Welcome to the Triad Blackhawks online registration system website. The videos below will give you an overview of the registration process.

Please note that the Triad Blackhawks may, in their discretion, move players among age classifications based upon physical size, skill, and maturity.  All such decisions will be made in the interest of player development.

Please also note that the Triad Blackhawks may reject a registration or suspend or dismiss a player if it is determined that past or current attitude or behavior makes that player unsuitable for the Blackhawks program.  

Misrepresentations made in the registration process and violations of the Triad Blackhawks Code of Conduct are grounds for suspension or dismissal from the program without refund.

The Blackhawks primary field location is Cash-Bagley Fields, 4700 Old Hollow Road, Kernersville, but the Blackhawks may in their discretion conduct program activities at other locations.

All fees are non-refundable.

No registration is complete until full payment is made.  Incomplete registrations will be deleted.

All registered players will receive a reversible Blackhawks pinnie.  Other apparel will be available for sale separately.

For further information about the Blackhawks programs, please go to triadblackhawks.com.

The Triad Blackhawks welcomes players of all experience levels, including new players.



DavCo Spring Team 2018

The Blackhawks will field a high school competition team under the name of DavCo ("Davidson County) in spring 2018 for 9th through 12th graders (and 8th graders in limited cases) for any players whose schools do not have a lacrosse team.  The primary field location will be Arcadia Athletic Complex, 1365 Community Road, Lexington, NC.

Updated information about the team appears at DavCo Lacrosse.

Player may NOT play for the spring DavCo team and for a school team.

Players who are academically ineligible to play for their schools may practice with the team but may not participate in games unless and until they restore their academic eligiblilty to the satisfaction of the Triad Blackhawks.

Players are expected to attend all games and practices except in limited cases where attendance has been excused in advance.

Spring practices will begin on Tuesday, February 13, 2017 and games will begin at the end of February and end by the end of April.  The Blackhawks plan to play approximately 10-12 games.

Players are responsible for travel to out-of-town games.   

The Blackhawks plan to establish and enforce academic requirements on its players.

The cost of this program is $200 (with a $25 discount for registrations received by January 31). Each player will receive a reversible pinnie and use for games of a DavCo game jersey.  Each player is otherwise expected to provide his own equipment. For new players, the Blackhawks have equipment that may be borrowed on a short-term, first-come, first-served basis.

Violations of the Blackhawks Code of Conduct by either player or parent is grounds for dismissal from the program.

All fees are non-refundable.

Base Cost: $200.00

Opened: 01/16/2018

In Grades: 7 to 12 for 2017-18 School year