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Ridgefield Bantam A - Game Schedule New Item
by Dana Moreau on 7/21/2018

Ridgefield’s Bantam A will be a lower tier 4 (30-50 ranking ) but it is always hard to tell.
Please reach out to trade notes / book games.
-Dana Moreau

Northeast Huskies Mite B1 looking to schedule games New Item
by Steve Poulin on 7/21/2018


I am the Coach for the Northeast Huskies Mite B1 team. We’re looking for games for the upcoming season. They are all 1st year travel kids and range from 5-7 years old. We play our home games as Storrs on the Uconn campus. If interested in playing please contact me.
We have home ice available Saturdays  from   10/20/2018 through 12/2/2018 
at 820-920
Sunday’s from
at 820-920
 Steve Poulin 

Girls U14 Tier 2 Open Roster Spot
by Paul Dolynchuk on 7/20/2018

Are you a Star?

Looking for a top-tier player ready to compete at the select level for the new Wonderland Stars

  • Birth year 2004 or 2005

  • Backed by two great hockey programs - Wonderland Wizards & Southern CT Stars

  • Emphasis on player development, 2-3 practices per week

  • CHC Tier 2 and CGHL

  • Fantastic roster of players

  • Head Coach Michelle Marella - Head Coach Lauralton Hall, Professional Skating Coach, former Sacred Heart University D3 player

  • Home games and practices shared between Milford Ice Pavilion and The Wonderland of Ice (Bridgeport)


If interested, please contact Paul Dolynchuk 201-249-0315 or


Simsbury PW B Looking to Schedule Games
by Ann Buckley on 7/20/2018

Simsbury will have two PW B teams - blue and gold. These teams will be made up of primarily 1st year PW and a few new to travel from house. If you think we will be a good match let me know. I can schedule with one or both teams. We can host or travel both Sat and Sun.

Schedule is wide open! 

Bantam Games Wanted
by Lawrence Vieira on 7/20/2018

The Southern Stars A team is looking to schedule games. If interested please email me at

We are Southerns 2nd team and are comprised of mostly first year Bantams.

Salisbury PW B and SQ B looking to schedule games
by Matthew Atkinson on 7/19/2018

Our season starts weekend of 11/3. We have ice for PW every Sunday at 2:15 and Squirts at 1:00. Great facilities! We can travel Saturdays starting 11/3 also. Let me know if interested. Thanks!


Central Squirt AA now scheduling
by Matthew Parker on 7/19/2018

*All Saturday home game times

September 9:20am

October - November 11:40am

December thru February 12:50am

Schedule is open as of now

Matthew Parker - - 860-930-1306

Ridgefield Squirt A now scheduling
by Sam Williams on 7/19/2018

We are the second of four teams in the program and were ranked 33rd last year.  This year's team will be significantly weaker than last year's team.  Probably 15 slots lower in the rankings.  Probably more like an A1 team.  


We are fine with some "reach" games for us or for our oponents.


Schedule is wide open.  Please call to hash out game dates.




Sam Williams


Ridgefield PWA1 now scheduling
by Sam Williams on 7/19/2018

We are the third of four teams in the program and were ranked 66th last year.  Half the team is second year Peewees coming up from our Peewee B team last year and the other half are first year Peewees coming from last year's Squirt A team (2nd of four teams).  We are probably an A1- / B+ team.


We are fine with some "reach" games for us for our oponents.


Schedule is wide open.  Please call to hash out game dates.




Sam Williams


Western Jr. Colonials 2018 Half Year Midgets looking for players
by Dana Colwell on 7/19/2018


Only a few spots remaiing on our roster!


If you are birth year 2002, 2003 or 2004 High School Hockey player and would like to play on a team prior to the start of the High School season ….

  • 8 - 10 game season
  • 1 -2 practices per week
  • Season will start late August and end at the end of November, prior to the High School season
  • All home games and practices will be held at the Danbury Arena in Danbury, Ct
  • Possible tournament Play


If interested please use the below link for FREE registration

Simsbury PeeWee A1 looking to schedule
by Ann Buckley on 7/18/2018

Simbury PWA1, a middle to low Tier 3 team is looking to schedule games for 2018-2019. Please contact me if you are interested in playing us.


Simsbury PW A1 can host:

















Simsbury PeeWee A looking to schedule
by Ann Buckley on 7/18/2018

Please contact me if you are interested in playing this strong Tier 3, weak Tier 2 team.


