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 Bear Creek Junior Baseball Mission Statement

Bear Creek Junior Baseball offers the youth in our community the opportunity to play the game of baseball.  Our focus is on learning and mastering the fundamentals of the game.  We value competition that builds character through discipline, teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship.  Our goal is to teach every player the skills to succeed to the absolute limit of their ability.  We will strive to develop players with the skill and love of the game, to not only compete at the junior level, but to thrive at the next level as well.

BCJB 2016 Rosters

CPREP Upper-Fojut           CPREP Lower-Meiser     13/14AA-TBD            13AAA-Cedillo

1. W. Coffman                     1. C. Amori                      1. S. Beldock               1. A. Acosta

2. A. Von Grabow                 2. R. DeComa                  2. M. Emmitt               2. J. Cedillo

3. J. Fojut                            3. B. Frantz                     3. I. Hermosillo            3. M. Crabtree

4. K. Burnett                        4. B. Meiser                     4. C. Smith                  4. S. Leuthan

5. D. Reno                           5. N. Wunder                   5. D. Becker                 5. C. Lodice 

6. J. Nuanes                         6. G. Myers                     6. C. Schipper               6. A. Rodriguez

7. C. DiDonato                      7. T. Harvey                    7. V. Martinez               7. A. Valenzuela

8. E. Hall                              8. A. Marti                       8. A. Wagner                8. E. Gallegos

9. T. Copley                          9. A. Giovingo                  9. H. Gonzales              9. R. Diaz

                                           10. L. Mierra                    10. L. Ledezma             10. N. DeLauro

                                                                                                                     11. A. Brockmire

                                                                                                                     12. G. Naughton


12AAA American-Vigil        11Majors-Robberson        11AA American-Krutsch            10AAA Nat-Rodriguez 

1. C. Bennett                         1. D. Baca                          1. S. Cox                                    1. C. Brown

2. R. Burg                              2. S. Coffman                     2. E. Merritt                                2. D. Carlsen

3. K. Morthland                       3. E. Goldstein                   3. L. Munoz                                 3. E. Chapman

4. J. Pigati                              4. W. Gray                         4. N. Odum                                 4. L. Delzer

5. J. Rodgers                           5. M. Pratt                         5. T. Powers                                5. C. Ellis

6. S. Benavides                       6. C. Quercioli                    6. D. Van Buhler                          6. G. Parra

7. A. Larsen                            7. M. Salas-Aguila               7. J. Zuber                                  7. A. Rodriguez

8. M. Vigil                               8. T. Scoles                        8. C. Kisan                                  8. G. Schiff

9. T. Large                              9. C. Sherrill                       9. A. Pearce                                9. T. Strong

10. I. Zaccaro                         10. T. Tafoya                      10. B. Tesch                                10. J. Suarez

11. D. Joy                               11. E. Robberson                 11. E. Murray                              11. K. Strasser

12.  A. Chavez                                                                                                                    12. K. Torrez

                                                                                                                                         13. D. Lopez


9AAA National-Alvarez             9AA National-TBD                  12AA-TBD

1.T. Alvarez                                1. R. Delaney                           1. M.Castenon

2. J. Autry                                  2. K. Dirschl                             2. C. Jundt

3. A. Bryant                               3. L. Garcia-Dominguez             3. H. Perez

4. C. Callas                                4. M. Garcia-Dominguez            4. C. Schmidt

5. A. Campos                             5. K. Hlavnicka

6. Z. Hearn                                6. J. McKee-Forti

7. J. Moore                         7. W. Renz

8. J. Patterson                            8. D. Selah

9. I. Pratt                                   9. W. Schmidt

10. E. Romero                            10. N. Vigil

11. J. Lazalde                             11. C. Wingate





Foothills Weather Hotline for Schaefer Athletic Complex...........................303.409.2310
(also Weaver Hollow and Trappers Glenn are Urban Park Fields)

Foothills Weather Hotline for Clement Park.................................................303.409.2620

Lakewood Weather Hotline ............................................................................303.987.7778 
(The Link, Westgate and Jefferson Green )




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2016 Spring Season Important Dates
 BCJB/AYL 2016 Season Schedule: BCJB Registration Closes for...

