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The Blue Wave Fastpitch is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  We presently have 10 teams providing travel softball opportunities for over 135 players from the Lincoln-Way area.

We'd like to describe a little about our program and how your sponsorship will benefit the Blue Wave Fastpitch and your business. To start, our games will be played in front of an audience that either uses, or will be able to use and support your business. Most of these games are part of a tournament format in which hundreds of local people attend. Your business name will be displayed on our banner which is proudly hung at every game and event. In addition, our team website will provide your business name, address, phone number and a link to your website. Our website is frequented by not only team members and parents, but also other local team members and businesses. Perhaps most importantly, our team families actively support our sponsors as a thank you for helping the Blue Wave Fastpitch organization.

Our organization's main goal is to offer a positive and constructive outlet for our local girls, through softball, as a means to learn and grow in a healthy environment. As our mission statement reads, our program stresses sportsmanship, team loyalty, perseverance and many other positive characteristics. We also strive as an organization to represent our community and our sponsors in a respectful, charitable fashion.

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