Simsbury PW A can host:

10/13, 11/4, 11/10 11/17, 12/9, 12/15, 1/13, 1/20, 2/2, 2/10, 2/17, 2/23, 3/2, 3/10

Simsbury PW A can travel:

10/14, 10/20, 10/28, 11/03, 11/18, 12/01, 12/08, 1/19, 2/9, 2/16, 2,24, 3/3, 3/9



Gulls Pee Wee 'B' Seek Games
by Marc Hedquist on 7/17/2018


  The Long Island Gulls Pee Wee White 'B' Team comprised of nearly all 07's is seeking to fill its schedule.

   We can travel 9/15,9/16,10/28,11/3, 11/10,11/11,12/8, 12/22,1/12,1/13

  We Can Host 9/8, 12/2, 1/20

  If interested/available please contact Manager Joe Vieira at


  Thank you

 Coach Marc Hedquist

Greenwich Skating Club Pee Wee A looking to schedule
by John Horton on 7/17/2018

Hi the Greenwich Skating Club Pee Wee A team is looking for Tier III/IV match ups CHC only.  We are a young Pee Wee A team with roughly 1/2 the team made up of 07s.


Can Host

10/7, 10/28, 11/10, 11/17, 12/16, 1/11, 1/12, 2/1, 2/24


Can Travel

12/1, 12/8, 1/13, 2/3, 2/23


Please email me at




South Windsor Bantam A looking to schedule
by jeanne heslin on 7/16/2018


South Windsor Bantam A is looking to schedule home and away slots.  We have home ice Sundays thru November and Saturdays December thru February.


Girl Goaltenders Needed U14A and U12A
by Brent Brower on 7/16/2018

Greenwich Skating Club is looking for Girl Goaltenders for our Tier 2 U14 and U12 girls teams.

Reduced hockey fees for goalies and includes weekly Procrease Clinics and Procrease practice instruction.

For more information please contact Brent Brower--

Palisades Predators Available Ice
by Palisades Predators on 7/15/2018

Hello All

Palisades Predators have our home/away slots available

Please contact us to schedule NL games:

8U - A/B/C:

10U - A1/B:

14U - A:

16U - A/A1:

Thanks in advance and enjoy the summer



ECHO Bantam A scheduling
by Stephen on 7/15/2018

We are looking to schedule ... home ice Sunday 1.30 pm at Bolton ice palace.


GNHW Bantam A1 Scheduling
by Nick Sczerbinski on 7/13/2018

New to the scheduling game, looking to fill my schedule for Greater New Haven Bantam A1s. 


We have Sunday home slots at Northford.


Currently have all dates open, let me know what you have available.

Southern Stars Pee Wee Goalie & Skaters
by Bob Fortier on 7/9/2018

The Southern Stars ( Milford CT) are looking for a goaltender for the upcoming season for their Pee Wee B team, experience at the travel level is not needed 


We are also looking for a couple more skaters. 


email if interested 

08 Jr. T-birds open dates
by Nick on 7/9/2018

 I know its still summer and a lot of people aren’t thinking about hockey yet. Neither was I until our schedule came out and we have open dates to fill. Im hoping to get a jump on this hence why the early post.

Dates we can host/travel:







Dates we are open but would need to travel:






If interested please contact me.





Bantam Goalie Needed
by Michael Pollack on 6/20/2018

South Windsor Youth Hockey is in need of a Bantam goalie.  If you are interested in a full-time Bantam goalie position, please contact Michael Pollak at either (860) 916-8969 or

by Cathy Schroeter on 6/6/2018

EHYHA has a couple of spots open for players.  If interested please contact Ray Marsico or Allan Schroeter at or 203-214-5370.

Southern Stars Mite A Open Roster Spot
by David Burr on 5/15/2018

The SCYH Stars Mite A team has 1 roster spot open for the upcoming 2018-19 season (Birth Year 2010 and 2011).

If there are any players out there that have not yet commited to a team and are interested in the spot, please contact Head Coach Dave Burr at for more information.

Pee Wee A team Goalie needed
by Billy Garfield on 4/6/2018

The Southern Connecticut Youth Hockey League is looking for a Pee Wee A team goalie. Also, any Pee Wee or Squirt skaters still looking for a team to skate on for the 2018-2019 season, please contact Billy Garfield at 203-410-4939 or

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