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GLL Opening Day Newsletter

Hello Families of Georgetown LL!

Welcome to the Opening Day of another GLL season!   For returning famililes please check out the Lights Policy for this year.

I thought I would send a little note on what to expect and other items that the board feel are important for the season.  Please read the entire email especially for new families this year.

There will be NO bat swinging allowed anywhere outside of the fields/batting cages this year.  This includes fungo bats, hitting sticks and so on.  This will be enforced heavily this year. 
We will do our best to make the call by 4:30PM each day on whether the games will be canceled.  But we live in Michigan and we all know how the weather can change on the fly.  If we do indeed cancel games, everyone affected will get an email and/or text stating that game has been canceled.  The field status on the main page will be turned to Closed and we will put something on the floating marquee stating games are canceled.  We will also post on the Facebook Page.  If you also see a RED flag flying on the flagpole that also means that the fields are closed.  This includes practicing on them.

If games are playing and we are then hit with weather, the field director on duty will make the call on whether we are in a delay or cancel the games.  We will make an announcement on the PA system.  For the games on Field 1,2,3,4 we know that it can be VERY hard to hear sometimes depending on the wind.  Please make note that if you see other players leaving their fields to get off yours as well.

Dale Wagner Park is privately owned and has a NO PET RULE.  Please do not make the field director tell you that you have to put your animal in the car.  Please tell Grandparents and other relatives that animals cannot be at the park.  There are signs posted on this as well.  Note that the field director does the authority to ask a person the leave the complex if they do not follow instructions on this.
We are a tobacco free facility.  This also includes Vapor/E-Cigs


(I stole the above image, but it is too good to not post)
All of our Managers and Coaches and Board members are volunteers.  They will have put in countless hours before, during and after the season to ensure your son/daughter(s) have an enjoyable time during the season.  With that said we know you may not agree with everything they do but please keep it respectful with your disagreements.  Remember if it wasn't for them the season never starts.
Please understand that in our lower divisions the umpires are learning on the fly.  They WILL make mistakes.  Parents please do not badger them from the stands on calls you do not agree with.  This also applies to Managers and Coaches. 
The image below shows the layout of the fields.
Please note that the lights will get turned on the fields that have them at 7pm.  All other games will be completed at OFFICIAL SUNSET TIME FOR THAT DAY!  All current at bats will be completed and if that ends the game then that is the official score.  If the innning is still alive after the drop dead time, the score will revert to the end of the previous inning.
If you are a Facebook user please like our page and you will get updates there as well.
This year every board member, manager and coach had to take a concussion guidelines session.  In case of an injury to the head and the manager or coach deem the player to have a concussion or have concussion symptoms they will be removed from the game IMMEDIATELY and cannot play again until they get a signed note from their doctor.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this.  Parents, this is for their safety and you can complain and try to get them back on the field all you want they will not be allowed before we get a doctor slip.  This is a new Michigan mandate that we must follow.
Please try to keep your kids from playing in the trees.  We don't need them falling out of them.  Please do not allow them to throw balls against the dugouts as well.
We have new fences that were installed in 2015 on Fields 1, 8, 10, 11.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR KIDS FROM CLIMBING ON FENCES.  Do NOT let them hop over the fences to get on the fields quicker.  
Please note that the speed limit is 5MPH in the park.  Kids can and WILL run out from between cars.  Please keep your eyes open and obey the speed limit.  Also, in years past it has been common for cars to stop by the turn and let kids out.  Please do not do this anymore, it creates a massive backup each time.  Please park your car and them let people out.
Sunrise Ministries (church across the street) has been kind enough to let us park at their lot.  Last year we got a bill to replace Sprinkler Heads due to parents parking in their grass.  If we see you parked on their grass you will get called out on the PA System and asked to remove the car right away.
The person you see each night on the golf cart is the field director on duty that night.  They will handle all complaints.   They are in charge.  If they call a game due to darkness or other rules do not badger them.
This might seem like a lot but we do this at the beginning of each year and we feel this will be a good way to get everyone back on the same page with our rules.  But in the end we are here for the kids and the GLL Board hopes this season will be the best one yet!
GLL Board 


by posted 04/23/2018
SunRise Ministries Fundraiser

Georgetown Family,

The Church across the street from the Park is doing a fund raiser. They let us use their parking lot during the season. Please put on your calendars.




