Category: Generate a Schedule

The Scheduling module will generate a schedule based on the parameters entered. The system can automatically create a practice schedule for a given set of teams, a balanced "Round-Robin" type schedule - where each selected team plays each other a specified number of times, a "Best Fit" if there isn't sufficient time for full round robins, a tournament series where multiple games are played each day - or a Single/Double-Elimination tournament - in which case, Tournament Brackets will be created and appear in each selected team's area.

This service is designed for organizations that need to create/generate their own schedules. Organizations that receive their schedule from a third party or create their schedule offline should use either our Import or New Games tool to enter schedules into the site.

First, on the initial page, you will have access to the Schedule Rules Control Panel. This view will allow you to Add a new Rule or change an existing rule. If there are no rules that have been created, the control panel will appear with only an "New Rule" button as shown below:

Otherwise, if rules have already been established and saved, the control panel will appear as a listing of these previously saved rules along with additional control options. See below:

Add Rule
This button will always be available from the Scheduling Control Panel. Click this button when adding a new rule.
Clone Rule
If you are creating multiple, similar rules, this tool can be a time saver. Simply select the rule that you wish to copy and press this button. A new rule will be created, with the same name and parameters as the one selected. There will be a number after the new rule indicating the number of times that the rule has been cloned. See the example below:
This tool will allow you to make changes to an existing rule that has been previously saved. Optionally, you can also select to Generate the schedule from the Edit view.
Show Events
By selecting a rule and then clicking this button, you can view the events that been created using this rule.
Delete Rule
Deletes the selected rule
Delete Events
Deletes all events that were created by the selected rule.