Category: Entering Game Results

There are two places game results can be entered:

  1. The teams Results page
  2. The results entry form, via the Admin section of the site...

This results entry form is used to enter game results in a consolidated, centralized location. The form lists all the games for the last week and all un-entered games prior to that. If you log into the Admin area with a team managers password, only the games with teams (home or away) for which the password grants rights will be displayed. Games whose scores have not been entered have an input box next to each team where you can quickly enter the score. You can enter as many sets of game scores as you like on the form and then press the Submit button to save them all.

This saves time when you need to enter scores for multiple teams. Otherwise, you'd need to go to each team's results page and enter each score on a form individually.

For submitting forfeits, enter a score of 1-0.