by posted 04/18/2018
Welcome to the 2018 Season!
Hello Georgetown Little League Families!
Welcome to the 2018 Little League Season!  It’s hard to believe we are gearing up for another fun season at the ballpark!  I hope you are as excited as we the Georgetown Little League Board are for this upcoming season!   Teams are formed, uniforms ordered and practices are getting underway!  
First and foremost, I want to thank all the people who have volunteered this year for our Little League.  With just shy of 1400 kids, we recognize the amount of time this takes, and appreciate all that you do to help make the season go great!   
Exciting things are happening at Georgetown Little League!  We will be hosting a State Tournament this year! We will post more information with regards to dates and game times as it gets closer!
Every year we hold two field clean up days to brighten up our fields before the start of the season.   This year, these dates are April 14th and 21st,  8:30am-12:30pm.   We would really appreciate you and your family coming out to help clean up the fields.  The more people we have, the less time it takes.   These fields are for our kids.   Come one day, or come both, but just come out.  Volunteering even for an hour not only helps our fields, but teaches our kids about the value of what we have here!  
Thanks again for being a part of the Georgetown Little League Family!
See you at the ballpark!
Sean Wright
Georgetown Little League

by posted 04/12/2018
Elite Baseball and Softball February Flyer


A Proud Sponsor for Georgetown Little League:


Elite Baseball and Softball February Flyer for Georgetown LL






by posted 02/05/2018
Special Training Offer from a great GLL Sponsor

Special Training Offer from a great Georgetown Little League Sponsor


“2017-18 Baseball Pitcher Training

with former Major League Pitcher Rick Kreuger”


When-Where: Monday-Friday 4:30 to 9:30pm; Sat. all day. KPS training facility on the second floor of Georgetown Bible Church located at 4114 Baldwin, Hudsonville, MI. (the SW corner of Baldwin & 40th Ave. in Georgetown Township).  This is our 20th year of professional pitching instruction!!

Who:   7 yrs. through Pro Players (Bring your bat, glove, extra shirt, sports drink,  & sneakers…no spikes)

Description:   Sessions are 45 minute lessons.  Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available.  A former Major League pitcher (Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, & Tokyo Giants), and Cornerstone University  Head Coach, Coach Kreuger will be your sole pitching instructor. As a former pitcher, Coach Kreuger knows the disciplines that a pitcher must deal with and has been very successful in teaching many pitchers the physical and mental mechanics needed to avoid injury and add 5-7 mph or more in velocity with control. Video analysis is a critical component to pitching since one cannot see the fastest movement in sports with the naked eye.  Your money is best spent in off season training versus indoor games… Pitching is a learned skill!


Pitcher Conditioning Class-contact Sarah Kreuger (616-841-1073) for times and availability


Sign Up: Visit our web site at www.kreugerbaseball.com and fill out upper tab “Application…then hit the“Submit” button and it will be forwarded to me..  Mail address:  KBS, 4664 Sheldon Ct., Hudsonville, MI. 49426.   Questions: call/text Coach Kreuger at 616-293-3773; E-Mail: .



“Pitchers Are Made In The Off-Season!”

“Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting”

“Humility Comes Before Honor” (Proverbs)



http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/4635/2017-18 Fall KBS Baseball Training Invitation.doc




by posted 01/19/2018
GLL 2018: Softball Face Mask Rule

Happy New Year GLL Parents, 

In the November 2017 GLL Board Meeting it was decided that Georgetown Little League would adopt the rule making it mandatory to wear a face mask when playing any infield position in the Softball Coach Pitch Division and above.

We feel that with the speed that the ball is thrown and hit, that facemasks have become a necessary part of the game to keep our girls safe from injury. 

Along with adopting this rule, the board decided that each equipment bag for each team would include two facemasks for players that do not have a mask available when it is their time to play the infield; between the two teams, there would be enough to play a game.

Thank you,

Dennis Vainavicz

GLL VP of Softball

by posted 01/09/2018

Sorry in Advance for really pounding this message, but if I can save one family from buying a $300 bat that they can't use in Little League, its worth it.





Little League has adopted new bat regulations for Baseball. Goto this link before you purchase a new bat.

Little League Bat Regulations

Please read before you purchase a new bat.



They've grandfathered all bats that are 26" or shorter, These bats do not need the USA Bat Label.






by posted 12/05/2017
Field Status
Georgetown 01 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
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Georgetown 05 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 06 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 07 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 08 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 09 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 10 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 11 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 12 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown 13 - Jenison OPEN (4/23) 
Georgetown Baseball Cage - Gtown LL OPEN (4/23) 
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