Rock

11:20am – 7/8 Girls vs. Ramsey

12:30pm – 5/6 Girls vs. Ramsey

3:00pm- WHS Girls Varsity

5:00pm- WHS Boys Varsity

7:00pm – 6th Boys vs. Glen Rock

Games schedule for away games:

@ Glen Rock

12 pm - 4th Grade Boys

1:15 pm - 3rd Grade Boys

2:30 pm - 5th Grade Boys

@ Ramsey

1 pm - 3/4 Girls



by posted 04/13/2018
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