Coral Springs Flag football is Starting soon

The Coral Springs Flag Football season will be kicking off soon!


At this point in time, with the exception of the waitlisted players, you should have been contacted by your coaches.  Some coaches have even had "meet-and-greets" for team introductions.  If you have not been contacted, please email us at info@csffc.org.

Practice season starts on August 7th.  We are allowed to use Mullins Park fields M4-7 Monday-Friday from 6:00pm until 9:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am until 2:00pm.  Please keep in mind that each team is only allowed 4.5 hours of field time per week.  This will remain the same once regular season starts.  Your coaches will be in contact with you regarding dates and time for practice.

Please download the SI Play app to your smartphone for all details, events, practices, games and notifications throughout the entire CS Flag season.  You can find the app in your applicable app store.  Additionally, there is a link to the app on the home page of the CSFFC website.

We are hosting our First Annual Coral Springs Flag Football Jamboree on August 19th from 10:00am until 1:00pm at Mullins Park on Fields M4-7, which are located behind the Coral Springs Gym.  This is a family-oriented event filled with food, fun and games.  Additionally, we will have a specialized playing format for all CS Flag teams.  You will receive more information from your coaches shortly.

Regular season will start on August 28th.  Again, we are only allowed 4.5 hours of field time per week.  Each game will be considered 90 minutes.  Once the season starts, all practices will be located on field M5, which is directly behind the Coral Springs Gym.  The season will be a 14-game round-robin which means all teams will player each other at least two times.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@csffc.org.

Thank you.

by posted 07/26/2017
Dave Newman - Coach from 2000-2010

Dave Newman

Coached in CSFFC from 2000-2010

A few weeks ago, Dave Newman was diagnosed with Bulbar Onset ALS. ALS is an incurable neurodegenerative disease where the nerve cells that control the body’s muscles die. Bulbar ALS starts in the brainstem and works its way down affecting limbs, swallowing, speech, and eventually respiration. While fatal, we hold out hope for a stem cell transplant—currently being developed overseas and hopefully available to patients in late 2017—to provide a cure for this horrible disease.

Dave, age 48, is married to his sweetheart Jen and is a rock-star dad to five kids: Kris, Trevor, Brooke, Morgan, and Zach — always, ALWAYS putting his family above all else. Over the years, he’s been a cheer-dad, as well as a flag-football, rec soccer, city baseball, and city basketball coach here in Coral Springs. He’s been a constant support as a parent at All Saints Catholic School, Sawgrass Middle School, and JP Taravella High School. He’s the family cook, the family comedian, a friend to so many, the constant, and quite honestly…the glue.


And now, he needs us!


ALS is an incredibly fast-progressing disease. Unfortunately, as his condition deteriorates, Dave will be forced to stop working. His muscles will weaken—most likely landing him in a wheelchair—and his speech will become non-existent. 


The money raised will go to:

  • Technology for communicating if/when his voice is gone
  • Specially designed wheelchair
  • Stem cell transplant


According to the ALS Association, costs can range upwards of $150,000 to $200,000 per year to care for an ALS patient. This is before factoring in a $50,000 stem cell transplant. So literally, anything you give will be a tremendous help for both Dave and his family.


Let’s face it, ALS sucks! And no ice bucket challenge can immediately change Dave’s diagnosis, but with your help, we hope to provide him with a comfortable life (including all the devices he’ll need), until a stem cell transplant is approved. Dave is a fighter. If we can get him that far, we have no doubt he’ll beat ALS and provide hope to thousands of other ALS patients as well. 


Please, donate what you can, and with the power of social media, we hope you’ll share his story.


Click Here to Donate to Dave's FreeFunder page



Mike Gorelick



by posted 05/23/2017
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