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  • Thanks to all who attended the February Board Meeting.  Your input and involvement is appreciated!  The next Touchdown Club meeting is Monday, March 5, at 7 p.m. in the HS Harvard Room.            Mark your calendars for this important date:  The 2018  Parent/Player Informational Meeting will be held Wednesday, May 16, at 5:57 p.m. in the high school auditorium.  New and important information about the 2018 football program will be shared at this meeting.  Parents & players for grades 7-12 are expected to attend.
2018 Volunteers

Mason Football Needs Your Help for 2018!!

The Touchdown Club and Mason football teams are looking for many volunteers this year.  We would love to have volunteers from every grade. The list below will give you an idea of our needs.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the open positions, please contact Debbie Welsh or any other TDC board member.  For those that have already stepped up...Thank you!!  We are happy to answer your questions. 

2018 Mason Football Events/Chairpersons& Volunteers


1.      After Prom – April 21st - Heather Dalton (chair)   Volunteers:  Missy Church  Several more volunteers will be needed to help at After Prom.

2.      Food Coordinator for JV/Varsity – Pam Nigro & Tricia Haglage (shadowing)

Pam will take care of getting donations for JV/Varsity team dinners, coordinate post workout food, coordinate food for varsity players and coaches during Little Castner Camp Week, get her team together to serve JV/Varsity dinners, coordinate senior parent volunteers to help serve team dinners and much more. This is for senior parents only.

3.      Food Coordinator for middle school/freshman pre-game meals – Debbie Welsh (coordinator), Sarah Jacobs (rising 8th) – Team Moms will coordinate with their teams to get volunteers to help pick up food from Quatman’s and put sandwiches together.  Team Moms will also need a volunteer that can make sure pre-game dinners are at the school before the end of school on game days.

4.      Golf Outing – Mark Miller/Rick Schubert and team – August 4th - Volunteers will be needed day of the outing.

5.      Concessions – 2 Chairpersons needed

· Wednesday nights  - Sarah Jacobs – 4 volunteers to work concessions during middle school football games.

· Thursday nights – Coordinator needed – plus 4 volunteers to work concessions during freshman home games.

· Saturday mornings – Coordinator needed – plus 3 volunteers to work concessions during JV home games.

· Friday nights – 20 volunteers to work concessions during home varsity games.

6.      Heritage Parade – Joy Molinari -  Organize all football players in one area before parade begins. Distribute Jersey Mike’s coupons and mini footballs to boys to hand out on walk. This parade included all players…7th-12th, with the exception of JV (they will have a game).  Parade begins at 10am. Must be available at 8:30am – 11am.

7.      Homecoming – October 6thChairperson needed – Decorate the fence, stadium and Mason-Montgomery Rd. with ribbons and flags. Maybe have a small gift for cheerleaders (flower).

8.      Homecoming Parade – October 4thChairperson needed to coordinate decorating the trailer the seniors ride on, purchasing candy for the players to hand out and getting JV/Varsity players together for the parade.  

9.      Countdown to Greatness – July 30th – Pam Nigro and Debbie Welsh – volunteers will be needed to help serve dinner to everyone, will need volunteers for set up and clean up.  Volunteers: Kim Kraus, Jenifer Sawyer, Tricia Haglage

10.  End of Season Banquet (high school players) – November - Pam Nigro (Coordinates food for this event), Debbie Welsh (coordinates volunteers, table covering, etc) – Volunteers needed to help with set up (5) and clean up (5). One volunteer needed to purchase waters and get them to the large commons that afternoon.  

11.  Tailgate – All Varsity games - Chairperson needed to coordinate location of home and away locations for tailgate. At location early to set up table(s) and tent(s).

12.  Senior Mom’s night and Senior Dad’s night – August 9th and 16thChairperson needed

13.  Senior Dad’s Night: Organize sandwich, chips, dessert and drinks

14.  Senior Mom’s Night: Organize a light dinner and small gift       

15.  Senior Night Football Game – October 19th – Jenifer Sawyer (chair) Coordinate a reception in the end zone for senior parents and families. Order corsages for senior moms and small gift (cookie). Several volunteers needed to donate food. 3 volunteers needed to help set up for reception, serve and clean up.

16.  Shake Crew – All Varsity games – Jim Sipe (chair), Aaron Reed, Rich Lencyk.  Task is to purchase, ice down and deliver shakes and drinks for varsity players during half time and after games to varsity players.

17.  Helmet Crew – All Varsity games – Kevin Dalton (chair), Marc Orlando.  Task is to coordinate senior dad volunteers to blow up helmet at games, take down and put in storage.

18.  Monday Night and Saturday Morning Coaches Meals – 1 or 2 chairpersons needed to coordinate donated meals for our coaches. Send sign up genius for donated meals. Shop for plates, utensils and waters for the meals. Be at the school when donated items are dropped off.  Many volunteers needed to donate a dinner or brunch for 16-18 coaches.

19.  Split the Pot – Chairperson needed to coordinate volunteers to sell split the pot tickets before all home varsity games. Volunteers needed to sell Split the Pot tickets.

20.  Thank you notes – Kim Kraus

21.  Program sales – Chairperson needed to organize and work with printer to get programs ready on time, organize volunteers to help sell at home games. 6 volunteers needed for each home game to sell programs.

22.  MABA Representative – Alan Church  

23.  Spirit wear sales – Mandy Kaufhold (senior parent) – Need 1 parent (looking for a parent from 7th to 10th grade) to shadow Mandy this year and take over spirit wear for the 2019 season.

by posted 02/22/2018

Welcome to the 2018 Football Season!!

The new TDC board is excited to be working with all of our football families to help provide a great 2018 football year for our players and coaches!  We have talked with several football families and wanted to inform you of how we will be communicating with you for the next few months.

For those that we have sat down and talked, thank you for your honesty and your time.  In our talks with parents one word we consistently heard was “communication”.  Specifically, either too much, too little or miscommunication. We are working on a couple of changes for the way we communicate with you:

1. thelonggreenline.com website - The website will continue to be improved and updated with more information. There will be a calendar with all commitment workouts, TDC meetings and upcoming events.  As we get dates and times for games and practices, the website will be updated. 

2. Emails - For now, all emails pertaining to football and the TDC will come from the TDC board.  Our awesome team moms have the winter off. Heather Dalton, Andrea Ecoffey, Jen Lewis and Liesl Brown do so much before and during our game season and we are so grateful to have them working with us and with you! As we get closer to summer you will start receiving emails from your team moms.

We would like to thank the 2017 TDC board for their help in the transition to our new positions. Also, a huge thank you to Betty Jones for all of her hard work last year as 7th grade co-team mom and representing the TDC as secretary of MABA.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful. Please feel free to contact a board member with questions and/or comments.  We are hoping to see many of you at our next TDC meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, March 5th, at the high school Harvard Room.

Go Comets!


Dan Haglage, President

Mike Kaufhold, Vice President

Doug Bruser, Treasurer

Alan Church, Member at large/Alumni Facilitator

Debbie Welsh, Secretary

posted 01/31/2018
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