Coaches and Parents: This website is a great tool for clubs to advertise...
2014/15 Bear Creek Junior Baseball Board
Baseball Director Troy...
  The hitting facility for BCJSA baseball teams is located...
2016 Spring Season Important Dates

 BCJB/AYL 2016 Season Schedule:

BCJB Registration Closes for 2016 Team tryouts- October 16, 2015

Tryouts for 2016 Spring 8-14 year old teams- Sunday October 18th, 2015

Back up date(weather) for 2016 tryouts- Sunday October 25th, 2015

1st Players Fee's Installment Due- November 20th, 2015

Registration opens for our Minors Program (5-8 year olds)- January 1st, 2016

Winter Hitting Sessions for participating BCJB teams- January 4th, 2016

Last Players Fee's Installment Due- January 20th, 2016

Pitching Armory Player/Coach Clinic Presented by BCJB- Jan 30th/31st, 2016

No Play Dates due to BCJB/AYL – February 17th

AYL Baseball Schedules posted:

C-Prep–February 22nd 

AA/AAA/Majors–March 18th

BCJB Fields Open/Outdoor Practices Begin- March 1st, 2016

C-Prep season opener – March 7th

Bear Creek Ice Breaker Tournament 3-Game (CABA)- April 2nd & 3rd

AYL Spring Blast Tournament–April 2nd

3 Game Guarantee (Included in league play/fees for our AAA/MAJ teams)

12 - 13 MAJORS/AAA season opener - March 7th 

8 - 11 MAJORS/AAA season opener – April 4th

AA Season opener – April 8th

C-Prep rosters are Frozen! - April 13th

AA/AAA/M rosters are Frozen! – May 4th

AYL Veterans Memorial Tournament–April 30st

3 Game Guarantee (Included in league play/fees for our AAA/MAJ teams)

Last day C-Prep – May 6th

C-Prep Playoffs – May 9th through the 13th

C-Prep World Series–May 17th Lower/May 18th Upper

Bear Creek Memorial Day Tournament 4-Game(CABA)- May 28th & 29th

Last day AA–June 12th

AA Playoffs –June 18th, 19th // June 25th and 26th

Last day AAA/Majors–June 9th

AAA/Majors Playoffs–June 13th through the 16th 

AYL World Series: AAA/Majors – June 21st and 22nd (June 23 is a IF date)

AYL World Series: AA – June 27th - 28th (June 29 is a IF date)

Important Dates:

AYL/BCJB Rockies Night–June 5th–TBD

AYL/BCJB Coaches meetings–TBD

by posted 09/01/2015

Coaches and Parents: This website is a great tool for clubs to advertise team needs; camps, players, equipment, ect.  This is designed to be a one stop “All Colorado” baseball site for all info on baseball.  Thank you in advance for your support!


by Stephanie Ruiz posted 07/13/2015
2014/15 Bear Creek Junior Baseball Board
Baseball Director
Troy Robberson
Assistant Baseball Director Jeff Pigati 303.564.5854
Fall Baseball Director
Ray Rodriguez
Minor Baseball Director Josh Tafoya 720.345.1594
Secretary Wendy Coffman 303.946.5463
Treasurer (Open Position) Teresa Reno 303.589.2644
Scheduler/Registrar Kenda McLennan  
AYL/League Representative Tom Meiser 303.298.1471
Equipment/Tryout Coordinator Luis Cedillo  












by Stephanie Ruiz posted 11/15/2014


The hitting facility for BCJSA baseball teams is located at  CATALYST SPORTS

Visit their website by clicking here or http://gocatalystsports.com/


by posted 11/16/2013
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Baseball Tournaments
Bear Creek Junior Baseball has partnered with CABA Colorado again for the 2014 season.

Look for for the Bear Creek Ice Breaker and Bear Creek Memorial Day tournaments on the CABA 2014 Schedule. Please help us support Bear Creek Junior Baseball by participating in these tournaments.


Go to www.cabacolorado.com for details

Field Status
Addenbrook Park - Lakewood TBD (11/26) 
Columine West - Littleton TBD (11/26) 
Green Gables Par - Lakewood TBD (11/26) 
Indoor Facility TBD (11/26) 
Jefferson Green - Lakewood TBD (11/26) 
Kendallvue - Morrison TBD (11/26) 
Louisvill Complx - Louisville TBD (11/26) 
Rockies Field - Denver TBD (11/26) 
Schafer Complex - Lakewood TBD (11/26) 
The Link - Lakewood TBD (11/26) 
Trappers Glenn - Littleton TBD (11/26) 
Weaver Hollow - Morrison TBD (11/26) 
Westgate - Lakewood, TBD (11/26)