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North Shore Vipers Highlights!

Open House with the North Shore Vipers

Monday - February 13th

U10 and U12 - (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)

7:20 - 8:10pm


8:20 - 9:10pm

Location - Breakaway Ice Center

Registration - available at Register Online



From Page 132 of the USA Hockey Annual Guide.


Rules & Regulations Section, Section III, Paragraph B.


B. Tryouts/Player Selection Tryouts for all Tier I & II 14U-18U Youth and 14U-19U Girls Teams 
Effective as of the 2017-18 season, no youth or girls Tier I or Tier II team may recruit or solicit players or offer contracts to players for the following season, or hold development camps, tryouts, player selections or any activity that could be construed as a tryout/solicitation or recruitment for the following season, until 48 hours after the last game of Youth National Championships (both Tier I and Tier II Nationals must be completed). 

For example, if the National Tournament ends at 4 pm on Monday, tryouts can begin after 4 pm on Wednesday. Any violation of this prohibition may subject the coach, team, program and/or responsible administrators to appropriate discipline, or ineligibility of the team or coach, as determined by the Affiliate. Except for spring or summer season hockey, Affiliates are strongly encouraged to have rules for house, recreational and other youth and girls hockey teams that are not registered as Tier I or Tier II teams, prohibiting tryouts or player selection until after a certain date that is appropriate for such Affiliate.

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