Category: Create Opportunities

Multi-Day Event
Check this box, if this event covers multiple days, such as chaperoning a sleep-over tournament or a multi-day fundraising event. Leave unchecked for events that start and end on the same day.
Enter the Start Date of the event - must be entered in mm/dd/yyyy or yy format.
Start Time
Time the volunteer event will start - must be entered as hh:mm AM/PM format.
End Time
Time the volunteer event will end - must be entered as hh:mm AM/PM format. NOTE: The difference in time will between the start time and end time will be calculated and stored for all volunteers
Optionally, you can select from your list of existing facilities.
Volunteer events must all have a Category. You can add additional Categories by setting the drop-down to OTHER and entering a NEW Category
The Title is required for all Volunteer Events. This allows members to know what they are signing up for. Members will also be able to do a "keyword" search of Titles to find certain events.
This field is Optional
Email addresses entered here will be sent a notification whenever a member selects a volunteer assignment.
Enter the number of members that can sign up for the volunteer event. Leave blank if there is not limit.
All Events will be tracked by time. A cumulative time for all events a member has volunteered for will be stored and can be reported on for a span of time. You can also assign an alternate value to events by entering "credits". This must be a numeric value.
Applies To
This setting determines who is eligible to sign up for the event. Your choices are ALL signed in members (Adults, Guardians), Board Members or Members (Guardians, Team contacts) of specified teams. Once the "Members of Teams" choice is selected, you'll be able to select your teams.
You can specify that this event is to occur in some time interval, for example, every "1"week, or the 2nd Sunday of every month.