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CSC Travel Coach Practice Request
  The CSC Travel Coach Practice Request form...
CSC Concussion Training and Policy Awareness
  To comply with CSC concussion awareness...
Coaches Referee Report
  Coaches, We would like to get feedback from...
Recreation Youth Game Day
  Field Directions Directions to the game fields...
Request a Session Plan
  Coaches often spend hours scratching their brains...
CSC Travel Coach Practice Request
by posted 6/15/2015

The CSC Travel Coach Practice Request form should be used to request your practice location and days.


CSC Concussion Training and Policy Awareness
by posted 8/30/2014

To comply with CSC concussion awareness and CSC Policy, all coaches must:

1. Complete the  Heads up Concussion in Youth Sports on-line training and send the completion certificate to

2.  Review the CSC Concussion Policy

3. Review the CSC Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Policy

4. Review the CSC Harassment Policy

5. Complete the CSC Policy Acknowledgment Form


Coaches Referee Report
by posted 10/9/2013


We would like to get feedback from you on how your referee(s) perform each week. We will use this information to help determine which referees are ready to move up to the next level (age group) and which referees need more guidance/training. This is only applicable to games played at Culpeper.  Please complete the Coach’s Referee Report

Recreation Youth Game Day
by posted 10/1/2013

Field Directions
Directions to the game fields can be found at fields.culpepersoccer.net.

Game Day Field Status
The field status for the Culpeper Sports Complex will be posted on the CSC website by 7:30 am. Field status for Madison, ORA, OSA and Rappahannock will be posted as we receive it. Do not assume that fields at other clubs are closed when our fields are closed.

Field Setup/Cleanup
The home team for the first game on each field is responsible for field setup. Field setup includes lining the fields, verifying goals are secure and in correct location, verifying nets are secure and setting corner flags (U8 - U18 only). When lining the fields please make sure that spectator lines are painted (U8 - U18).  No one under 18 should be lining the fields.  Once your field is lined please return the painter to the shed so that others can use it.  The field should be ready 10 minutes before game time so the referee has time to check the field (U8 and above). Games will not start until the field is ready. The game clock will start on time. The teams that have the last games of the day on each field should make sure all trash is picked up and return the corner flags to the shed.

Pre-Game Referee Check (U8 and above)
Teams should be ready for a referee check 10 minutes before game time. Referee check includes - shin quards are being worn and are covered by socks, shirts are tucked in, proper cleats are being worn, no hard objects are in the hair and no jewelry (bracelet, necklace, rings or earrings) is being worn. The only jewelry that can be worn is a medical alert bracelet/necklace and it must be taped down. When the weather is cold, additional clothing may be worn but it must be under the player’s uniform and a hat may be worn but it can not have a hard brim. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball - verify that you have a ball that is properly inflated.

Player/Coach side of the Field
Only players and coaches can be on the player/coach side of the field. Each team can have 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach on their side of the field. The assistant coach must already be registered as a volunteer.

Age specific game information (game length, number of players) can be found at Recreation Programs.  CSC age specific rule modifications can be found at  rules.culpepersoccer.net. Every player must play at least 50% of every game - there is no exception to this rule.

Matching Player Rule
In the event a team is unable to field a full complement of players, the opposing team will play with an equal number of players.  The coaches need to talk to each other before the game starts and agree on a format for the game and inform the Center Referee.   The game will be played in such a manner until additional players arrive for the short-sided team.   If additional players arrive during the game, the coaches may increase the number of players on the field but they must inform the Center Referee of the change.  The minimum number of players must be met to start the game.

Please send game highlights and pictures to the VP of Public Relations at and this information will be sent to the newspaper.

If you have any feedback about the referees, both positive and negative, or questions about the Laws of the Game, please complete the  Coach’s Referee Report

Make Up Games
We would like games to be played as scheduled but if you do not have enough players to play, do not have anyone to coach the team (coach or assistant coach) then contact the other coach to schedule a make up day/time. For make up games at Culpeper, submit a Game Schedule Change Request Form for approval and then a field and referees will be scheduled.

Request a Session Plan
by posted 8/4/2013

Coaches often spend hours scratching their brains for coaching ideas. The key is to ensure the players will enjoy the session and learn from them.
Please email the Technical Director,  , with the following information:
•Team and Age group
•Theme or subject (for example SHOOTING)

The Technical Director will then create one session plan per week based on the most requested theme.