Category: Online Forms

Online Forms allow you to collect data and money electronically on your website without creating member records in the database. Whether using the form as a questionnaire to gather information or as a tool to receive donations or sponsors' fee, online forms are simple to create and easy for you your members to input information.

Heads-up! If you want to collect member information for online registrations, we recommend using the Online Registration System.

Adding a new online form
To add a new electronic online form to your site, go to Admin > Tools > Online Forms and click the Add button. On the resulting page, fill in the basic information for your form such as title, a description, and if you're collecting fees. Once you click "Continue," you'll be able to add custom questions to the form. For help with adding different question types view this help document →.

This is the name of the online form you are about to create. The name created in this field will be visible to the public on the Online Forms page or on the menu pages on the left.
If you would like a password to be used to access this online form, the password should be entered here. If the form is not going to be password protected, leave this field blank.
Place on Menu
This drop down menu will allow you to select what menu tab you wish the online form to be accessed from. For example, if the online form only pertains to teams and their members, you may want to place it on the "Teams" tab.
Use Listing Page
When checked, this box will allow you to have a menu page titled "Online Forms" on whatever menu tab you have previously selected. If this box is not checked, the form's title will appear as a menu page selection to the left of the screen.
This will allow you to select the order of multiple forms in the "Online Forms" menu page. The position you are setting is within the "Online Forms" page and not the menu page itself
This is a brief description of the online form and its purpose. It can also be used to instructions on how to complete the form. This description will be visible only when using the "Online Forms" listing page.
Confirmation Note
This simple text field will appear on the confirmation the registered member will receive upon completing the online form. This note will also be emailed to the participant after completing the form
When checked, this questionnaire will be visible to public.
Store Results Online
When checked, this will allow all results to the questionnaire to be stored online for Admin use.
Email Results to
This is the email address of the responsible party who should receive the information generated by the online form.
# of Correct Answers
If this is a test questionnaire and you require a certain number of correct answers to pass. If the form is not being used as a test, this field should be left blank.
Base Cost
This field is used only if there is a charge associated with the form. For example, if the form you are creating is to be used for sponsors, donations or for equipment rental, the amount filled in this field will be charged. If there is no charge associated with the form, leave this field blank.

Downloading Reports
Once you have started to collect data in your online forms, you can generate reports. To do this, go to Admin > Tools > Online Forms and highlight one of the online forms you have created. Then click the "Download" or "List" button to the right to export information to a .csv file or to view an on screen report, respectively.