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Summer Lacrosse Camps

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about LZ Lacrosse Youth Summer Camps

Boys and Girls Programs

K-9th Grade!

4 Sessions to fit busy summer schedules

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Session 1 begins 6/13

Session 2 begins 6/20

Session 3 begins 6/27 - Girls ONLY

Session 4 begins 7/11

by posted 06/15/2016
JV Boys Lacrosse League


- This is summer, so let’s remind all of our guys that we don’t need big hits

- There will be no penalty time served, if a flag is thrown then that player will sub off, but we will remain even. While that player is subbing off the whistle will be blown and the offensive team will have a few seconds in a man up situation

All Games Played at:

Glenbrook North High School


JUNE 16th                               June 20th

Stadium                                  Stadium

4:30pm NT1 vs GBS                 4:30pm GBN 1 vs NT 1

5:10pm NT 2 vs LZ                5:10pm Loy 1 vs GBS

6pm GBN 1 vs Loy 1                6 pm Loy 2 vs LZ

6:45 GBN 2 vs Loy 2                6:45pm GBN 1 vs GBN 2


June 27th                              June 30th

Stadium                                Stadium

4:30pm Loy 1 vs NT 1            4:30pm GBN 1 vs Loy 2

5:10pm GBN 1 vs GBS           5:10pm Loy 1 vs GBN 2

6 pm LZ vs NT 2                  6 pm NT 1 vs LZ

6:45pm GBN 2 vs NT 2          6:45pm NT 2 vs GBS


Tournament on July 8th

We will play games at maple, as well as in the stadium.

We will have a seated winner/loser bracket tournament that will guarantee each team 2


by posted 06/15/2016
Looking to get involved? We need you!
After serving the LZLC community for several years, Bess Beyer is stepping down from her position as Financial Coordinator.  We are actively looking for someone to take her place to help run the club’s finances.  If you are interested in getting involved, please review the job description below and contact Jim Vaselopulos at  Here is a list of the main duties:
  • Manage day-to-day expenses of the club including paying coaches, reimbursements, league fees, bills, etc.
  • Assist with registration system, including collecting fees, answering questions, providing refunds, and correcting errors.
  • Ensure all coaches are in compliance with completing required background checks.
  • Purchase insurance for specific club functions
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Handle cash flow and make bank deposits

This position will completely fulfill your family's required volunteer hours and is an ideal position for a youth parent to learn more about the club and provide valued input.

by posted 06/14/2016

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As you can see, the Thrive Project for America training conducted by Navy SEALs and former military personnel was a powerful experience for our players. That’s why we captured the experience and lessons learned in the book, “Lake Zurich Lacrosse Club Guide to Winning Lacrosse and the Game of Life. Lessons learned from Thrive Project for America Training.” The book will be published on and made available to the public for $19.95 in paperback and $4.99 for Kindle.


We Need Your Help

​Help us spread the word about LZ Lacrosse’s commitment to developing responsible and productive young men and women and help other organizations benefit from Thrive Project for America’s training.

The book provides a visual showcase of the challenging activities our players encountered including:

  • The Navy SEAL Challenge – 1.5 mile run, pushups and sit-ups
  • Team Relays
  • Classroom instruction
  • Pin ceremony

Discover how this training can help make our Lake Zurich Lacrosse players better at lacrosse and help them succeed in life. The players’ comments about the training are both informative and inspiring. Every lacrosse player, at any age, can benefit from these lessons learned and personal insights.

Get Your Copies Now and Support Lake Zurich Lacrosse Club


LZ Lacrosse families, friends and sponsors can order directly from the club and receive a 75% discount. Books will be delivered at the awards banquets May 25th and 26th.

  • Every book purchased helps the Lake Zurich Lacrosse Club because we receive all royalties and profits.
  • Players will want the book to reinforce what they learned and to reflect on this unique team building experience.
  • Parents, family members and friends will want this book to gain insights into the simple yet powerful messages delivered during the Thrive Project for America’s training.
  • Sponsors will want the book to show their support for LZLC and to spread the word about how lacrosse can provide a foundation of teamwork and leadership that can last a lifetime. 

To receive your copy by May 25th, place your order by May 18thGo to: 

by posted 05/14/2016
Practice Pinnies

All players, other than incoming Freshmen or new players, should have their practice pinnies that were assigned last year.  If you have lost yours, it is your responsibility to contact Melon Ink to order a new one and cover the cost.  

Boys that played Frosh in the 2014 spring season can contact Andrew at Melon Ink for their pinnie number. 
Boys that played JV or Varsity will use the number from their uniform from the 2014 season. 
All new Girls will be issued new pinnies in the 2015 season. 

  Contact Andrew Malinowski at Melon Ink

100B Oakwood Road
LakeZurich, IL 60047-1524
Phone: (847) 726-0003
Fax: (847) 540-8477

by posted 02/27/2015
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Help us spread the word about LZ Lacrosse’s commitment to developing responsible and productive young men and women and help other organizations benefit from Thrive Project for America’s...