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Members of the Officials team are unique members of your organization. Unlike other members who are scheduled to games as part of a team, Officials are scheduled to games as individuals, which can often be a difficult task. With the system, you can overcome such scheduling obstacles as:

  • Having the correct Officials assigned to the appropriate game
  • Officials' availability
  • Scheduling conflicts, including conflicts caused by transportation time from one venue to another
  • Reminding Officials of scheduled assignments.

When used to its fullest, the system allows Administrators to create rules that specify the quantity of a specific Officials' position for a specific "Game" type. Members assigned to the Officials team can select days and times they are available to work and optionally (at the discretion of the Administrator), assign themselves to games they qualify for. Administrators can use these rules to assign Officials to games based on their position and availability.

There are two ways an official can be assigned to an event:

  1. Assigned by an administrator of the site.
  2. Or they can assign themselves (if this option is enabled).

Before you start assigning, you'll need to check:

  • That you have Officials (Umpires, Referees, etc.) in your database and assigned to the Officials team. It is best to have them entered with as much information as possible, most importantly, with a valid email address. If no email address is entered, your officials will not be able to access the Officials Area.
  • Make sure all team assignments on the Officials team are accurate. Only eligible members, based on positions selected when creating a rule, will be able to be assigned to a particular game.
  • Make sure that all Facility information is up to date with correct zip code information and address, if possible. If you have a multi-field/court/rink facility that you are listing as separate facilities, such as "ABC Upper Field" and "ABC Lower Field" make sure that they have the same address listed.
  • You must have the Master Schedule tool activated on your homepage. This can be done in the Admin area of your site. By default, all sites have this feature activated when started.
Creating a rule
In order to assign, you must first create a rule or rules for assigning Officials. This is done in the Addmin > Scheduling > Define Officials Rules section. On the initial page of this section, you can add a new rule or edit an existing rule, by clicking on the "Add a new Rule" link or the name of the existing rule, respectively.
Assigning Officials
If you have chosen not to allow Officials to assign themselves to games, Officials will have to be assigned by an Administrator with rights to Assign Officials.
Self Assignment
If you have chosen to allow Officials to assign themselves, they must do so on the Master Schedule page. Here are the steps that they need to follow:
  1. Sign in to the Officials Area or the Master Schedule with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password or have never signed in before, enter only your email address and the system, will email the password to the address, provided the address given matches the address of an assigned member of the Officials team.
  2. Once signed in, make sure that you fill out the General Availability form. This lets schedulers know when you are available to work. If no selections are made, it is assumed that you are available at all times.
  3. Go to the Master Schedule page (located on your homepage). Any open assignment that you qualify for will have a drop-down selection in the Officials ("Ofl") column
  4. Select the game you wish to assign yourself to and select "Assign" from the drop down list. If you wish to un-assign yourself from a previously assigned game, select "Not Assigned".

Officials Login and Availability
Once a rule has been created, members of the Officials team can specify times when they are available to work games. By doing this, a large amount of scheduling conflicts can be eliminated. In order to do this, they will have to log into the officials area using their email address and password. If they have previously used the online registration tool to register either themselves or a child, they can use the same password they established in that section. If they have forgotten that password or if they have never been issued a password (they have never had to register or because they are a minor) and are in your database and assigned to the officials team, they may enter only their email address and the system will send them a password. The email address entered MUST match the email address currently in your database. Officials can also log in on the Master Schedule by clicking the icon at the top of the page.

Once logged in, Officials will be presented with the "General Availability" form. On this form, members can select days and times that they are available to officiate games. If no selections have been made, the system will assume that all times are available. When logged in, Officials will also be able to create a schedule for all games they are assigned to as well as view pertinent information such as bulletins and documents.