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Embedding a Twitter Widget

Get the embed code
  1. Log into your Twitter account on
  2. Go to your Twitter Settings page.
  3. Click on Widgets.
  4. Click on Create New.
  5. Choose which type of widget you want to create.
  6. Add your domain, customize the widget and click Create Widget.
  7. Copy the embed code.
Embed the Widget on your Homepage.
  1. Go to: Admin > Configuration > Homepage Widgets on your LeagueAthletics Website
  2. Add a "Free Form" widget.
  3. Click to edit your new widget, and click the "Source" button.
  4. Add this simple snippet of HTML to the source:

    <div style="height:600px;">
       Paste your Twitter embed code here

  5. Save the widget and log out to view it in action.