Category: Security & Passwords

This area is used to specify passwords for access to your site and also designate responsible persons who will receive notification of site changes. The site has several standard passwords as well as the ability to create custom Admin Roles with a custom set of privileges.

Administration Roles
You can create and manage multiple security roles and specify their privileges using the tools in this area. The window lists security roles that have already been set up. The buttons next to the window are used to add a new role, copy the highlighted role, edit the highlighted role or delete it. Click the Add button to create a new role. The resulting page provides space for the roles's name (this is not a username), the actual password itself and below that, a list of privileges that can be selected.

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You can create specialized roles to be used by certain personnel in your program. For instance, you might want to create a role for your club's registrar that grants access to all member related areas of the site but not to other areas such as scheduling or messaging. Similarly, you might want a scheduler's role that didn't allow access to member functions. With custom security roles and ala carte privilege selection, you have a great deal of control over access to the website.

Once roles have been created, you can then select members to take on these roles. Find a member using Members > Lookup, and select the security role for this member on their record in their Security tab. When they log in to the site with their email address and personal password, they will now have access to these Administrative capabilities. Email addresses and personal passwords are the preferred method for members to login to your website.
Coach/Manager Rights
When you first assign coaches and managers to teams, they automatically have default rights to manage their team in the website. Once assigned, they can login with their email address and personal password and do not need any role to be created or unique password for their team. To define what coaches can and cannot do, set the global options below.

  • All managers can
    Use the check boxes below to set which rights managers can have in the site. Anything selected here would be granted to all coaches or managers for their respective team(s).
    • Edit Game Results - Allows coaches/managers to enter/edit Game Results for their team's events.
    • Edit Player Statistics - Allows coaches/managers to enter/edit Player Stats for members on their team.
    • Edit Facility information - Allows coaches/managers to add new facilities and edit existing facilities in the site.
    • Add New Members - Allows coaches/managers to manually add new members to the site's database.
    • Edit Member information - Allows coaches/managers to edit member information for players/parents associated with their team.
    • Post General Events - Allows coaches/managers to post general events to their team's Calendar.
    • Upload Team Documents - Allows coaches/managers to upload documents to their team's Documents page.
    • Upload Pictures - Allows coaches/managers to upload pictures to their team's Pictures page.
    • Upload files in messages - Allows coaches/managers to upload files to messages when broadcasting them to their team.
    • Make Roster assignments - Allows coaches/managers to add and remove members from their team's roster.
    • Add, Edit & Delete Team Pages - Allows coaches/managers to add/edit/remove additional pages to their team area, other than the standard pages.
    • View Officials' assignments - Allows coaches/managers to view officials assigned to games for their team.
    • Verify Officials on Results form - Allows coaches/managers to verify officials attended an event when entering game scores.
    • Make Officials' assignments - Allows coaches/managers to assign officials to games their team is involved in.
    • View Email Log - Allows coaches/managers to view an email log of messages they have sent from the site.
Officials' Password
The Officials' password field can be used to restrict access to your site's "Officials Area" page. If (and only if) you enter a password here, visitors will be prompted to log in with this, or an admin password before they can access this page. Also, if an Officials' password is used, the game details page will not show the assigned officials unless you are similarly logged in.
Roster Password
This allows global access to all team rosters and team documents. Access to rosters is restricted to protect the privacy of the association's members. In addition, individual members can opt not to have their information displayed. This password should only be entered if you want all members on your teams to use a single password to access all rosters on the site. If this is not entered, members of teams will still be able to access their rosters using their email address and personal password on their account.

There is also a space where you can enter an optional prompt for the roster password. You can give a clue here that club members would know the answer to but not outsiders.
Responsible Parties
These fields are used to specify the email address(es) of persons within your organization whom you want to monitor the web site. Whenever news items, team bulletins, or exchange items are posted, a copy will be sent to the address(es) listed below. This allows those in charge to immediately know if inappropriate material is being posted and to take action if it is. In addition, submissions on the Feedback page will be sent to the addresses listed here as well.
Scheduler's Email
Use this field to specify the email address of whomever is in charge of scheduling in your organization. After team schedules have been published, the scheduler will be emailed by the web site whenever any game is changed. This allows the person in charge to keep track of changes as they occur. In general, you only need to fill this out if you have more than one person doing the scheduling. You probably don't want to be bombarded with emails about changes you did yourself.

Note: Add multiple email addresses in this field separate by a comma if more than one person should receive these messages.
Officials Assignor's Email
Use this field to specify the email address of whomever is in charge of scheduling referees in your organization. This person would receive notifications each time someone was assigned to an event or declined an assignment to a game.

Note: Add multiple email addresses in this field separate by a comma if more than one person should receive these messages.