Category: Import Volunteer Events

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You can import Volunteer Events from a spreadsheet file rather than entering it all by hand. To do this, you'll need to create a spreadsheet file containing a row for each event and columns across for each piece of information you wish to import. The file you create must be saved as a comma separated value (.CSV) file. Files of this types can be generated in Excel using the Save As dialog box.

You can also use a file that has been downloaded from your site using the "Download Report" Report Type from the Volunteer Report section. These files can be directly re-imported after downloading. In this way, the downloaded report can become a backup and can later be restored by simply re-importing it should something be added incorrectly. You can also use the downloaded report to make changes en masse and then re-import the changes.

Internal database record ID from the database. These numbers should only come from downloaded data from the website and are used to identify each event's existing data record. If these numbers are not present, or cannot be matched within the system, a new record will be created.
Required - Must be in MM/DD/YYYY or MM/DD/YY format
Start Time
Required - Must be in HH:MM AM/PM format
End Date
Optional - only required for multi-day events
End Time
Required - Must be in HH:MM AM/PM format
Optional - must match EXACTLY with an existing facility's name or alias
Required - can be either a new or existing category
Required - up to 256 characters
Optional, but suggested - up to 256 characters
Optional - Email Address(es) entered here will be notified upon a member volunteering for an activity.
Must be numeric - Leave blank to set to unlimited
Optional - Must be numeric
Can either be 'BOARD' or the name/alias of a current season's team. Add a multiple teams, by separating with a semi-colon. Leave Blank or enter "ALL" for All logged in members.
Enter the word 'DELETE' in this column to delete event.